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Q:where are you from..?
Chungha(why don't you know)❤️

*as you turn around you see jack. Looking into each others eyes making you feel safe and loved.*
J-hey y/n
Y/n- hey jack *looking at the ground blushing* *jack grabs your chin and lifts your head up slowly having you look him, your faces were so close. Couldnt resit his smile, as he gives you a smirk*
D- hey jack! What are you doing?
*as the rest of the boys including logan begin to look at you both*
*you both begin to blush*
J- uhhh...nothing she just-
Y/n- needed to tell him something.thats all.no big deal.
*you quickly said, to change the subject*
-2 hrs later-
You get home and your tired and ready to sleep. As you are changing someone opens the door...
Jo- hey y/n i wan--
Y/n- JONAH! What are you doing. Im changing!
Jo- oh sorry just call me back in when you done
*you finish changing and let jonah back in. You close the door and get in you bed.*
Jo- hey lets watch a movie!
Y/n- i dont know...im pretty sleepy
Jo- well i dont mind us sleeping together ;)
Y/n- *you playfully hit jonah* jonah! fine But just a movie //Y/n P.O.V//
jonah was pretty close to me but i didnt really care because i only likedbhim as a friend....even tho he is cute with that..beatiful smile of his. Wait do i like him?...no y/n you cant just calm down, were only watching a movie.
//Jonahs P.O.V//
wow!she is so beautiful.
*i begin to put my hand around y/n. And in a few minutes she had fallen asleep in my arms* i cant just go she looks so cute cuddled up with me, besides then i wouldn't want to wake her up

Jonah and you spent that night cuddled up together.💛 In the morning you see jonah is with you..and thought you must've fell asleep in his arms. Which you thought wasnt a really big deal. (At the why dont we house)
Jack looks at his phone and clicks on jonahs story. It was a video of y/n and jonah cuddling together
*jacks began to feel upset with a little anger inside*
J- GUYS! *walks downstairs to find jonah coming in through the door*
J- jonah what were you doing!
--------------------------------------------------- i hope you enjoyed this chapter! :)💛posting part 3 tomorrow. Comment☀#wdw #whydontweimagines #jonahmarais
#whydontwefanfic #whydon

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✔️Check this one off my bucket list! We attended a professional rugby game in New Zealand tonight. Wellington Hurricanes vs. Dunedin Highlanders. I have dear friends who love each team so I had to cheer for both! Thanks for the tickets, @mandy_bl, and sorry your team lost, @kiwimich! We had a blast! #whydon'ttheywearhelmets? #lisabearnson #joyinthejourney



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Well it looks like they enjoyed it here, hope @whydontwemusic you’ll come back sometime. Sadly enough we couldn’t meet you guys this time but maybe next time idk😅❤️ #whydon’tweNL

Look at those guys with their matching glasses. . . . . . . @jackaverymusic @whydontwemusic #glasses #why #dont #we #whydon’twe #avery #jack #@imzachherron @jonahmarais

My favorite moments of Corybn and Daniel😂❤️ @seaveydaniel @corbynbesson @whydontwemusic #Corybn #Daniel #Zach #Jack #Jonah #WhyDon’tWe

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