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"Being asked why I chose an HBCU is a very important question to me! I grew up in a fortunate, predominantly white community in the suburbs of Maryland. In school, I would usually be the only black student in class. Growing up in a community where you are always reminded about being different, based off of skin color, created the strong desire to be around people who looked like me! Well, both my Mother and Step Father are graduates of Howard University. Hearing the stories about their experiences at their HBCU really captivated me and I only wanted the same for myself. Going to homecoming as a young child was like being in a completely different world, I had never been surrounded by so much black excellence and good times. So, I made it a priority to attend an HBCU! Now at Morehouse, beyond my academics, there was so much I learned about myself and my black identity. HBCUs are a place of comfort and self expression. With less racial boundaries, we are able to authentically pursue our interest, passions, and explore new roads. WhyHBCU? Well, I wouldn't be as whole as I am today, as I step out into the "real world", without my HBCU." #Morehouse #WhyHBCU #HBCU #HBCUPride

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"You come to Morehouse ready for the world. Dreaming of who you'll will be once you cross the threshold into Morehouse "Manhood." My first year Morehouse asked "who are you?" and I gave my answer of anti-capitalism, queer supremacy and a genuine commitment to Black liberation. Morehouse forced me to decide between comfortable living and living free. I decided to live free; whether Morehouse liked it or not. I would make Morehouse a campus that bridges politic with action in the absence of capitalist motives and the use of tradition as an excuse. The academic curriculum would be a tactic used to undo oppressive socializations and help Black folks envision freedom. Students wouldn't be groomed to succeed in America, America would be groomed by the students." #HBCU #WhyHBCU #Morehouse #AUC

(1/2) "As a young Black woman in America, I couldn't imagine being anywhere but Spelman for my undergraduate experience. Spelman taught me how to become the woman I had always envisioned myself being - a humbly confident scholar with unwavering faith in my purpose. Spelman taught me to develop a compassionate love for my people, to give selflessly, to mobilize the community, and to walk in my light unapologetically. Spelman taught me to never limit myself - I am now a graduate student at UCLA, founder of #TheSelfologyMovement, and a founding team member of the new start-up company My Cabinet. It feels amazing to be doing such meaningful work alongside two other HBCU alumni who are equally passionate about making a difference. It goes to show that the AUC network stretches so far beyond undergrad." #WhyHBCU #Spelman
#classof2015 #Alumni

The young bro @young_fly_bo directed and produced his first short film! Show support and watch on YouTube by searching 'Shooting with a camera, not with a Gun' #notagun #djtheproducer #sellhopenotdope #auccam #whyhbcu @notagun @sellhopenotdope @man.cini

Putting on for my school in Morehouse's newspaper! #AggiesDo #FeelingMyselfJustALittle #WhyHBCU

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I remember the first time a dog followed me home I was six years old. I remember putting a stethoscope up to all my stuff animals and you couldn't tell me I didn't hear my animals heart beats. Every year writing " I have a dream to become a veterinarian " for MLK day. I'm just blessed To be one step closer to making my dreams true 🐾 #10days thank you @danny_swave for the great flicks 😊 #whyhbcu #hbcugrad

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"I chose to attend Howard because of the history of the university and the limitless opportunities that the university provides for its students. My time at Howard has helped mold me into the man I am today. It has taught me to remain steadfast in my goals and to not take no for an answer. Being a Howard Bison means never giving up. As Bison we are always faced with someone or something trying to stop or deter us from being great. It is our job as Bison to think outside the box to get our goals accomplished. I also believe it's our job as Bison to give back to the community. We must contribute our time and service to those who need it." #HowardUniversity #WhyHBCU

Happy Founder's Day to Morehouse College Celebrating 150 Years of Excellence! #MorehouseCollege #Morehouse150 #WhyHBCU #HBCU #HBCUPride


BIG UPS to Tennessee State University Alum. Yall came and striaght showed out at the @adifferentworldlive HBCU/GREEK Day Party at @suiteloungeatl. They lost their freaking minds when that old @yogottikom dropped. Thanks for rocking with me. 🔥🔥💪💪🕺🎥💯 #djjsmoov82 #watchmework #adifferentworldlive

For those inquirig. The dress is relaxed! Ladies, leave your Louboutins at home. Fellas, hang your collared shirt back in the closet and represent your school or your greek affiliate. If you're not an HBCU Grad or affilitated with a greek organization, that's perfectly OK! We want to see your face in the place too! #djjsmoov82 #adifferentworldlive #suitelounge #atldayparty

"it's overwhelming to feel the amount of support i have gotten from so many people this week as i start my internship with Wells Fargo this summer. It's even more overwhelming to reflect on my path to getting here. i know so many people look at my life and feel like i have it made and i'm just really lucky.. not to take any credit away from my God who made it all possible... but i just remember the two summers in high school where i would work some days 5am-2pm at Bojangles and then somehow find the strength to work 5pm - 11pm at Food Lion right after. I remember watching all my friends go to the pool while i had to work long hours. I remember when I used to wish my parents had the money to bless me with a car like all my friends. I also will never forget the day that i forked over $3000 of my own dollars to buy my own car. I mean.. i don't even really think i can explain to y'all what this moment means to me. To see the fruits of all my hard labor finally coming into fruition is priceless. To sit next to some of the top leaders in the banking industry and to represent Spelman as one of the only black interns amongst a class full of Ivy League interns... words can't even.. Just know that I didn't come this far to only come this far... stay tuned." #todayitsNC #tomorrowitsWallStreet #blackgirlsbanktoo #SpelmanMade💁🏽 #spelmancollege #spelman #summerinternship #summerintern #whyhbcu #hbcu #hbcumade #hbcupride #hbculove

Since I am a Flawda Boy, it's a must that I rep for all my Florida HBCUs at the @adifferentworldlive HBCU Alumni and Greek Day Party this Saturday at @suiteloungeatl. See you there. #djjsmoov82 #watchmework #adifferentworldlive #atldayparty

There are still a few sections left for the @adifferentworldlive HBCU & GREEK Day Party at @suiteloungeatl this Saturday. For table reservations e-mail adifferentworlddc@gmail.com. #adifferentworldatl #adifferentworlddayparty #hbcu #hbcugrad #divine9 #greeklife #hbcudayparty #adifferentworldlive #atlsocialites

What HBCU will be the most LIVE at the @adifferentworldlive HBCU and Greek Day Party this Saturday at @suiteloungeatl? 🤔🤔🤔 #djjsmoov82 #adifferentworldlive #atldayparty

Breaking the Cycle from the AUC To Haiti! CAU and Morehouse Students volunteering abroad in Port Au Prince, Haiti 🙌🏾💪🏾 ••••
Repost: @markeena: Sneak peek of Day 4 & how awesome it was finally meeting the students of the Bisou Bisou Organization, and It was everythinggggg! Found out we had some musicians and a beat maker in the house so we had to get busy! We was LIT!!! They keep telling us how thankful they are that we are here and they are excited to learn! ❤️❤️😍😍❤️ @breakingthecycleorg #BreakingTheCycleInHaiti #BTCInHaiti #MissionTrip #WeMakeServiceLit #STAYTUNEDBABY #InternationalMissionTrip #ClarkAtlantaUniversity #Morehouse #Cultureforservice #Hbcubuzz #Whyhbcu #auccam ❤️

Sneak peek of how awesome it was finally meeting the students of the Bisou Bisou Organization, and It was everythinggggg! Found out we had some musicians and a beat maker in the house so we had to get busy! We was LIT!!! They keep telling us how thankful they are that we are here and they are excited to learn! ❤️❤️😍😍❤️ #BreakingTheCycleInHaiti #BTCInHaiti #MissionTrip #WeMakeServiceLit #STAYTUNEDBABY #InternationalMissionTrip #ClarkAtlantaUniversity #Morehouse #Cultureforservice #Hbcubuzz #Whyhbcu ❤️

What happens when you combine @adifferentworldlive + HBCU love + Greek Life × @djjsmoov82 = the ULTIMATE Day Party June 10, 4-10pm at @suiteloungeatl. #djjsmoov82 #adifferentworldlive #atldayparty

I did it for me!!

✨HBCUs Matter✨REPOST @skylxrfaith "I do not take this opportunity lightly. As a novice opinion columnist for the New York Times, I want to use the platform to dispel meritocratic myths about the black student experience--to share perspectives that don't base their power on respectability or hegemonic contextualization. When I was first interviewed and asked "why go to a black school?" I wrote draft after draft--eventually dedicating 20,000 words to a 900 word assignment.
My college is excellent, period. As are the 107 historically black institutions operating the world over to give space to other daughters and sons of the Trans-Atlantic trade legacy and our other siblings of the diaspora. I hope we all get our chance to share our unique, diverse narratives.

The editing process is often painful and many of my most intense points were lost, but I hope as time continues I get more chances to share my voice authentically. However, this is a start, a foot in the door, and I'm going to let myself be proud of that." #WhyHBCU

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Got to see a cannon blast and parade March off the pier today in Cuba 🚀 it's been a fun month
#cuba #studyabroad #educateyourself #quevivalavida #blackbeyondborders #whyhbcu #ohtheplacesyoullgrow

"After spending a semester away at Columbia University in the City of New York, I am excited to return to Howard University for my senior year. It was a successful semester, considering that I got all A's, met amazing people, and had phenomenal opportunities. I am pleased to announce that I will be serving as the 2017-2018 Editor-In-Chief of @TheHilltopHU, @Howard1867's premier student-run newspaper. I look forward to upholding the legacy, co-founded by Zora Neale Hurston. I couldn't be more excited to walk in her footsteps since our birthdays are a day a part, and she also attended Columbia University during her collegiate career. Not to mention @willfullerpr will be serving as my Executive Managing Editor, a long-time friend that I grew close to because of the paper during our time as Senior Campus Editor and Senior News Editor. #TheHilltopRenaissance starts now.
For Zora. For Howard. For You. ❤️💙" #whyhbcu #HBCU #myhbcu #hbcupride #hbculove #hbcumade #blackexcellence #blackgirlmagic #blackgirlsrock #howard #howardbison #hu #themecca

#GetThePaperChallenge 👨🏾‍🎓🗞@happyfeetjones: ""Oh, Grambling.. dear, Grambling." To this institution, I owe so much. But I can only begin by simply saying, "Thank you." For the laughs, the tears, the memories. . . Thank you. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ {📸 //: @lookatmyfro - - - - respect the shooter} ⠀ •

I'm starting the "Get The Paper" Challenge to showcase the importance of getting a college or graduate degree. Tag three of your friends to do the same. These images will encourage the youth to stay in school and one day participate in the challenge as well. If you're a graduating senior please tag me in your graduation photos so I can share your plan to #SecureTheBag . Stay Royal Be Blessed 🙏🏽 👑
#hbcugrads #community #virginiaunion #unity #hbcu⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀
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"Damn.....I guess Undergrad really is over! Imma miss the yard, the beautiful women, the DCBs, The performances, The classes, But more importantly, imma miss my brothers. #Fa14 officially out and it's crazy. @russ_duhh you remember when we said we would run the yard as soon as we cross. Or when we toured around ATL as the #GrandTrio @thatmanq @russ_duhh Or what about ALL OF #Fa14 taking over that last market spr2k15. Or when we won our first Step Show. Or.....lol I could do this all day. I just want to say to my LBs, I LOVE YALL BRO! Y'all made me a better man. One that's well rounded and helped me make it to this stage I'm at now. I know we used to argue but I'm crying cuz the next time the whole line will be together i have no idea and so until then I'll sit and pray for it to come swiftly! I already miss y'all man!
"But what about your Neos!" Man they some of the most shady, nonchalant, sh*t talking, cocky, hardheaded, own agenda, heada**es I know lol! With that being said.....Man I couldn't ask for better Neos. All I ask is for y'all to continue running a yard...That's already yours. Y'all are invincible and don't try to model me or my LBs....y'all don't have to fill our shoes, buy some better shoes and wear them proudly as you shake up the yard even more! I love y'all man. Like y'all made me so proud that it's crazy. This LAST YEAR would of not been as fun if y'all didn't show heart and step up to the plate. Keep going viral and remember....she ain't met no Sigma like a Morehouse Nasty X Sigma! #LMWIYP #WYFW
As far for the #AUC it's been my pleasure to showcase my talents. To redefine what a Sigma Man is. To bring dancing in a light that entertains everyone. However, don't think it's over. Oh No, I'm gone but I'm just getting started. I'll make sure to make the #AUC proud. See My degree from #MorehouseCollege but the AUC served as the village that raised me...So I appreciate you all #CAU #SpelmanCollege
And lastly to my City...My Home #Detroit
All I have to say is..."I did it, and so can you!"
When you think of the Greatest Sigma to do it...I just hope you think of ME
-Signed Da 🐐 (6_Solo)" #whyhbcu #HBCU #myhbcu #hbcupride #hbculove #hbcum

"It's been a long four years but my time at Morehouse College has finally come to an end. My Morehouse experience was filled with countless adventures, life long friends, hardship, stress, and unforgettable memories. Now it is time for me to make memories elsewhere. The future may seem daunting but it is also bright and filled with excitement. As I leave this institution, I will carry the light of Morehouse with me wherever I go and for all to see." #Morehouse #MorehouseCollege #whyhbcu #HBCU #myhbcu #hbcupride #hbculove #hbcumade #hbcugrad #blackisbeautiful #blacklove #blackexcellence #gradszn #graduation #grad #classof2017 #2017

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