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she wild 🦁
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So what had happen is someone that lives near them called the cops because somethin was to loud and they got #swatted down wich means they got handcuffed outside until the cops inspected the whole house there not arrested but they got inspected and chance was looking to make sure tessa wasnt getting touched innapropriately because idk if the cop was looking at her butt but chance was looking to make sure nothing was wrong with her so the members are all good spread the word guys also chessa is fine even chance said it also tessa probaly tweeted should have known because she should have known that they will call the cops


On this special day I wish him good health, prosperity and most importantly lotsa happiness ..!! He means so much n beyond ..!!! I promise to stand beside u in every stage of yur life no matter what ..!! God bless u Yajamanre 😌 #beemanaAmavasye #husband_wife #wifegoals #specialday

#wifegoals 💜

I want to wish my queen @dezrossette a very happy bday. She truly is a beautiful woman. She's kind, crazy, caring, hard working, but most of all full of large doodoo. Her snaps are like pieces of shart. Get it? I love this woman with all my heart to match her cute Lil' fart. My life is filled with joy because of you. I love you bae, hope to celebrate another 100 years with you and our boys. #WifeGoals #WifeOnFire #Wifepremacy #MyQueen

Thank you all so much for your prayers for my uncle ❤ I told him that bc of all of you he has every religion rooting for him aka all of the gods on his side...it made him smile 🙃. Please continue to keep him in your thoughts 🙏🏾. I went over there last week after one of his chemo treatments & I asked how he stays so positive and he said “there’s no other choice”. He then went on to tell me stories about my dad as a kid and it was so fun 🤗. Shoutout to my aunt who has been his rock & takes care of him day in and out. She's definition #wifegoals 🤝💑. Biggest lessons learned while being home: appreciate the simple things in life, create memories w/ those that matter most, & be present in the now ❤. #eatpraytexas #family #beatcancer

🎉🎉 Are You Her? 🎉🎉 •

I am looking to mentor 5 women this upcoming month, BUT I am looking for certain qualities! 🖤 I am looking for smart, funny, driven, passionate, hard working ladies! You stay at home moms that are DREAMERS who want MORE than just going back to school once your kids are old enough! I want women who love the ocean, coffee, and reading. Women who can have a sweet dance party in the kitchen and embarrass their kids! ✌🏼 Women who wish they could make a perfect Pinterest party, who try their hardest and just can't quite master that crafty event. 😆🌟 Women who love playing with their kids, being active; women who love their man and want to help the financial burden. Women who know, if given the right chance, they can succeed and be that provider. 💪🏼 I want women who long for friendship, sisterhood, and a sense of community. 🖤 Women who wan to feel amazing and confident in their own skin, women who want to tackle a challenge. Women who desire more for their family's future. •

These are the women I want to mentor! Are you her? Do you KNOW her?! Comment below "it's me!", message, or email me if you'd like to be considered for a spot! •
• (US, Canada & UK only please. Cannot be currently working with a coach.)


Ok cheesy wife shout out!!! @j.wata this woman right here guys is killing it! Not only does she work full time she then comes home and deals with me!!! She is always finding ways to make our life a joy and adventure and I love her for it every day! If you don't know this girl you are missing out I know many of you can say countless things about how amazing this girl is or how she has been an encouragement to your life in some way and I am posting today to just remind you all and her that I love her so much and thank her for being the girl that I get to spend the rest of my life with. Not only does she do all this great stuff many of you know she is running her own lipsense business too and is killing it! She has met so many people and have just been an amazing help and friend to so many other girls to make their businesses great too! If you have not already check out her page @lips.bombshellbabes let her help you get started she is amazing. Ok rant over. Thank you jess for all you do and all your are to me your family and friends. I know I don't speak for myself when I say we all love you and are so blessed to have you in our life! Keep killing the game baby! #myfamily #wifegoals #mondaymotivation #henderson #love #sexywifey #lipsense #business #goals #goat #loveher #shoutout

You truly can figure out the substance of someone in the courting phase. Just a little courting can help you determine if someone is compatible with you for a lifetime or a season! #DrRozMotivates #DrRozInspires #DrRozEducates

Much-needed staycation thanks #palihouse #wifegoals #neededitbad

Sam and Alyssa Darling.
This video made me cry sooo much, go watch it and look how happy they are.
I wish you guys all the best. To a bunch of baby Darling's...👶
Much love from Germany🌍🌎🌏🌈
@alyssapacheco @myabysslife
#married #darlings #samandalyssa #wifegoals #pride

I've been living a rat race all summer. And surviving the rat race included NOT working out. Eating anything and beer....A LOT of beer. Today I am beginning a mini detox. It's gonna suck #housewifegoals #houswifeblues #housewifelife #housewife #shittywife #badwife #wife #wifey #wifegoals #wifeskills #wifeblog #wifeblogger #blog #blogger #bloggermom #bloggermommy #blogwriter #mom #mommy #momlife #mommyblog #mommyblogger #momofthree #oshit #workingmom #sahm #studentmom #theshittyhousewife #diet

A huge happy 27th birthday to my loving wife, I feel privileged to have spent one more year of my life with you! 🎁🎂🎉#happybirthday #27 #wifegoals #bdaywishes #celebrate #live #love #laugh

#wifegoals 😍

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