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Best flower in iceland

The real life zen garden that is Hawaii

She seems to find the plants much more interesting

TGIF! Kick off the business shoes and head down to the lake. In this case, Bowman Lake, at Glacier National Park. #usinterior

Classic black sand beach of Iceland


Best flower in iceland

Classic black sand beach of Iceland

The clouds just made this so much cooler

Little farm house in Iceland

Some of the waterfalls in Iceland are absolutely amazing, even looking back I am still stunned by them

Sheep walking in to the sunset together

A waterfall hidden in a little cave, there were so many cool places just off the road in Iceland, it's really insane

The real life zen garden that is Hawaii

Happy birthday to the best and only big brother I could ever want

Glacial lagoon in Iceland, took over 4 hours to get there, almost ran out of gas, and got back home at around 1:30am, but it was completely worth it

Great way to end the trip in Iceland, adventures into the highlands and saw some really cool stuff, as much as I love it here and will miss it, it is going to be nice to be home again where I can relax

"I saw the sign, and it opened up my eyes"-Ace of base


Two days in and Iceland has been amazing so far

Got to see the Milky Way for the first time in my life, it was a surreal experience

Sometimes the best pictures are the ones that are most simple

4th of July shenanigans (just in case you haven't seen enough firework pictures)

Lake days

Gotta love the coast

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