Look at those who have less
than us in worldly matters. Don’t look at those who have more. Only then we will be grateful of what Allah has provided for us.


Listen to us, your INNER MATTERS.

The material you picked for your inners can be your deal breaker when it comes to hijab wearing experience. No one wants to go around with itchy scalp and adjusting the hijab every 5 minutes!

That’s why we need you to try our inners! We used premium cotton jersey as the material so you will mostly find comfort in them.

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All black outfit and a pop of Mint HAWAA to make you stand out. The lightweight material, our solid chiffon hijabs are the ideal weight for a flawless look.

The ultimate everyday essential, HAWAA chiffon hijabs in luxurious solids dress up or down beautifully. Not too thin and not too thick, they are the ideal weight for a flawless look.

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Assalamualaikum wbt NHijabsister.

HAWAA is the basic Japanese Chiffon Scarf! Made of light chiffon, comes in various beautiful colours. Check out the full range by clicking the link on bio. Retails for only RM39! Purchase 3 pcs for RM100 (SALE PRICE) 🧡

There will be bumpy rides and
life can get uncomfortable. Trust the process and make a lot of duas to Him.


Why AYRAA INNERS are the best inners ever?

1. They keep your hair tucked into place.
2. The fabric of the underscarf is a stretchy viscose cotton mix.
3. Super soft and comfortable to ensure ease of wear.
4. Does not hurt the earlobe.
5. Beautifully soft and breathable fabric, making it suitable for all year round.
6. Perfect size so that it won’t slip back (even on smaller heads) and it is easily stretches to accommodate larger heads.
7. Material won’t stretch after tons of washing.

Available at RM15 per piece.
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These beauty will be with its new owner tomorrow. Thank you for supporting us NHijabsisters 😌

NAIA had been restocked with two new colours introduced - DUSTY MINT & CREAM.

One of those days you just wanna go simple and casual. Take AWRAA with you, like this beauty @syifamelvin

Featuring AWRAA in Dusty Blue.

Share with us your #NHootd travels! We’d love to see you looking great in them and the amazing places you visited!

And oh! If we love you, you might receive some of our hijabs collection! 😌

Our NAI’A is selling out really fast! Click link on bio to purchase / full menu.

Super cooling for our humid weather.
No ironing required.
No pins required styling.
Easy to wear.

Material: 100% premium cotton
Measurement: 1.8M x 0.85M
Opacity: 10% see through,
Opaque when doubled.
Price: RM29.00 each

To order / Inquiries:
Whatsapp 011 1121 2374

Shout out to you decided to jump outta bed and wear the most cheerful colour out today! We 🧡 you!

Featuring SOFINA PLEATED in Mustard. Kindly click the link on bio to purchase/ inquiries.

Don’t forget that we had restocked our PREMIUM BASIC too. The iron-less hijab is now available for purchase at RM20 per piece. Kindly click the link on bio for full menu!

Which one would you like to have?

NEWS ALERT: NAI’A had been restocked! Yes! All colours are now in stock 😌

Bitterness keeps you stuck in the present situation. Let it go. Choose to move forward and keep positive, knowing that the Almighty has your back. Always!


Material cotton AYRAA inner akan sentiasa memastikan ianya terletak & fit elok di kepala, jadi inner anda tidak akan mudah kebelakang atau senget. Dan paling penting, anda akan sentiasa merasa selesa bila memakainya.

Anda kena cuba dulu dan baru anda akan faham macam mana selesanya inner kami yang mampu milik ini! ☺️

We love these small tiny pins as they’re insanely sharp to secure your hijabs and won’t ruin them! They also come in various colours to match the hijab of the day.

Mirco pins are now available for purchase! Kindly click the link on bio for any inquiries. (ALL BLACK ARE CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE. THEY COME IN A BOX MIXED OF BLACK & WHITE NOW ☺️)

Our beloved big spender, we heard you! AWRAA sale is extended until July 17th!


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For those who love easy to wear style and wanna look casually fashionable, HADEYA is for YOU! 😉 Match it with AYRAA inner and bamm, you ain't need pin for most of our cotton hijab NHijabsisters!

Featuring HADEYA Pink Panther, any pink lovers here? 😌

Don’t forget to tag us if you’re wearing any of our collection today! If we love your OOTD, you might receive some hijabs from us! 😌

Featuring HAWAA in Maroon. HAWAA is our Japanese chiffon shawl that is insanely lightweight!

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