Retouching today for a book in the works. I think this little House Wren will make it in. I love the barred tail.

There was a hawk outback. Was able to get a few pics of him/her. #hawk #wildbird #hawks #birds #wildbirdsflying #beautifulbird

I’m posting this because I can’t think about winter anymore.

The Turkey Vultures have returned to Oregon and two decided to stop by Free Flight to see what Jerry the resident Turkey Vulture was doing. I managed to snap a few ok shots of them surfing the sky currents on this blustery day in Bandon. #turkeyvultures #wildbirdsflying #bandonoregon #blusteryday #skysurfingvultures

We were so excited to get this photo from @layne_kennedy yesterday....and so surprised! While walking down the street in Italy he passed this sign and recognized Paul’s work! We licensed the image for a book cover but had not seen the poster yet. It is truly a small world!

This Junco is getting gify.....giffy.....gif-ish.....or....gif like?

Black-capped Chickadee in flight. Since we started Photographing at bird bandings I’ve seen a lot of Chickadees and a lot of Chickadee photos, and the most surprising thing that I’ve learned about them is that they are stupendous flyers! Fast, athletic and graceful. Chickadees are much more than your little back yard bird! 👊🏼

The first time I saw a Hummingbird’s feathers this close it struck me how much like scales they are. A remnant of their very large ancestors?!

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