It's official! I am down 25 lbs since January 14th. Honestly, this last month I have treated myself more, but I have kept up my exercise. I refocused this week and lost those last pesky 2 lbs! That is 3 pant sizes GONE in 4 months. I am finally down to my pre-pregnancy weight (yes, my "baby" is 17...don't judge)! While the weight-loss has kept me motivated, how I feel is really the best part. I am STRONG. I have energy. I sleep better. Emotionally, I feel stronger.

I am not saying you must do what I am doing, but if you aren't feeling your best self, do something. I dare you to begin!

Need guidance or a plan? I can help! There is something for every fitness level! Just let me know.

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It’s always fun participating in races. I’ll be running/walking #baytobreakers tomorrow with my daughter. It was supposed to be a family affair but my little guy has soccer and all star baseball tryouts back to back tomorrow so he and my husband will miss out. Consider signing up for a race this summer. It gives you a timeline to get ready and hopefully motivates you to train and get more fit!

We’re heading into winter here in Australia but that’s no reason to start skipping the sunscreen!
And for those of you in the northern hemisphere - now is the perfect time to add an spf into your daily routine
Protect your skin now from the sun ☀️ Your 70 year old self will thank you for it!

Would you enjoy some delicious smoothie recipes? Click my profile link!!!

🌝 Good morning my friends. ✅ As I reach another weigh in Sunday and reflect on the last few days, I am so grateful to be on this health and wellness journey. 😀 💪🏻 Feeling good on the outside and inside for sure!! 💜
The before, during and after is truly remarkable. 60 total pounds, 20 in the last year, and feeling fabulous‼️

Out of respect for privacy.... I won't post names or pics of faces but Andrew got to work out with someone he highly respects who is a prior navy seal.They exchanged numbers. 😊 #teamphytosport #workout #dreambig #doitanyway #whynotyou #faith #nothingisimpossible #goforit

Giving is the real route to prosperity.

What if I told you that 10 years from now your life would be EXACTLY the same? I doubt you would be happy. So why are YOU so afraid of change? 💕

Personally I am so very thankful for how different my life is from even 5 months ago😍

My Anxiety and depression is no more 😍 ( That alone is worth more than a million dollars😍)No longer stressed and lose sleep over going to work!!!!! Helping so many people is the best feeling in the world😘 Planning to travel the world 🌎 Lifelong dream turning into a plan all from my phone 😍 Not to mention the lifelong friends that I've made 👭
I'm not drowning in debt. I have FREEDOM & get to spend every single day at home or go where ever!🙏❤ WHY NOT YOU?? #whatif #in10years #doyouwant #tobe #sameplace #thinknot #personally #sothankful #howdifferent #mylife #is #howmuch #ivechanged #mindblowing #5months #nomore #anxiety #depression #bye #nomore #sleeplessnights #worrying #foranythingandeverything #worthmorethanmoney #whynotyou #freedom

Becoming my own boss has changed my priorities so much. I don’t just go through the motions anymore. I work continuously on becoming the best person I can.
I set goals for my life and do things daily to make them happen. I don’t believe that things just happens to us and we have no control. .
Life is a product of the choices we make and I want to design my life for a purpose. To be health and happy, to be a good wife and mother, to be faithful to my Lord and savior, to help my team reach ever dream they have. .
Give me enough time and I will reach all my goals! What about you? What kind of life do you want to live? Are you gonna go after it? The choice is yours! 🌈✌🏻

🗳A recent Gallup Poll found that 61% of Americans would prefer to be their own boss. (Uhhh, yes please 🙄) 📊Studies show top reasons people leave—even great jobs...
🔹conflict with boss/manager👨🏻‍💼
🔹job is no longer enjoyable
🔹strengths aren’t being used
🔹no career growth opportunities
🔹work/personal life imbalance —————————————————
💚I am fortunate to be a part of this brand and style of business because not a SINGLE one of those bullet points apply to what I’m doing!🎉
✅ I’m my OWN boss 💁‍♀️
✅ I LOVE what I do, and each day can always have something different in store!
✅ My strengths are definitely highlighted👍, but this business is actually stretching me to improve my weaknesses every single day as well! 👊
✅ Growth is unlimited!📈I choose how far I go! No pay caps.💵
✅ No work/personal life imbalance b/c I make my own schedule📆while working remotely straight from my📱!
If you’re ready to PUT IN the work and you REALLY want to change your life, this is the best thing you will decide to do for yourself!!! Hands down, no bs. Worst case scenario, you end up back where you already are right now.🤷‍♀️Best case scenario, you never have to go back to where you are right now!😃🤗Imagine all your 💫dreams and aspirations in life HAPPENING-that’s your future best case scenario! Just say “YES!”...because you’re worth it!💕 —————————————————
📩DM “Opportunity”...or📲 “Opportunity” to 573.476.9495 *3 spots available
*Serious inquiries only
*Age 18+

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5 more lbs and some toning and this will be mine!! #whoswithme #whynotyou #mommasgotgoals

Treating my man to a surfing getaway this weekend!
Create a life of your own design ❤️ #ylife #idecided #whynotyou #treatyoself #tofino #tofinobc #westcoastliving #oceanviews #penthouseviews #mylife #thegoodlife #glamlife

Since I began this journey I’ve promised to be my authentic self and share my true journey with you all❤️ Well it is time for some hard truth and for me to recommit to my goals. After completing my first round of 80 day obsession I was so incredibly motivated and satisfied with my results 😍🤸🏻‍♀️ I busted my ass for 80 days and my body reflected it. So I dedicated my mind to another 80 days excited for more success because now I KNOW what I’m getting myself into. •

HARSH REALITY— no matter how many pounds you have lost, muscles you have gained, or programs you have completed you can never get too comfortable... Just like sport, one amazing game does not guarantee success next weekend. •

I say all this to recommit to my goals. I saw how powerful the roll of nutrition played on my body! At the same time nutrition is always an uphill battle with me, but I CAN DO IT. It’s time to get back to planning, portion sizing , and prepping! If you’re looking to recommit to your success, girl come with me ! I know this journey has its ups & downs, but I promise it’s a hell of a lot easier with support by your side 🤸🏻‍♀️❤️✨ #WHYNOTYOU #Trustheprocess #successtakestime #foodisfuel

FAMILY NIGHT! after an amazing morning of great training, always great to pick up these girls. They are why we work so hard! They tried teaching me the floss...I nailed it....I call it the Salvadoran Floss! (My wife did it better than me so I kept hers off) this is my Insta! 😂 #loveyoubabe #salvadoranfloss #floss #lovemyfamily #lovemylife #whynotyou #itsaboutthem #wearethemendezfamily #entrepenuer #champions #makeitworthit #ilovemygirls #PC

Aren’t Elimey’s results amazing?!! Love to see moms bounce back after pregnancy to a healthier body than before. Replace excuses with effort and everything will fall into place ✨
You can too!! Follow the link on my bio 👆🏻, or text me 718.213.6779, I can help you! 💚
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Hey hey still spots open for our challenge. If you join between now and may 30th you’ll automatically be able to participate in our special Team Raffle 👌
*Requirements 👇👇
~Can not be affiliated with another Herbalife Coach
~Must Use the Products We Recommend
~Be Coachable
Join us and get results!!
We provide you with:
Let’s start your journey to a new you today and let’s get results!!
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Are you wanting to decrease your visible redness, peeling, and dryness? Soothe is your answer! And because we're committed to developing products that everyone can use, Active Hydration Serum and Lash Boost is for us all!
Don't go on believing you have to suffer from anything less than a healthy-looking, even-toned complexion!

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Alright friends...help me caption this gem of a photo!! #captionthis #travel #jumpintolife #laugh #fun

This is what working my Rodan+Fields Business looks like. Looks rough huh? I bet a lot of you are already doing this right this very moment. Everyone says that this “isn’t for them”. I know, I said that too! But here I am. Killing it & loving it! If you are at all interested, we should really chat!
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