Back in teaching mode.
It's my first-time experience of sharing and inspiring for non-professional wedding photographers

#wikileeinsydney #wikischoolpedia

Congrats @bebebleu ! Happy to see you walking down the aisle ! More photo from the wedding day by @ilonafe soon! #wikileeinsydney

Some behind the scene at 34-weeks pregnancy - I feel like mommy kangaroo with that tummy!! 😆😆 #RyanSandy #mylastweddingof2015 #6weekstogo #ilonapregnancydiary #wikileeinsydney

From last Saturday's wedding - am I really shooting a wedding in Sydney? But hey we Indonesian love our chillies, it makes everything more delicious 😆😆 #RyanSandy #mylastweddingof2015 #ilonapregnancydiary #6weekstogo #wikileeinsydney #sydneywedding

"give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime"

People who know me close enough recognise me many things. One of the best attribute is that I am a father figure to all my kids. I teach my kids to be well independent of capable to make decisions in their life or in the job.

Yesterday working with these bunch kids reminds me how proud I am to cross path with them and train them "how to fish". They were once rookies, now we are comrades. They are professional wedding storytellers now who have passionate heart in the job like I do in telling others' stories.

To all fathers out there, please teach your kids "not the easy way" but rather to teach them how to be the man you wish to be. Happy Father's Day
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Happy birthday our bride to be Sandy :) Get Ryan to spoil you #wikileeinsydney

Last week Sydney's weather was super nice, how is this week? #sydney #wikileeinsydney #beautifulday #cityscape

I am having the post holiday syndrome - still slow of doing anything 😜 I'll be back soon.

Just another post for @fashionablyyummy and @goodvibes124 prewedding in Sydney. Tease them to death :p lol just kidding.... Another news: 2 days ago, @ilonafe and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary. It's amazing how time flies so quickly if you walk side by side with someone you truly love and admire. Love you honey!
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In the past few days, we hung out as family being normal tourists in Sydney, our 2nd home. It is nice.
Being almost 2 decades of living in this city, I've never touched a kangaroo until 2 days ago. It may be the highlight of my life 😝 #ryanjameslee #wikileefamily #wikileeinsydney

Happy belated birthday dear my bride MJ :) cant wait for your big day :) #richardmj #wikileeinsydney

Marriage is like a work of art. For every dark shadows, there are also beautiful highlights that will follow your journey. #wikileeinsydney #wedding #FortheLoveofIntimacy

A loved one is someone who can make you smile without even trying. #wikileeinsydney #FortheLoveofIntimacy

Last Sunday @thebridedept hosted a talk show at #blackfridayopenhouse2014 featuring @ilonafe and I about "insider guide to the perfect prewedding story". I had so much fun putting a lot of thought about what I think based my experience.

I see why people can see prewedding as the milestone of their relationship before marriage. Thus it's important that we capture them in the celebration mood in their story

Outfit selection takes an important role, how to dress not too over and they are still able to be excited in the long day of prewedding session.
Hopefully I can compile and edit the video recorded during the talk show. So my thought of prewedding isn't only useful for our couples but people who is considering prewedding

#IWantaMarriageMoreBeautifulThanMyWedding #ToTravelprewedding #ciputraamanda #wikileeinsydney

Loving the treatment as the flower girl :) #kirstenjacksonwedding #wikileeinsydney

"Collaboration & Celebration"

That's really what I think about Bridal dance where some couple could dance for the first time ever.
I didn't know how to dance but @ilonafe and I dance on our wedding day. We just laughed how silly we were that we just moved left and right.

But it was a celebration who cares it's good or not as long as the collaboration that counted :) Kirsten and Jackson did it with the styled. They took it seriously to another level. Congrats guys for awesome night.


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