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NEW “Little Wolf” tee just released!! Let me know what you think! Link to shop in bio :-)

Love is all you need ❤️ onesie is so cute on this little one. Thanks @kristineehenne for the amazing pic!! Very grateful.

Day 4 of being home sick together means ambitiously doing your hair & makeup, then going right back to couch snuggles👌🏻😂

Nine years ago today I became a mommy to this lil guy! Who knew one person could change my entire life in more words then I can describe. I remember the very day I found out I was pregnant at 17. I remember contemplating all the choices I had. Reading endless articles about abortions, adoption, or what would happen if I kept a baby at 18. I remember the day I chose adoption. I remember the very day I decided I wanted to keep him (34 weeks). That same night we rushed to Katy to buy everything we needed to possibly keep a baby. Still unsure. But who knew that following day I would be delivering Brody Layne.
These past nine years have been some of the most incredible years of my life. You my child have tough me so much. I never really knew just how strong I was until I was faced with some of the hardest decisions of my life and watching you thrive at all that you have had to face. I have watched you grow into a smart bright young man. I have watched you endure and overcome some of the toughest obstacles any child has had to face. You are the most sweetest, kindest, and most caring little boy I have ever met. You have a heart for everyone around you. You are one of the coolest nine year olds I know. You have no fear. I love you more then you will ever know. HAPPY 9th BIRTHDAY BRODYMAN!!!! 💙💙 #brodyman #happybirthday #nineyearsold #bornjustright #wildandfree #wildandfreechild #firstborn #birthdayboy #💙

Who's had snow this weekend?! This pretty much sums up our weekend! Slouchy clothes, endless tea, looking rough and letting it all hang out! 😜 It looks like a Christmas Card scene outside, and we're in full on hibernation mode and just praying it all clears up by Tuesday coz this coming weekend is the start of Birthday Madness in our house with both Tyne & Noahs birthdays within 4 days of each other and I have too much to do! There's no time for snow!! I am SO READY for spring to appear!! 😫😫 Anybody else got birthdays right on top of each other?!!

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