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Flashback.⏮Giving Me All The Feels To Get Back On Stage. To Be Completely Honest I Ask Myself Daily If I'll Ever Get Back Up There. After Having A Baby Yes My Body Has Changed But Its Not Impossible To Get It Back. It May Not Be Exactly The Same Pre-Baby But Definitely Can Come Pretty Close. And That Shouldn't Be My Reason For Stopping . My Biggest Concern Is Finding Balance. Asking Myself Why Do I Want To Compete Again? At First I Felt I Need To, To Prove To Others It Can Be Done But Now Realizing That Shouldn't Be The Reason. That Shouldn't Matter. Putting Pressure On Myself By Comparing To Others. After All This Time Of Just Living Not Worrying About How Many Times I Made It To The Gym Or What Foods I Was Eating I've Started To Come To Terms With What I Want. I Want To Compete Again Because It Was Something That Made Me Feel Successful Not Because Of Placing Just Being Dedicated, Setting A Goal And Achieving It. One Of The Most Rewarding Feelings I've Ever Felt. I Plan On Competing To See If All Those Feels Come Back.
I Guess To Answer My Biggest Question; Is Competing Something I Want To Continue? Or Is That Chapter Closed? I Can't Just Not Know The Answer To That And The Only Way Is Getting Back Up There One More Time. This Time Come Around My Perspective Of Competing Is Different. My Reasoning Is Different. My Expectations Are Different. The Insecurities I Dealt With Before Are Doubled And Some. But With That Said I'm Ready And Motivated Than Ever!#StayTuned#CompetingTBA#NotRushing#Improving#DayByDay#PositiveVibes#Balance#Lifestyle#MomFirst#WifeFirst#Priorities

Beautiful, beautiful child.

@Regranned from @moeduggins - I’m almost ready to start building my team of Duggins kids. Son first (preferably) to protect his siblings. Then a beautiful little princess for me to spoil. #babyfeverfriday #wifefirst #GodstimingLeearango123 - #regrann

I’m almost ready to start building my team of Duggins kids. Son first (preferably) to protect his siblings. Then a beautiful little princess for me to spoil. #babyfeverfriday #wifefirst #Godstiming

♥️😍👑🌹🥂💍 My absolutely GORGEOUS Anniversary gifts from my King! 😍😍👑😍😍 Beautiful red roses, daisy’s, and carnations, and $50 to Sephora! 😍😍😍 Plus, a Beautiful dinner, and drinks ♥️ I’m so grateful to have such a wonderful, amazing, and caring Husband! Happily Married since January 5th, 1998 🙏🏼💍♥️ I wouldn’t want to spend my days with any other Man. I’m so blessed to have my Husband! Not only is he the best Husband, but he is also the best Father to our Kids too! Truly blessed, and thankful! We knew we were the ones, since the day we met, October of 1996 ♥️ Real, and true love is such a beautiful thing! I can’t wait to spend forever with this Man. So honored to carry is last name. A true King, and a real Man. They don’t make em like him anymore! He’s had my back, and been right by my side through everything since the day we met! And, I’ve done the exact same for him! And, always will! #ForeverUs #HappilyMarried #RealLove #UnconditionalLove #Untouchable #Inseparable #TogetherForever #HappilyEverAfter #King #Queen #WifeLife #MomFirst #WifeFirst #LoveLoyaltyRespect #TrueLove #ThatsReal #HimAndI #ValladolidStrong #ForeverFaithful #Forever #Roses #Carnations #Daisys #Sephora

Aussie toilet humour 🇦🇺🚽 #ittakesalltypesbud #wifefirst

As I reflect on my 2018 goals, God reminded me that I am a wife first. So one of my many goals is to truly be what what my husband needs. God’s description of a wife is very clear. We are to compliment not compete. To be submissive not takeover. To build him up with words not tear him down. To represent him well in his absence. August 2018 will make me a wife for 10 years. And although my anniversary is months away I choose to celebrate from now. As God groomed me through the years, my husband stayed by my side. Sometimes change is scary but he stocked around and watched me grew and transform into the the queen I am today. As my transformation is endless, I know without a shadow of a doubt that he will stick by my side. He knows he is my favorite...after Jesus of course ☺️ #ms.akc#wifefirst#ilovemyhusbandmybestfriend#kingsseequeens#heismyforever

So This is my husband 😍
He's gone doing AMAZING things till the 21st. This is the longest we have been apart and it is hard! I'm crazy busy doing great things myself but you realize how much your used to having someone when they are away. The silence is terrible but I'm hanging in there. But makes me realize how much I love him and how proud I truly am!! I love you @jhugo21 and can't wait to hear you tall about how amazing your time there was when you get home 😘😘😘
#wifefirst #husband #heismybestfriend #bestfriends #husbandandwife #misshim #proudwife #focused #goals #accomplishment #mmawife #mma #hesmyfighter #lovewhatyoudo #pushtobebetter #iloveyou

This is real life, running to the grocery store when you have less than 24 hours before flying to California. .
#leadershipbound #lularoetrainer #momonduty #momfirst #wifeonduty #wifefirst #lularoekimberlycasmer #sansmakeup #lularoepromo #errands #livepurposefully #lularoeteamphoenix @lularoepromo @lularoe

나중에 돈벌어서 이런 별장 하나
#whitehouse #wifefirst

Yes...my socks have houses on them. 🏡 I have your keys www.aprilhasyourkeys.com #realtorlife #remax #topproducer #wifefirst #momof6

Getting it done efficiently minus the stress. Good morning, Ya’ll!! #faithful #realtor #remax #Wifefirst #momof6 #homeschoolrocks #shecrafts

Four kids and a few businesses later, I’ve realized the most important thing in my life is still my relationship with my best friend. He was there at the beginning of it all and he will be the one that’ll still be there when the kids have left to conquer the world. Most people make it a routine to have dinner together regularly, watch films when kids have gone to bed, go on dates or take vacations. This year, I want to go back to what we loved doing most together when we met... sharing new experiences. I want us to be in scary, funny, adventurous moments together where we are both discovering more about ourselves and each other as we navigate. Whether it’s searching for the shadiest motel ever during a US road trip, climbing down the edge of Grand Canyon, backpacking into a club district in Croatia with a 6-month old, rafting in the Ottawa river, or just trying every kind of food there is possible - I’m down forever :)
#married #thanks #christophernolan #darknight #foreverlove #bestfriendgoals #adventurers #wifefirst #momsecond #ichoosehim #mamaghazter #adventuresoftng

For this upcoming year my goal is to spend as much time as possible with my wife and children. Time flies, so want to enjoy every moment possible at this stage of our life’s. Sometimes we get caught up in the work grind and forget that family comes first. This is by far my biggest priority for next year. #danthetitleman #tbt #mybabies #myworld #familyfirst #wifefirst #enjoyeverymoment #thankful #grateful

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