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What's left of Weston's snowman from this morning. #snowdayinthemiddleofmarch? #seconddayofspring? #imoveryouindiana #whydoilivehereagain

Plane window leaving the Bahamas, plane window landing in Buffalo... #whydoilivehereagain #takemeback

👆🏻this is my frustrated face😬 be ready for a rambling rant.....
Now that it’s spring we’ve been able to walk our property and check to see what winter damage (if any) there is to take care of. Well there wasn’t any we needed to fix! Yay! Right? Wrong. I’ve come to find out that at some point during the winter our county roads crew, decided one of our nice elderberry and hackberry bushes (trees) that were growing on our fence line needed cut down. They have been doing this to all growth in, county road facing, fence lines this year and it PISSES me off. It’s bad enough when the farmers tear out trees and fence lines....and spray/mow/spray again the ditches and waterways. Now our county has taken it upon themselves to cut everything down that’s left for the wildlife to seek refuge in. I’m especially sour about the bushes they removed (without our knowledge or consent) because they brought in bees, butterflies and birds all spring, summer and fall. But who the heck needs bees or butterflies when you an make the landscape look as barren as possible? 🤬🤬🤬#sopissed #itmakesnosense #savethebees #savethebutterflies #whydoilivehereagain #iowa

Need more of this In my life #Maui #manakai #whydoilivehereagain

NO MORE FUCKING SNOOOOW 😭😭😭 #whydoilivehereagain #fuckthissnow #wheressummer

And it’s still snowing. I stepped out into it to shovel and it went right past my bum. I think we have about 18” so far but the snow drifts are around 3 feet. Now my bum is cold. I quit winter. #thissucks #3rdsnowstorminmarch #mybumiscoldnow #snowdriftsfordays #shovelingsnowfordays #shortgirlproblems #whydoilivehereagain #hoth #ineedatauntaunstat

We’re a week away from spring, and there’s a blizzard dropping 12-18 more inches of snow on us 😫😵 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
#snowday #iswinteroveryet #toomuchsnow #whydoilivehereagain #somuchforrunningoutside

The trees outside my window...the weight of the snow are breaking the branches..sounds like a thunderstorm #whydoilivehereagain

Crazy drive home from work tonight. When I left work at the health food store in Portsmouth, just rain and some wind. The 20-minute drive to Durham you'd swear you are at the North Pole with all the snow and wind! #crazy #winter #snow #blizzard #whydoilivehereagain

When you open weatherbug in the middle of a snowstorm... ...in SD... ...is that you God?!?! 🤔🤔🤔 #thinksomeonestryintotellmesomething #calgontakemeaway #whydoilivehereagain

The fake smile of someone whose entire spring break is in jeopardy because of Boston weather. #whydoilivehereagain

She say, "Do you love me?" I tell her, "Only partly"
I only love my bed and my momma, I'm sorry 🤷🏽‍♀️ #godsplan #sundaze #thisweathergotmelike #snowdays #whydoilivehereagain #goodhairday #badsnowday

We got hit...badly. No power, snowed in. Everything in area closed due to massive power outages. We had wind gusts over 60mph (still going) and trees and tree limbs down all over. MetEd says we may not have power for a WEEK. #WTF At least we have our generator, Hestia the wood stove 🙄💕 and a LOT of food. I store food like a squirrel so we're set there. Lots of minor damage on our property, but could be worse. My flight netting collapsed under the weight of the snow and pulled down a third of my poultry yard, but all my birds have been safe in coops throughout the storm, but their yard is no longer secure until we can repair it. I'm grateful for what we do have. I'm only worried about how to supply water for my birds for a week if power is really out for that long. This should be interesting. Oh and there goes my NYC half marathon training. 😩😖😕 Sigh. It's impossible and beyond that, highly dangerous to even attempt to run here. No shoulders, trees down, lines down, roads impassable. So don't say "you can still run." No. No I can't. Even my gym posted "closed until further notice." It's bad here, really REALLLLLY bad. #whydoIlivehereagain #ihatewinter #worststormIveseen

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