Nope, I'm not lost, I'm just taking the scenic route, I'll eventually find my way but until then, I'll just try and enjoy the view until I reach my destination! 🏝
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A few weeks ago, one of my favorite grammers @local_milk wrote, "the question to ask yourself is: are the problems in my life symptoms of my dreams coming true or not?" Man, was that a powerful thing to hear as I was in the midst of what felt like my hundredth meltdown of the day. This summer has been the busiest of my life so far. Between a new job, wedding planning, moving, travel, blogging and social obligations, I've felt seriously overwhelmed. But when I really stopped to think about it, every single one of my problems stems from my dreams coming true (well, besides my chronically messy apartment). I'm finally working a job I love, I'm marrying the man of my dreams, I get to travel, I have amazing friends, I'm moving closer to my job and where Topher got accepted to school, I'm getting to blog and lead trips - my life is really, really good right now. Also, vv busy, but the busy is worth it.
Last week I was dreading going on this hut trip because there was so much to do between moving and wedding planning. But then, I was doing sunrise yoga in the middle of the woods surrounded by amazing women and I remembered just how much I love my life.
A little altitude does wonders for your attitude.

The splash pad is Maddi’s love language ☀️ simple adventures for a simple day 💙

Setting sail at sunrise 🌅 most wonderful moment to experience.. even got to see some dolphins swimming nearby 😝🇬🇷⛵️🌊💙 #dolphins🐬 #sunrisesailing #greekislands🇬🇷 #surrealmoment #whywetravel #nofilterrequired

Thanks @hisffishermanswharf !! We loved the postcard. That is a serious flashback of our zoo

Mood all s u m m e r! 🦋#Birthdayseason #travelnoire

Traveling the world does not have to cost an arm and a leg. If we are willing to do away with the luxuries of urban living for a while, it can be done for as little as 10 dollars a day!
All of this month, I am staying at a small homestay in Hamta, where I can focus on my immersion in nature and write without distractions. I have gorgeous views of the valley, adorable dogs to play with, food which is cooked on order fresh everyday with produce from the farm of the owner. The cows are milked twice a day and that is what goes into my tea and my curd. Local herbs are used to make the good oh so tasty, that I do not want to return to non pahadi food. All this costs me ₹ 650 for a day. That is an equivalent of two large coffees at Starbucks. .
Most of my followers are from India, and we are blessed with an incredibly beautiful and culturally rich country, which can be travelled for cheap. If you are time rich and cash poor, there are enough places to go. We just need to cast aside the anchors of our own apprehensions.

We travel to lose our bearings 👓 #whywetravel
So you know the famous piece of advice: “Never turn your back on the ocean”... Yeah, I didn’t follow that. On the last day of a work trip to Miami, I decided to hit the beach for a quick dip before my flight back to New York City. As I was walking back to shore, a huge wave broke over my head and I lost my glasses! I didn’t bring my contacts on the trip so I was left with the challenge of navigating back home pretty much blind (my prescription is -5.75). I’ll never forget how dorky I felt at the airport when I had to ask people which terminal my flight was departing from because I couldn’t read the departure board and walk up to every gate to check where I was. 😂 Needless to say, I respect the ocean so much more, and now I always have a pair of contact lenses as backup!
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I get asked a lot about where my favorite places are and what my favorite travel memories are. For me, sometimes it’s as simple as a moment like this: my kid and my grandpa eating ice cream cake at my mom’s house, a three-ish hour drive that takes us from the USA to Canada. Sometimes it feels like this is unbearably far because of the border in between, so the days that feel as simple as this moment are precious. I’m thankful that even when we can’t be together it’s easier to connect nowadays-I can’t believe how far phone technology has come. #brandpartner #verizon #bettermatters. It never ceases to amaze me that even when I can’t travel “home” I can chat virtually through FaceTime or I can text pictures and write and stay connected to people I love. I am thankful that my kid can grow up knowing his great-grandpa, even though we live in a different country. Do you remember the phones of old? Can you believe how far phones have come?

Photos with toddler —> expectation vs. reality 🙃 his smile in the 3rd photo is genuine. He was STOKED to find Mater along this cute Route 66 stop (see my stories for proof!). I’m going to do a whole blog post about Route 66 because you wouldn’t believe how often it’s still traveled. Who knew?! Do your kids love the Cars movies?

Last weekend was spent going on long drive with my college friends and seeing places in and around Ranchi I have never been to. There's a lot to explore around the area.
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