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There you go, Wife with a "Purpose." The Church has spelled it out for you in black and white. Your principles are nasty, hurtful and wrong and you need to fix them. #wifewithapurpose #gah #lds #mormon #loveistheanswer

Why you can't trust them 🤦🏽‍♀️ Always defending the racists and their actions while condemning POC for protecting themselves. They Truly believe that you can fight hate with love 🙄😒 #whitefeminism #feminism #poc #woc #racism #wifewithapurpose #noonecares #whitepeoplebelike #ignorant #whitepeople #donaldtrump #

People always warn you that the 1st year of marraige is the hardest. I have been told this is when most people divorce due to finances or because they really see a person's true colors. But, I have never felt closer to my husband. He has helped me grow so much this past year. God has helped me blossom into a better wife than I was last June. He has shown me areas I need to mature and convicted me in areas I need to step it up. The trials and growing pains that I have endured this year are all worth it to see the smile of contentment, love, and appreciation on my husband's face daily as well as the spiritual confirmation that God is pleased with the woman I have become. When God has somewhere for us to be He NEVER gives up. When I wanted to run, He met me in Texas. There's nothing like the feeling of knowing God loves ME and wants the best for ME. He just wants MY ALL and He will do the rest. Happy Anniversary NJC.

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