Looking into a crocodile’s eye transports you to an ancient world. 👁 Crocodiles have reigned as key predators in wetland and marine environments for millions of years. Differing little from their prehistoric ancestors that stalked the earth before the dinosaurs, crocodiles have survived major upheavals, such as the break-up of the world's continents and the ice ages. Serving as both predator and prey, they still play a valuable role in the health of many aquatic environments.

A recently fledged Great-horned owl that’s starting to explore the different trees in the area. Its sibling decided to go a completely different direction which makes the job of keeping tabs on, and continuing to feed these two, extra tricky. Mom only has one eye too, but it doesn’t slow her down. Another observer told me mom brought in a male ring-necked pheasant a few nights earlier.

A coyote at Antelope Island enjoying a long walk on the beach 🌅

Meadow Larks get their name because they’re the Larks of the meadows.

Have you ever wondered how a baby wallaby fits inside its mother’s pouch? The answer is like this! Joeys have an innate sense to curl up into a ball - in fact being in this shape is vital to the development of their tendons and muscles.

Well hello there Mr Cassowary. If birds could talk what do you think this guy would be saying?

It’s the end of the weekend and we be like.... 😴 🛏 💤

A perfect moment in nature. Looking into the eyes 👁 of a rare rainforest beauty - the Bennett’s tree kangaroo.

Interesting Fact: Lots of other hawks migrate long distances to spend their summers in Utah, but few make a journey as far as the Swainson’s Hawks. These guys make the trip each year all the way from Argentina! Also, they’re way more into soccer than most of the other hawks.

Was pretty excited to see some good antler growth on the bulls in Rocky Mountain National Park

I asked this Burrowing Owl how he felt about the United States leaving the Iran Nuclear Deal. He said he had no idea what I was talking about. 😐 So I was like “Dude, have you been living under a rock?” And he said: “Yeah... actually. I have been. Right under that rock right over there.” And then he pointed to it. Talk about awkward. 🤦🏼‍♂️

Is it just me, or does everyone else also wonder if Mountain Bluebirds are never-nudes? 🤔
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Western Kingbirds get their name from being the king-bird on the west side. Their rival, the Eastern Kingbird gets its name for the exact same reason, except for instead of being on the west side, it’s the east side.

Burrowing owls are back to hang out for the summer! They’re literally the only seasonal visitors I know of that collect the 💩 from other creatures and put it outside their room... And these guys are the only ones that get a free pass to do this! Don’t get any ideas if you’re coming to hang this summer. 😉

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