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I've been debating about coming clean about this publicly for some time now, but I figure it's better to do it on my own terms rather than "get caught" later on down the road in my powerlifting career. I've been experimenting with PED's for about a year now and after today I really feel that I can honestly say I've had no unhealthy side effects or serious complications with any prescription medications I've been taking. I think if powerlifting is something that you are already dedicated to and have spent countless hours training under proper supervision and coaching, and you are a healthy adult, there is absolutely NO REASON to not try using PED's.
Since using "Performance Enhancing Du-Rags" I've felt more confident with all of my lifts, I've felt more focused during my workouts, and recovery has been amazing. I literally cannot think of even the slightest negative thing to say about my usage of PED's. Anyways, here's some of my lifts from today.
525x1 rpe8
445x6 rpe9
345x1 rpe8
295x6 rpe9
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