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Russell and Ciara spreading some Holiday cheer yesterday @seattlechildrens!

#Repost @dangerusswilson
Spreading a little Christmas joy with @Ciara to those who make our community better! @Starbucks @WhyNotYouFDN #GiveGood

The good life 🐾
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📷: @chris.tym1

Proud of my bro @DangerRussWilson and all the work he is doing with @whynotyoufdn and @Surface to Create Change. #WhyNotYou #CreateChangeContest Learn more: Surface.com/NFL @Microsoft

This ones for the culture 😈🌎 Back in the studio 2mrw 🔥🔥 Who’s ready for Part 2️⃣ 🎙🎧🎬🎶🎵 #NewEra #KnowYourself ☠️

A couple of cuties 🐶🐾

Strong Together 💪 #StrongAgainstCancer #WhyNotYou

Double tap if that’s you🔥🔥 #how2berich

You move different when you know your value ⚖️ #Monsters 😈😈😈😈

No more overthinking. 😂
Deal? ◾️◾️◾️◾️◾️◾️◾️◾️◾️◾️◾️◾️◾️◾️ #doitnow #goforit #success #believeinyourself #havefaith #whynotyou #danielalonzo #funny #funlife



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If you would like to be in my next "Blazing Amazing Smiles" video, please email your blazing amazing smile to dancingonglisteningwaters@gmail.com. Providing your blazing amazing smile means you agree to being in the video with other blazing amazing smiles and featured on Instagram, FB, Artwanted.com, Tumblr and other appropriate, respectful, creative and friendly social media. Your blazing amazing smile will certainly inspire😄 #blazingamazingsmiles #amazing #amazingpeople #amazingsmiles #amazingsmile #blazingsmiles #creativeminds #creativityforlife #creative #happysmile #artist #artista #artisticos #alwayssmile #smilinginside #heart #love #smiling #smilingface #happyfriday #happybirthday #happy #whynotyou #everyonematters #everyonewelcome #everyonewins #friendlysmile #smilypets #friendlypets #friendsgiving

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No I didn’t go to College or University.. It wasn’t an option for myself. I was brought up believing that you go to school, get a job and work for the next 50 odd years... I have nothing against going to College or University to get a degree, power to those people who chase their dreams and do what they love and are passionate about ✌🏼I do believe the education system needs to be teaching our children about residual income and the different ways to achieve it! .
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Because who doesn’t want to put in some booty work on a Saturday night?? Why…what do you do?? #WorkinOnOurNightMoves

Light and love...nothing more.

Lazarus—a former foster youth and current #USC graduate student—wrote, directed, and performed in this powerful music video entitled "Lazarus Rises," which chronicles his journey from abuse and neglect, to joy and advocacy. He teamed up with music producer, #Blackcloud to create a compelling score against which he set his personal rap. His powerful message will have a lasting emotional resonance. “Lazarus Rises” is one of the films in the #YouthVoices Video Project, a collection of foster youth-produced films from #PBSSoCal’s To Foster Change. Find his full video on: https://tofosterchange.org/youth-voices/lazarus-rises/ #whynotyou #fosteryouth

Tickled PINK for the big RED volleyball team and their national championship!! Way to go #NebraskaHuskers #Youarethechampions #whynotyou Thank you @jmonfelt for not punching me off your couch haha and inviting me to watch it with you :-P

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Alright, folks! I’ve been working on a super exciting announcement for you that is going to blow your mind! 🤩 Keep a close eye out for it because I KNOW you won’t want to miss out on this!

#Repost @edeweysmith ・・・
Just 11 years ago, NONE of these multi-billion dollar companies/ideas existed!! In 11 more years, another list will come out with NEW multi-billion dollar companies/ideas! Have you ever thought about what's inside of you? DIG DEEP! The "2028 list" just might include what's being developed RIGHT NOW in you!!!!
#ThinkBig #HeadSwimmingBlessings #WhyNotYou

Life Changing Results!! Look at what 5 months with R+F's Unblemish and Reverse Regimens did for Kylie! Unblemish to clear the acne and Reverse to lighten her dark spots. 4 different Anti-Aging Regimens to address every skin challenge!! You can have beautiful skin!! Why not you?!
#perfectlyclear #whynotyou #whynotnow #gorgeousglow

Take Care | After what seemed like the longest week ever, I decided to take some time out for me... it’s amazing what a little self care can do ! #selfcaresaturday

You gotta believe! #RiseANDShine

Sensitive skin?
Puffy eyes?
Wimpy lashes?
Aging daily?

You don't have to wish on a star for solutions because I have them for you!

Making this season merry and bright in more ways one is just a phone call away. 😁

#lifechangingskincare #winwithyourskin #joyfullegacy #whatif #whynotyou #leavealegacy #GoBrightAhead #RFLashBoost #gamechangers

My friend and #Barber Mr. Mac after several years as a barber opened a barber college where he trained several barbers throughout VA. Today alongside his barber college he opened a new barber shop which I feel privileged to have witnessed. This was an #inspiring day! 💯💯💯
#business #freshcut #barbershop #Woodbridge #motivation #newbusiness #newbusinessowner #whynot #whynotyou

I love Facebook's "On This Day". Look what popped up from exactly 1 year ago @lisabradywhitehurst. The one on the right is from yesterday. 1 year combining exercise and feeding your body premium nutrition. How can you NOT afford that? If you are ready get a jump start on your 2018 resolutions (which I guarantee have something to do with your health😉), reach out to Lisa or me!
#thrive #newyearsresolution
#healthyliving #itworks
#nofilter #picturesdontlie #thetimeisnow #whynotyou #thriveforfree #healthyliving #premiumnutrition

Anything worth having in life is on the opposite side of fear! 😱 If your dreams aren’t scaring you, then you aren’t thinking BIG ENOUGH!! It’s OK to have fear. It’s NOT OK, to do nothing because of it!!🙅🏽‍♂️If ANYBODY tells you that your dream is impossible, it’s because they’re too small minded and think THEY can’t do it, therefore you can’t as well💯 At the end of it all, we rarely regret the things we’ve done but rather the things we DIDN’T do! Stop waiting for someones permission to live the life you are SUPPOSED to live and GO!!🗣 @garyvee

A couple of cuties 🐶🐾

Mean Girl!
Who's got one in their life?

Me🖑🙋🏼 I do!
I mean it's my Inner Mean Girl

I l💜ve to mix it up and catch a workout class at my Y when I the schedule stars a line and GG is free for Ellie time. Today while killing it in class, my eyes can see it all in the room of mirrors... I was picking myself apart limb by limb. My mean girl was telling me I wasn't good enough, strong enough, skinny enough, tone enough.... Each time I did cross jacks... I had to remind myself that just 2 years ago, I wasn't able to make it through a class without losing my breathe to the point of stopping and swearing I was dying.
Then I was given the ultimate kick in the a$$ from above. Ellie and I were running around the house doing stuff, and she asked me to come to her workout class. 😭😭🤗😇 The bottom left move is called High Chairs 😁 feel free to use them in your next workout.
So mean girl, you've got nothing on me. My mission is to lead by example. If I had only one wish, it's to keep the mean girl from getting any of you down! Don't let her win - don't give her a platform. Love yourself.
#inspiredandfit #momfirst #fitjourney #fitmom #beachbodycoach #shedoesntthinkitswork #travelforwork #pushplay #noexcusses #whynotyou #changinglives #raisingagirl #riseandshine #shesmywhy

Who wants to do a complete 180?!? Came home from 8 days at Disney and needing to turn things around more than ever! Anyone else feel like they need to ‘restart’ after the holidays? This season? This YEAR?! We want to help!! Join the Barker’s on January 2nd for a 180 degree RESTART to a new healthy lifestyle!!! Must order by 12/29 to be included in our special accountability group (did someone say incentives????) so message me ASAP for details!!! #BarkerNutrition #advocareOne80 #whynotyou #whynotnow #wellnesscoaches #instructorlife #helpingothers #goalsetters #goals #fitness #fitfam #letsgo #commit

Cheers to new beginnings! .
@jcb532 @j.mcdowell27 @ba_little

Loving this Thrive Life!!!!
I used to be stressed out this time of year and now I'm just singing Christmas carols and THRIVE through the holidays 😍😍😍
#notadiet #nongmo #glutenfree #energy #focus #weightmanagement #jointsupport #trainer #bodybuilder #mma #runner #fitchick #healthandwellness #3simplesteps #readyforchange #transform #yoga #athlete #fitness #fitgoals #gymlife #yolo #havefun #youdeserveit #whynotyou

See you soon. Epic 2 days on the slopes. #explorerpass #attitashmountain #seasonpass

I don’t believe anyone is ever really ready for marriage but I do know that you’re not mature enough to handle marriage if you haven’t learned the beautiful art of saying I’m sorry. Don’t say I’m sorry because you want the person to shut up but say I’m sorry to defuse the situation, get to the root and move forward in peace.

I’ve made it 25 days into Insanity 👊🏼 Only 5 days left of month one 🙌🏼 I’m pretty excited to finish it out!
When’s the last time you stuck to a workout for 25 days?! Consistency is key for getting real results. No yo-yo dieting here or excessive time on the elliptical 😂

Real workouts.
Real consistency.
Real nutrition plans.
I can’t wait to share my insanity results on Tuesday! 😍❤️💪🏼🎉 I almost skipped my workout yesterday. We had a lot going on after school😆 we were so excited that our hard work has finally paid off! We celebrated and we indulged a little 🍦😋 It’s all about balance. 80/20 rule people. Yes I still eat ice cream. Yes I still have pizza and tacos 😍 but I eat them in moderation!
You don’t have to starve yourself of yummy foods. You don’t have to count calories. You don’t have to eat 100% veggies.
You can do this.

Getting ready for my Real Solutions Bootcamp! Kicking our excuses to the curb and mastering our inner mean girl! ❤️ Next 2 new challengers get one of my prize packs! Message me for details! You don’t want to miss out on this 🎉💪🏼

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#Repost @edeweysmith (@get_repost)
Just 11 years ago, NONE of these multi-billion dollar companies/ideas existed!! In 11 more years, another list will come out with NEW multi-billion dollar companies/ideas! Have you ever thought about what's inside of you? DIG DEEP! The "2028 list" just might include what's being developed RIGHT NOW in you!!!!
#ThinkBig #HeadSwimmingBlessings #WhyNotYou

Yahoo today marks the day I picked up my white Mercedes Benz 🥂December 2015 Number #17 on the road from the Executive House Nation!! I have to say because of the Arbonne opportunity it’s 100% changed everything for me and for that I’m truly grateful.... The biggest thank you to my amazingly beautiful Team that inspire me to be a better person daily, we’re truly only at the beginning of what’s to come X X
2018 will be a year of many celebrations 🎊 #changinglives #oneatatime #makingadifference #december2015
#mercedes #benz #createyourown #ificandoitsocanyou #2018 #whynotyou #timefreedom #financial #flexibility

Strawberry Pool Party!🍓🎉
Look who decided to come out and play today!! Mango man, watermelon man, kiwi man and banana man all having the time of their life in their Strawberry shaped pool😂🏊 If you look closely you can actually see one of the mango guys tanning on a watermelon diving board😜
Cheers to the weekend✌️
Mango man
Banana man
Watermelon man
Kiwi man

I realize network marketing isn't for everyone, BUT I will say it's HARD to sit on social media and NOT get paid for it 🚫 see people complain about their finances, job, the fact that tomorrow is Monday and not even give it a chance 🤔 It's okay to be fearful, but it's not okay to be close minded if you need change in your life 🙅 Just think about it. 💚💁👌#truthbetold #opportunityknocks #whynotyou #wedeserveit

OMG 😲 I AM BEING ASKED TO participate in official test group of our brand new program launching in January, with the TRAINER HERSELF! Best part, I’m allowed to invite a few people to join me, comment below if interested in doing this with us! 🤗🙋🏼‍♀️
GETTING EXCITED, helping people get set up and ready to go for new program launching for the New YEAR!💻📲
BUT we start December 25th, with program designed to get us set up and prepared for 80 day obsession, because this new program is not meant for beginners, WHY WE NEED TO GET YAH SET UP NOW!
Got big goals for new year, don’t join a gym without any guidance and no nutrition help! 👎🏼 Instead, become part of my family, Fire Nation, and Find Your Fire 🔥 that support is crucial 👌🏼
Start NOW, let’s spend 80 days together focused on shredding this abs 💪🏼 and shaping that booty 🍑
Daniel D.
Daniel loves a good challenge, so he decided to take his fitness to the next level and try 80 Day Obsession. The result?
He lost 14 pounds and 4.25 inches after completing the program.
“My whole body has changed, but the biggest change has definitely been my stomach! Also, the live workouts [of the test group] are what kept me accountable. It was as if I had a business meeting every day that could not be missed! I felt like part of the cast. I was getting that gym feeling from my home,” says Daniel.
Kristina D.
Over the course of a year, Kristina gained 20 pounds. She wasn’t going full force with her workouts and her nutrition was poor. Disappointed in how much she let things go, Kristina jumped at the opportunity to do 80 Day Obsession.

She lost 20 pounds and 14.5 inches after completing the program. “Every part of my body has completely changed. My face is way slimmer, my arms chiseled, my abs popping, and my legs are strong and lean,” says Kristina. “Every day, I had an appointment with my trainer, Autumn. I had to show up! The live concept [of the test group] also made me more productive at home and at work. It was definitely a blessing!”
Honestly, I’m here to help, this has completely changed and transformed my entire life, I finally found the thing I’ve been looking for!

Walk away from fake friends, walk away from people who doubt you, walk away from that shitty job (places are always hiring), walk away from the negativity in your life because your life has a plan and your soul knows what it is so follow your path don’t listen to others don’t be dragged down just find your passion and go that way. Go #earnyourlifeback

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