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I've spotted some Cedar Waxwings at my crab apple tree the last couple of days. They can become intoxicated from eating fermented berries in the Winter. Hmmm, maybe I should collect some of those. #cedarwaxwing #wildbirdsflying #wildbirds#songbirds#birdsofinstagram

BK Gunner's Deadpool stikin' her birds! #wildbirdsflying #albertabirds #gundogs #pointersrule @tugab

Our premium stretched canvases will be coming soon to the WBF site. #wildbirdsflying #canvas#birds#birdart#wildbirdsflying.com

Like James Audubon before him, Paul Nelson enjoys capturing a large variety of birds in their natural habitat. Wild Birds Flying is a series he shot using a portable, high-speed camera rig prepared specially for this job. #PaulNelson #flying #sparrow #wildbirdsflying #birds

Thank you note from an old friend and new customer! ❤️

Soon this little bird will leave it's perch on my easel. #painting #bird #flourishing #wip #wildbirdsflying @wildbirdsflying @paulnelson_photo

I am so excited to give this beautiful pillow to my mom for Christmas! Thank you #paulnelson_photo #stacyfortier #wildbirdsflying for this beautiful pillow you created

Super pro @curtisjohnson_1 standing in the cold helping us film a WBF video for our website. We all agreed that 65 degrees would be more fun. #wildbirdsflying #birds#birdsofinstagram #birdart


Ok, so this Anna's Hummingbird is a little large in relation to my hand. Just having a little fun with this new print.

Close up of Broad-billed Hummingbird swordplay as illustrated well in our Honeycomb pattern on silk by the @bklynweaver .

Is this not a gorgeous bird?! Two weeks ago I was finally in the right place at the right time to capture this Indigo Bunting as it launched. Missing a couple opportunities over the past years I was quite happy to see this one in focus and all! #worldenvironmentday

For the last few weeks the banding at Ritter Farm had been rained out. It was a beautiful day today and this little Yellow Warbler made it all the better!

The House Wren. Watch out for that sharp little bill! They've been known to pierce other cavity nester's eggs with it and toss them from the nest.

Aim your eyes high when looking for Baltimore Orioles. They’re most often seen perched at the tops of trees or flitting through the upper foliage in search of insects. This guy was low because it was cold last weekend so he got himself a new bracelet ! 💍

I was wondering what I was doing about this time previous years. This is going way back from 2008 in May when I first started the project!

A little ruby crowned Kinglet...one of the many that got away! He landed on the photo ring and leapt to freedom, evading a close up portrait.

Paul Nelson's Yellow Warbler. 16x20. Come to Prints & Pints on May 24th 5-9 PM at Sidecar Studios! @paulnelson_photo #paulnelson #paulnelsonphotography #warbler #wildbirds #wildbirdsflying

If you missed our opening event with @wildbirdsflying , there is still time to see their work .Show ends June 3rd.#wildbirdsflying#photographs#birds#eggs#nests#artshow#photography#islesstudio #minneapolis #minnesota #supportsmallbusiness #shoplocal

Spring migration is on. Check out this adorably small bird! She's a Ruby-crowned Kinglet, only about 4" tall. I caught a glimpse as she was passing through Minnesota on her way to breeding grounds in Canada and Alaska

The Woodpecker boxer prototype is "under-way." 😉

Butter-butt. You can see where the nickname comes from. On Frida's walk along the creek I spotted dozens of these beautiful Yellow-rumped Warblers as they migrate further north.

Always a treat seeing client goods in real life. Thanks for the note @wildbirdsflying! Go buy something from their fancy website! 😉

Sneak peek from an upcoming show with @wildbirdsflying , Thursday , May 11th 5-8 pm. We hope you can join us and view the incredible photography collection of wild birds . This is a photograph of eggs and nest of the extinct passenger pigeon.#wildbirds #nest#eggs#passengerpigeon #extinct#wildbirdsflying #giftsformom #mothersday#may11#photographs#homedecor#islesstudio#interiordesign #cabinetofcuriosities #lakeoftheisles #minneapolis #minnesota #shoplocal #lovelocal #artopening

Image by @paulnelson_photo @wildbirdsflying 'I love birds and gadgets. Paul has been combining nature and technology for years to capture fleeting moments of birds in flight. I know how DOF (Depth of Field) works but the detail he manages to capture has me staring at each image he releases for hours on end trying to figure it all out and then the birds themselves in the moment of flight, inspiring stuff.' - @kc80

This image has been selected by Kelly Cestari AKA @kc80 who is guest curating our page this week.

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