This cute little Pectoral Sandpiper was my fishing buddy the other day. While all his friends would fly away and come back, he stayed pretty close to me.

The bush is starting to put on a show for sure. The birch leaves have finally arrived and everyday brings a new beauty to see.
This was our 9:30pm view as we crossed the wetlands on our walk home. The days are long now. When Ryan and I go to bed at about 1am it’s just past dark and the sun is starting to rise around 5:30am. Trust me I know because all week long I’ve had a child come wake me up thinking it was morning 😆. We have some adjustment period. I used to hang black out curtains to avoid this. Since living in our cabin without electricity to run a fan at night and still using a wood stove to cook three meals a day, open windows are a must. So we go through an adjustment period until the kids learn to not wake up at sunrise each summer.
It has been beautiful weather this week which makes walking pleasant. Ryan now has the final parts to repair the four wheeler. We should be able to drive by the weekend. These walls will be missed, but we may still take them on occasion. It’s been slightly nice to slow down these past couple weeks.

Looking for that weekend like....

Climbing out of a mine shaft in Alaska from one of my past trips up north.

Foraged greens for dinner:
-fiddleheads sautéed in olive oil and Egyptian duqqa spice
-devil’s club buds sautéed in butter, sea salt and pepper
-fireweed shoots in olive oil, salt and pepper

The devil’s club was my favorite to eat (maybe it was just the butter...?) but fiddleheads are the most fun to pick.

Do you have foraging opps where you live?

**Special Tonight**
Twisted Watermelon & Feta Salad
Chunks of watermelon and feta served with Alaskan Twisted Stalk (the young shoots of watermelon berries!) with a poppyseed vinaigrette. Perfect for a sunny day!

**Special Tonight**
We’re so excited to share this with you! Fresh Copper River King with grilled Fireweed shoots, and birch syrup compound butter. Local, fresh, and made by hand each step of the way. Our crew has put a lot of love and hard work into bringing these exciting Alaskan ingredients to you, we hope you like them as much as we do!

🌊⚓️ #wildalaska #natgeo

Alaskan brown bear, Katmai National Park and and preserve - Alaska Photo: @bernabephoto #wildlife #watherfall #alaska #brownbear #wildlifephotography #katmainationalpark #wildalaska

Apparently, Brown Bears have hit the beach before us this very early morning at Lake Clark, Alaska.

The view from in front of our cabin.
Yesterday we had four storms roll through and miss us. While we were working the sky would get dark, the temperature would drop and the wind would pick up and then a few minutes later it would just return to normal. But today it's been raining hard since I woke up and I have the pleasure of enjoying the weather in a bed with my coffee. I hope it never stops.

A dreamy Bristol Bay day from season’s past. Start dreaming about halibut because we will be getting our first delivery very soon! If you want it, don’t forget to pre-order - the halibut goes fast! 👉🏼 bit.ly/shopfish
📷 by @nickhallphoto
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Won’t be long....less than a month away...

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