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What do the Olympics mean to you? Thanks for the honesty and effort @sophiecaldwell and your amazingly fun nordy party pile! #repost #teamwork #workhard #family #whydoyouplay #perspective #appreciatestuff #hugs #lookgooddogood 🧦

Why do you play?
I think you need to ask yourself this question. What makes you want to put in the work? What makes you want to get better?
Is it pure competitive nature? Is it an extreme love for the game? Something deeper?👀
Drop a comment and lmk what drives you!⬇️
#stayhealthy #throwfaster #whydoyouplay? #baseball #barrettbaseball

Ultimate frisbee has grown to be more than just a sport to me, it’s become a culture. A culture which allows me to play with purpose and pride. Ultimate allows me to feel empowered every time I step on the field. It allows me to embrace my mistakes and learn from them. It allows me to see self-improvement on both a physical and mental level. However, most importantly, I play this sport because it provides me with teammates I consider family. This sport has blessed me with a selfless group of teammates who are willing to do anything to help another grow as a player. I’ve never met a bigger group of guys willing to sacrifice so much for the benefit of the team. This is the culture I play for. This is the reason I play the sport.
-Gabe Azarcon #whydoyouplay #vicepresident @fsusportclubs

It’s baseball season!!!!! #baseball #mlb #whydoyouplay

Here’s to another amazing Galaxy Night Dive at Ginnie Springs! This dive has been a club tradition for years, and we’re so happy that so many scoobies came on this years trip. With over 30 people, we learned that teamwork makes the dream-work when hammock camping! 🐠🌝🌊 @fsucampusrec @fsusportclubs #seminolescuba #whydoyouplay #findwhatmovesyou

Why do you play music? We play music to connect with different people of different age, gender, ethnicity, and with different stories. It allows complete strangers to bond in a magical way. Music expresses and heals. It can bring laughters and it can bring tears. So tell us, why do you play?

Our Scoobies really love the sea turtles! It was so awesome having so many members come out to see the sea turtle release put on by Gulf Specimen and FWC! Also a big shout out to our officer @chagirl_rachael for helping in the actual release! 🐢❤️ @fsusportclubs @fsucampusrec #seminolescuba #findwhatmovesyou #whydoyouplay

Be sure to come and check us out at FSU’s Involvement Fair for information on how to get certified and become a member!!! We’ll be here till 7pm and be sure to put our first meeting into your schedules; TUESDAY January 16th at 7pm! See you Scoobies soon!! 🦑 #whydoyouplay #findwhatmovesyou #seminolescuba

Calling all ladies! We’re looking for a few more individual females to round out Individuals Teams in the following sports AND we may even be able to sweeten the deal with a discount ;)!
🏒Floor Hockey
🏐Indoor Volleyball

Visit [CalgarySportsClub.com] and check out our Last Minute Availability Chart for day/division details.

Keyshawn Bryant & Jai Clark went off in their respective games at the Kingdom Of The Sun, today. 26 for Bryant, 19 for Clark. But, they play for a higher purpose. #WhyDoYouPlay? 🔊🌋 @showtimedsb @_kbryant23 @jaitclark -
#KOS #OnlyTheRAWECanBeKing

For the ❤️ of the game! 🎾💪💕 #ilovetoplay #findyourselfinthegame #whydoyouplay #ustasoutherntennis

This movie has so many amazing moments. But here is a lesson we all need to learn. #coolrunnings #lifelessons #coachwhocares #makeadifference #whydoyouplay #johncandy #whatisyouridentity

Happy holidays from your favorite underwater family! Thanks for a great semester Scoobies, we can’t wait till January!!!🔥🎅🏼🎄 #whydoyouplay #findwhatmovesyou #seminolescuba

Why do you play tennis?! #mntc #tennis #mcnagswag #whydoyouplay

This weekend we carved pumpkins.... while scuba diving... in Halloween costumes. Thanks to all our festive scoobies for coming! #findwhatmovesyou #whydoyouplay

Meet Maddy. She played eight years of ringette when her cousin introduced her to hockey. Now she’s hooked! Don’t be fooled, she’s not the goalie, just a great team president that steps it up when we need a sub! #whydoyouplay #lovethegame #everyonewelcome #teaminterviews #squamish #womenshockey #itsasocalthing #betweenthepipes

Day 2 of the @ancasterfallshootout ... It was a day full of many games ending in shootouts! A hockey fan’s dream day! Good luck to all teams playing on championship day! @ancastergirlshockey #whydoyouplay #ancastergirlshockey #ancasterfallshootout #girlshockey #sheshootsshescores

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