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I feel like I could never work in my own office because I would be too anxious to close my door. People might think I'm masturbating inside my office. I probably would be, but the thought of other people thinking that is why I can't work in an office.

I miss my stupid cat :( she "left" about two to three weeks ago and I miss the little shit so much :(((((( -roberto

Throwback to this triple-double and halfin full out-quad. 🔥🌪
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They'll find out at the register whether it was a good deal or not. | follow @wittyidiot, I shit on things you like but don't need

Now available for towing cars, trucks and buses. DM for rates.
Sometimes you just gotta drag some heavy shit. -
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If only this was the case in other places around the world ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


That's not who I reposted from but oh well creds to them I guess. Anyways I don't want the Kardashians but this is funny lmao
Also hey just an fyi I updated our link of the week hope u guys enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

idk if i'm ace or not but i'm more interested in petting cats

i can't decide whether i like his 2009 or 2017 hair better

me oops

"aye no homework"

brendon stop disrespecting your boyfriend

i'm trying to watch a show but i've kept it on pause for almost an hour now bc i keep getting distracted by memes

idk where this is from but h o o k m e u p


Top of the morning

why do cats judge u so hard

Charity live stream later on marks channel, with Bob this time!!!! Go check it out!! And break open that safe and get your money ready!!
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omg now that i think about it, people actually do that and it's so weird why do we do that
i'd be that one person though



or if ur boyfriend don't smile at all... at least he's honest lmao

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