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So happy to be home with our little guy! We have a few puppy friends coming over today, so he got all spiffy in his new t-shirt. Haha 🙈 Can’t handle his cuteness! We snagged a few goodies for him from the new ED by Ellen DeGeneres line from @petsmart while we were away and we’re all loving the cute designs and colors, plus we don’t feel so bad having dog toys all over our living room. 😆😉🐶❤️😂 #edbypetsmart #partner #rescuedog

Well I have an official last day of work, March 10. Two more weeks and the boys are on spring vacation with me. I'll get to spend the last few days as a mom of two with the two hooligans that keep me on my toes...eeerrrr I mean amazingly well behaved kids 😂☺️ Yesterday was a bit on the hectic side, lots of moving and lifting, running around and I was cramping up all day and through most of the night. When I spoke with my doctor today he mentioned that all though the contractions are just painful Braxton hicks I should slow it down and try to do a little less. So that's what I'm going to do. Starting with this weekend and letting my dad and husband take the boys to Great Wolf Lodge while I hang out at my mom's with just the girls ❤ok ramble over. #bluebirdkisseshome #baby #baby3 #nursery

"Maybe I like this rollercoaster, maybe it keeps me high." @hudsonjeans #jeans #richandroyal

I was tagged by @hooked__on__hooky to share #widn (sorry Kez, I think it might have been last week 😔😔). I woke up early so I have been sitting up in bed practicing my idea for stitching peonies. I won't be beaten by this! But now I must get up and get on! Thank you for the tag Kez and all your delightful rainbow projects xx

#widn but on the other hand I think I'll cook indoors 😋cheers lovelies 🍸🌿🌷🌿😘

The lovely @in.the.loop.creations has asked #widn 😊 and I've just finished round three, now onto the joining! I'm really looking forward to seeing this one come together as the colours were a little out of my comfort zone.
Thanks for asking me to play! Would you like to join in @ha0407ha @purplemonkeycrochet @mycrochetmakes?
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Evenin' all! Hope everyone's ok after our stormy day! I've just been tagged by @theknightsplace for a #widn - I'm making a cuppa and watching The Great Pottery Throw Down, while I potter in the kitchen - the gorgeous kiln guy, Richard, used to be my ceramics teacher 😍 what are you up to @tamingtwins @tamsynmorgans 😘💨😘💨
(In other news, looking forward to trying out the new multi photo feature on the latest update!) xx

• Happy 7 months •
1:35 on a clock. Our baby was born 7 months ago, how fast time flies! Feeling as if it was yesterday. So much love and affection can give a little happiness - it's incredible! With the birth of Valeria these words have a whole new meaning and sense to me:
♡ Love
♡ Anxiety
♡ Happiness
♡ The Meaning of Life
♡ Responsibility
Maternity - the hardest, but the most useful work at all times ♥
1:35 на часах. Наша малышка родилась 7 месяцев назад, как быстро летит время! Ощущение, будто это было вчера. Столько любви и нежности может подарить маленькое счастье - это невероятно!
С дня рождения Валерии эти слова имеют для меня совершенно новое значение и смысл:
♡ Любовь
♡ Тревога
♡ Счастье
♡ Смысл жизни
♡ Ответственность
Материнство - самая трудная, но самая полезная работа во все времена ♥


Every second you spend comparing is a second you could be using to step up your game. 🙌🏻 You do you girl 😘 Don't let comparison get in your way. We're all guilty of it, me included. I'm going to do better. Are you?

Is there anything prettier than snow covered trees?

so in love ♡✧ handmade crescent ring available in silver or gold

Our weekend has started! Celebrating my brother's wedding this Saturday so getting my weekend bag packed!
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#widn Just finished my first ever spin class🚴🏼‍♀️ Not sure what hurts more my booty🍑 or my legs 🤸🏼‍♀️. My booty I can't even feel my legs. I think I crawled to my car. Oh laaawwwwdddd help me🚴🏼‍♀️ #abandonthebandwagon #iamthemothership #fitgirlsguide #fitgirls

IT'S FRIDAY! // Time to treat yo'self. 🍦

Finally breaking in Ms Stella to make some of @kat_is_keto crustless lc pb cheesecake. Been wanting to make it for awhile but I kept forgetting 😬 Going to let it set while watching Breaking Bad and then enjoy some before bed #ketogirl #ketofam #keto #ketolife #lchf #lowcarb #dayoff #widn #cheesecake #kitchenaid #stella #momlife #peanutbuttercheesecake #lowcarbcheesecake #momoftwo #weightlosssupport #weightlossstory #netflix #breakingbad

decals headed out tomorrow 💕🌵 these flower unicorn decals are perfect for all my lularoe gals! 🦄

So reality shows are my guilty pleasure and after watching #lhhny reunion show (ratchet city) this week, I've come to a realization that we basically like to see people fail in reality tv! Head to the blog to read my perspective on this and tell me what do you think??!! Click link in profile ❤️ @liketoknow.it #liketkit http://liketk.it/2qve2 #nyfw2017 #nyfw

I brought the sunshine to #OKMagazine's Pre-Oscar Party 💛 I am absolutely in love with vibrant dress from @blackhalostyle I usually stay away from yellow, but after putting this look together I will be incorporating into my wardrobe more 🌞 And I think my gold metallic pumps from #shoedazzle added that extra it factor 👠 #StyledByStuart #redcarpetfashion #oscars2017

#BehindTheScenes at our webinar this morning with #CMO @jthomas_44 and our customers at @pitneybowessmb talking #marketing ROI. If you missed it? No problem. Head to our website and catch up with the Case Study!

#widn I lost 2 lbs so I decided to reward myself with a double nose piercing 💜 My bestie Nasly came with me for support! #fitgirlcommunity #fitgirlsguide #fitgirl #piercings #doublenosepiercing

california avocados > nyc dragon egg/never ripe avocados 🥑