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The usual ⭐️ Smashed avo + poached eggs on rye sourdough = good morning ☀️

This just happened, dissertation now in ✔️ 😍 Now time for some pimms in the sun 🌞 I'll do a blog post soon about what my dissertation was about because I think you will all find it interesting! 💞 #whygowithout

A #tbt to #Bestival2015 with these gallies today 😌#whygowithout

So today is a very important day in the UK - most likely the biggest decision anyone in my generation will have ever made and will ever make. Please make sure you vote! I sent in my postal vote last week and personally think the UK should remain in the EU. Creds to @hannahhad for this brilliant idea - lets get this going! #imaninny #voteremain #bremain 🇬🇧 #whygowithout

Three of our favourite photos from the weekend coming up! Thanks for these pics @whygowithout 😬 #fitfluence #Repost @whygowithout with @repostapp
Another fantastic @fitfluence_ event... More pictures to come! It's so refreshing to be in a room with people who in response to the question 'what is a healthy diet' will respond with things like 'everything in moderation'. The morning was fantastic with workouts from @nikki_urwin and @clean_eating_alice and a lovely talk from @nicsnutrition - so nice to be in a room with healthy and happy young women who don't fear carbs!!! My take away quote of the day is from @nicsnutrition : "there's no such thing as good and bad foods but here are such a thing as good and bad diets". Thanks ladies! A wonderful morning 💞 #whygowithout

Found another New Zealand dairy free gem 👌#whygowithout

Visited Pangaimotu island today and was lucky to get a fresh coconut 👌Literally, they LOVE their coconuts here. It's amazing. #whygowithout

Fish and chips 🐠🍟 but a little healthier... tuna steak with sweet potato fries and yellow courgette 🤗 #whygowithout


The usual ⭐️ Smashed avo + poached eggs on rye sourdough = good morning ☀️

@quorn_uk chicken pieces, butternut squash, courgette and coconut rice stir fried in a teriyaki glaze ☺️ Delicious, quick and easy meal, great for a meat free Monday 👌

Throw back to these delicious soft boiled eggs from a few weeks ago 😍 If you struggle with poached eggs these are the next best thing! 🍳

One of the most exciting parts of my morning 😂 Double tap if you think the yolk was runny... 😉

Hands down one of the happiest days of my life... @benandjerrys dairy free is FINALLY in my freezer 😍

Had some proats this morning but was in a rush so they did not look like this at all 😂 Thought I'd post this pretty oldie 💁🏼 Topped with banana, blackberries, cacao nibs and PB2 🌟

Officially ma favourite pasta dish 😍 Made with anchovies, garlic, olive oil, capers, tomatoes, spinach and here I've added in some courgette too as needed something to replace the olives 👌Can't recommend it enough! 🌟

Sunny side up on this rainy cold morning 😫 Fried eggs for the first time in ages, on smashed avocado on fresh sourdough 👌

Delicious sweet potato and chick pea stew leftovers from dinner the other night with a side of bulgarwheat 💁🏼 Based on a @deliciouslyella recipe but ever so slightly tweaked. So delicious!!

Nothing like some yolk porn in the morning 😍🍳 Hope you all have a fab day today! One more sleep until it's Friday, I'm in desperate need of a lie in! 🙈

Nice and simple stir fry with some chopped peanuts to top it and made with @quorn_uk chicken pieces to keep it veggie 🌟

Can't help but post this plate of food as Saturday was the most amazing day of food 😍 So many delicious veggies and so nice to go somewhere where I can eat everything 💜❤️

Here is a throw back to me with some vegan pancakes in Sydney - this is to draw you in to read my latest blog post 😏😏 It's all about why being a "part-time vegetarian" is the way forward.... follow the link in my bio to find out more 🖖P.S. Always make sure your neck has good sun cream coverage xo

Dark choc & pecan vegan brownies 🍫 @jamieoliver you have outdone yourself! Made delicious vegan brownies of Jamie Oliver's website yesterday and they've all already disappeared 🙈 After lots of dairy free brownie disappointment recently these were exactly what I needed 👌

Scrambled eggs for the first time in ages... much needed ☺️ along with some smashed avo and chilli flakes on sourdough 🌶 Ready to enjoy the last bit of sunshine of the season.... ☀️

Could this be the last bit of summer..... 🤦🏼‍♀️

Creamy mushroom quorn chicken with brown mushroom rice and beans 😍 Made with delcious @alpro soya cream 💜

Spiced tomato pasta with courgette and cherry tomatoes 🍅 Simple, quick and delicious 👌

Bank holiday pancakes 🥞 Another @clemfoodie recipe - so delicious 😍 Topped with some agave coconut syrup, blackberries, raspberries and cacao nibs. Spent the day walking around Covent Garden in the sun and listening to all the lovely buskers, and eating yummy dairy free ice cream 😎

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