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Hey guys, just wanted to thank everyone once again who helped us over the week-end and a huge shoutout to @takemoreadventures for being so so great!! Give them a follow if you enjoy the outdoors and adventures!! Via @eventyr. ©
Selected by : @jeremi_ah
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Rising above the clouds, the 2518 m summit of this dormant volcano (Mount Taranaki) offers spectacular views to those who make the challenging climb to its peak. Absolutely stunning shot taken by the wonderful @jonathanrich.photos
#newzealandguide for a feature ✌

Теперь это 🔼 надолго у меня на заставке 👀 Что бы я не встретил на своём пути здесь, MI PIACE!

The mountain of mountains.
A quick reminder that I'll be co-hosting a photography workshop on the WA Coast on May 20th in La Push!
You can still win 1 of 3 free spots by tagging your friends here and tagging #lapushcollabworkshop in a new post of your own today (see my post from 5 days ago). Winners will be selected tomorrow!.
For all the workshop details, see link in bio. Cheers 🤘🏻

Home sweet home 🌿🍂
Photo by @chriskerksieck

The peace that comes when finally getting to your campsite and the joy of making it home away from home.
@sleepingatlast @wheldenseth @treelineoutdoors #wearestillwild

Time to enjoy nature from above!!! An ocean with many colours!!! Pure air, pure peace! Yea mon!!! Mystic Mt, Jamaica 🇯🇲 #chbaroundtheworld #DecameronAdventure #HomeOfAllRight

kamp gecelerini güzel kılan iki şey: yüzüne vuran ateşin sıcaklığı ve gökyüzünde parıldayan sonsuz yıldız kümeleri.. 🌌 #campnights #kutupayisi



There's nothing quite like finding a quiet place like this tucked away in the woods. My good friend's grandfather built this cabin, so it always a treat to get to go hang out here.

They call it THE EDGE OF THE WORLD ✊🏻. #vsco #vscocam #mk3

FREE STUFF ALERT: Did you miss #MountainMonday ? No worries! The makers of my awesome shell collar, @coconut.hound, just released their brand new mountain leashes!! And in honor of this new release, they're hosting a giveaway to help you get your paws on one of these bad boys and rock that mountain style all week long! Details below:
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@19moreminutes explores nature with our 'Ever Ready' leather case. Share your adventures with us using #MegaGear.

been working my BUNS off lately, so much crazy stuff has been happening but I know there's light on the other end of this tunnel. can't wait for my day off to relax and really find myself again. Cheers to making money and adulthood!
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Hiking Smarts Mountain in Lyme, New Hampshire #TravelWithGamble

even in slow motion these two are fast.

Ready for summer would be an understatement.

The future is here boys and girls. Virtual camping and coffee drinking! No need to go to the woods any more. Just leave that to me. Just hold your phone close to your face it's just like your there! Lol 😉👍 hahahahaha. #explore #wild #nature #outdoors #woods #hiking #outdoorlife #friluftsliv #camping #forest #selfreliance #wildcamping #bushcraft #bushcrafter #survival #wildernessculture #getoutdoors #outdoors #adventuretime #explorer #outdoorsman #woodland #woodlore #Coffee #wildcamping #backpacking

Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success. ✨
PC: @hammertohome of @racheltaylorjones

Sparrow or chicken? Darn stinking cute is what Tarrazu is!!!

Shout-out to all you students crushing exam season. ✌️

| | • [Free-range Thoughts] • | |

When considering the ache, current state of aptitude or understanding, there is a certain limitation that concerns the leering headspace. It takes without notice, as winter is to pause the ligaments or muscles of a jaw. The anatomy of an unannounced excercise, a routine challenge, full of fluidity wherever it's dwelling. A moment that neither considers or concerns how such a situation might be fatal or futuristically worn. Yet to restrain, to forget, a favorless impression that succeeds with an exuberant & obvious display.

It's hardly a subtle reveal, to heel, & loosely put, it is easiest to brood then it is to unfurl the suggestive solution that opposition gracefully shares of with its reel. Though rarely do these if at all, settle upon the tongue or recite easily, these left field troubles hand the beholder one of two things, but naturally it's first hand experiences that announce the direction the head or heart might forth swing.

Having had recollection or notes of similar occurrences, they factor the direction when working the decisive elements out. There is a donation of will as decision takes place, it's much like the first rain or snowfall.
A surprise irony if without the intention or focus at all. illustrations that provide a deeper image that is with a scarce & impactful amount of sensory recognition.
A cognitive event that occurs as roguery as the wind, one of two means which having been taken in, have both a negative & positive polarity. This appeal then decides which pole the individual experience might lean to.

Uprbringing plays a vital role, both majoring & minoring in how the outcome is traded of with its scope & hold. Systematically it's programming based on childhood's chemical index of makeup & progress.
It is the solution & issue as much as it is the overall initiation of context or dialogue performed when faced with the upheaval of circumstantial truths.

Overall it is neither faith or the over analytical pause of politics that govern these movements. But rather grace, poise, & the conscientious suggestion of free will that overrides the outcome of such sincere & instantaneous "defeats".
—§ ∆ Ǥ ع

Sorry for all the posts but her tongue is just soooo long!!!! #tongueouttuesday

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