If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything. Be proud of what you stand for and the message you're sending. @bobbi_jeen_olson , US Ambassador FoRe The American Cowboy, CB Promos, photo by Lewis Smith, hat from @americanhatco , @westerntradingpost Western , @wildinstincts

This year already has me speechless!!! A HUGE thank you to @moonstruckmodelmagazine for a 4 photo spread AND the honor of being your back cover model for the April issue!!!! Endless thank you's to @wildinstincts for designing and creating one of my favorite looks I have EVER worn (and now have in my closet!)...Here's to a continued AMAZING 2018!
#westernatelier #moonstruckfashionmagazine #wildinstincts #backcovermodel #leather #magazine #fashion #turquoise #humbled #whatanhonor

Nothing can dim the light that shines from within. ~ Maya Angelou~ Custom-handmade leather dress/fringe belt/turquoise buckle by @wildinstincts , photo by @arkphotoworks , model @bobbi_jeen_olson , US Ambassador FoRe The American Cowboy, @westerntradingpost

Sweetheart I don’t have any attitude problems, the real problem is you couldn’t handle me even with illustrated instructions 💥🔪
#mondaymood #noir #wildinstincts #me

A beautiful Barred Owl & a Red-Tailed Hawk from the Wild Instincts' booth at this past weekend's Home, Sport, & Travel show. #raptors #birdabo #barredowl #redtailedhawk #wildinstincts

Try to be the rainbow in someone's cloud... Maya Angelou
Have a bright/blazing/blissful/beautiful weekend!! @bobbi_jeen_olson , US Ambassador FoRe The American Cowboy, vintage sterling silver/turquoise Native American jewelry and location @westerntradingpost , fabulous handmade turquoise leather outfit by @wildinstincts (Caryl Wilson & Cheryl Sikes)! CB Promos, Maverick Style Boutique- Nancy Lyon-Gray

I’ve been quite busy working on several filming projects l!! So grateful to be sharing some great stories about real/inspirational/amazing individuals! Special THANK YOU’S to @westerntradingpost , @wildinstincts (my filming wardrobe) @americanhatco , Mayor of @City of Casa Grande Craig McFarland, Buffalo Soldier Lewis Smith, Dick Powell with Powell's Feed and Supply, dear friends Katie Whatley Pate & Lynn Pate(Katie got our first Wild Instincts/Western Trading Post handmade leather/Navajo rug purse), Law Gardner, Joe Becker CB Promos US Ambassador FoRe The American Cowboy, Bobbi Jeen Olson and many more

Count your blessings Instead of your crosses Count your gains Instead of your losses Count your joys Instead of your woes Count your friends Instead of your foes. @bobbi_jeen_olson , US Ambassador FoRe The American Cowboy, spectacular vintage/old coral/turquoise jewelry from @westerntradingpost , beautiful red handmade leather cape/vest from @wildinstincts , photo by @arkphotoworks , CB Promos

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