Why don’t we guess Dutch words😂⚡️

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I can’t believe I finally saw them live. It’s a dream coming true. He was even more handsome than I imagined and than I saw on my phone. I was in the second row. He didn’t look at me, but I looked at him, the whole time. I couldn’t focus on anything else. Their music was amazing tho. I haven’t been a fan for that long. I think about 5 months now, they are litterly the best. I didn’t meet them but I want to. I mean, we all want to. After the concert I went home with my friend.
Now I am home, thinking about everything that happend, I am emotional, i could cry.
My bestfriend, her name is Anna, are looking at all the videos and pictures we made.
I had my camera with me and there are some awesome pictures.
As I was scrolling trough my phone I suddenly got a message from unknown (SWIPE)
Just some random dude, who thought he was texting someone else.
“His name is Zach?” Anna said.
“Yeah” I said
Anna starts smiling, she has this huge bright smile, but this kind is weird.
“Why are you smiling like that?” I ask.
“His name is Zach!” she says.
“So? There are 103929 Zachs on this planet”
“Thats true, but I have hope” she laughs.
“You’re weird” I say while throwing a pillow at her
“It’s just a random guy, nothing special....”
This is my new imagine! It’s kind of an introduction so it isn’t that long. Tell me what you think!

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