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WORTH THE HYPE. 🙌🏼 #wildfriendspeanutbutter #nongmo

It's a sad day when you run out of your favorite peanut butter. Good thing I have some back up! @wild_friends chocolate coconut peanut butter. #wildfriends #peanutbutter #wildfriendspeanutbutter #almondbutter #seriousaddiction

Mmmmm snack time I have one honey crips apple sliced with some cinnamon and a tbsp of @wild_friends sesame cranberry peanut butter and boy is this one of my favourite peanut butters by them! #tiuteam #tiucommunity #wildfriendspeanutbutter #tiucheckin #tiuapproved @toneitup @karenakatrina

TGIT to the max! I've driven over 600 miles in the last 2 days.. 🚗 I'll be talking a walk after dinner. GOOD NEWS: my doctor cleared me to workout.. She said slow and steady but yay I'm back! 👍🏼 Meals:
M1: @perfectfit blueberry overnight oats with sesame cranberry peanut butter
M2: what tastes like a thin mint.. Square bar
M3: client lunch : salad (chicken, walnuts, Apple, pear, almonds topped with balsamic.
M4: a handful of pretzels
M5: will be lean clean bowl leftovers.
Not my finest eating day but traveling all day in your car for work can cramp your style.

TGIT Season Finale tonight! Shonda don't kill anyone else on greys! Please! 😮

#tiuteam #tiubikiniseries #tiuthirstythursday #wildfriendspeanutbutter #squarebars @karenakatrina @toneitup

Look what came in the mail today... Wild friends peanut butter!😋🥜 So excited to try these! #wildfriends #wildfriendspeanutbutter #peanutbutter #healthy #gghealthyeats

I love "wildfriends" on my breakfast cookie #wildfriendspeanutbutter

we likely 😍
Wild Friends
Chocolate Coconut Peanut Butter •peanuts
•organic agave
•unsweetened chocolate •sea salt
6 g of protein
dairy free
no palm oil or preservatives
#wildfriendspeanutbutter #wildfriends #yum #health


Yep. This is a post about breakfast at dinnertime. And I'm already thinking about what I'll have for breakfast in the morning.🤔🤔🤔 I'm finishing up a long day at work, and thought I'd share what I had for breakfast this morning in bowl form. 😄 Since I have to be at work so early, I take my overnight oats with me in a jar, and dig in after I get there. This is what was in today's jar: overnight ZOATS topped with cherries, golden raisins, @purely_elizabeth banana nut butter grain free granola, @paschachocolate dark chocolate chips, and @wild_friends pumpkin spice PB.

This mess is my obsession right now 😍 - perfect for a day of studying 💪🏻

@nancysyogurt cottage cheese topped with banana, roasted cinnamon kabocha squash, strawberries, and @wild_friends cinnamon raisin 🙌🏻

Super lazy super indulgent Monday breakfast... all natural chocolate chip 🍫peanut butter🥜 with a hint of pumpkin and cinnamon on buttery brioche toast 🍞😍#Monday#peanutbuttertoast#chocchippeanutbutter#perthig#quickbreakfast#wildfriendspeanutbutter#wildfriendsfoods

Who says carbs aren't good?? Hearty oats are a great way to start the day, especially if you add protein to them. •1/2 oats, 1 cup unsweetened almond milk, vanilla, cinnamon, vanilla protein powder, collagen, honey, wild friends choco coconut pb, bananas, chia seed and flax seed•
#gghealthyeats #healthy #breakfast #healthybreakfast #oats #oatmeal #oatmealbowl #healthyoats #healthyoatmeal #quakeroats #banana #wildfriends #wildfriendspeanutbutter #chiaseeds #flaxseed

Completely IN LOVE with egg white oats lately😋@livehealthyandfree😉
Yesterday was an extremely rough day. There was a lot of panic, crying, screaming, shouting, and sadness. It all started with me asking my mom for help. I have really been struggling hitting 2,000 calories and I feel I can't do it alone. So I asked her for ideas/suggestions but it ended up in a huge fight. We fought all morning and i had a huge panic attack and it was awful. I ended up calming down and eating lunch, but after lunch I felt so down and depressed and said I didn't want to live anymore. I was EXHAUSTED and completely drained, as the last few days I have been extremely active, more than I should have been. And when I'm drained I easily get panic attacks. So that happened. Around 3pm I decided to take a nap, and then right around the time I FINALLY fell asleep my mom woke me up for snack. I was SO angry with her and I had another panic attack, but this one was worse than in the morning. I skipped my whole afternoon snack because we were fighting so much and I broke a lot of things in the kitchen and I couldn't control myself. It was one of the worst panic attacks I have ever had. I ate dinner but missed dessert, and at night snack I only ate a part of it because i was too tired to stay up late and do everything. I feel like such a failure. My meal plan is like my #1 goal and if I mess it up I feel like I failed. So last night was so awful. My mom decided to stay home from work this morning to support me, but she says a lot has to change. I need more help because I can't get the support I need from home. I know she's right but I don't know where to turn to, no one does. We're trying to look at programs in America for the summer that I could go to, but the pricing is insane. We're probably going to start a fundraiser to raise money for me to go into treatment because it looks like that's my only hope. Would anyone on here be willing to fund it? All your love is appreciated. Thank you❤

Toast Thursday? Before working all day today 😋 @daveskillerbread thin slices, one w @smartbalance butter and one w @wild_friends pumpkin spice PB & @publix organic jelly. And 2 scrambled 🍳🍳 that I added some spinach to and put it alll in the toast post picture. #happybelly #healthyfoodporn #wildfriendspeanutbutter #daveskillerbread #eggs

Snack time!!! #wildfriendspeanutbutter

Some days, I just want a smoothie for lunch😱 This chocolate protein smoothie is by far my favorite creation out of all the different combos I've tried. •Almond milk, a spoonful of greek yogurt, an organic 🍌, a dash of cinnamon, olly chocolate greens protein powder, collagen, chia seeds, flax seeds, oats, wild friends chocolate coconut peanut butter and ice• #gghealthyeats #healthy #smoothie #protein #chocolate #chocolateprotein #chocolatesmoothie #lunch #peanutbutter #wildfriends #wildfriendspeanutbutter #banana #chiaseeds #flaxseed #healthyeating

I usually eat some variation of this bowl every. Single. Day. love @siggisdairy vanilla yogurt, @lennyandlarrys birthday cake cookie, an apple, @wild_friends PUMPKIN SPICE peanut butter (addicted) and some cinnamon and chia seeds on top! Delicious and so so filling. 😋

Close up shot of my very filling breakfast this morning after a quick hour workout: Overnight Oats🙂 ••• Oats mixed with @advantedge chocolate protein shake, @idealfit Chocolate Coconut protein powder, @wild_friends chocolate coconut PB, @healthwarrior Banana Chia bar, strawberries, cinnamon & then loads more of @bellplantation PB2 Powder••• this was so delicious & SUPER filling which is perfect for my long day in the car and sitting at the airport and I make my way to VERMONT to visit my cousin! So excited for this vacation week🙌🏽🙌🏽

These are so good on a whole wheat bagel🍴#wildfriendspeanutbutter #kowalskis

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