Nobody actually cares, not even the ones you've known all your life. And I still try to make friends like a sucker. A sucker for a good acting person

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Idk why I am posting this but here is something u never asked for #whyamihere

오는 길에 엄청 낮고 커다란 왠지 무섭고 경이로운 달을 보았다.
이대로 출발선을 타면 좋으련만!
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Just opened today - out reinstalled permanent galleries. #smartmuseum #jeppehein #boothcollection #somethingborrowed #whyamihere #art #chicago

Longest 3 minutes OF MY LIFE!! You often hear about or see cryotherapy being used in the fitness industry by athletes, trainers etc. but it has the potential to treat/help many other things aside from athletic purposes & training recovery such as, anxiety and depression, it can improve your sleep, increase your energy, reduce varicose veins, reduce pain from multiple chronic illnesses, boost skins collagen production.. and the list goes on!
I’ve tried it 3 times so far.. but in all honesty I totally forgot I had a membership at the cryo spot in GR and just realized it’s still being deducted from my account lol 🤦🏼‍♀️ soooo I’m going to keep it and go regularly for a month and see what it does for my body and the changes I experience.. so if you’ve never tried it and are curious I’ll keep you posted👌🏼

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You woke up back in the cell Anti had thrown you in before and you sigh, looking down. You curl up in a ball, knowing you weren't getting out any time soon. You started to get drowsy and you close your eyes as you laid down on the floor. A few hours later, Anti grumbled something under his breath as he walks into the cell, picking you up and carrying you to his bedroom. He lays you down gently and tucks you in. He then walks out and into the main living area, turning on the TV quietly so he could let you sleep. ••••
You wake up the next day and looks around confused. The room was a gray color and the bed you were laying in was a soft green. You hesitantly get up out of bed and look around the room, seeing a bunch of sex toys and ropes.((you're welcome for what's to come (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )) Your face turns bright red as you gently brush your fingers across them. Anti by then had heard you had gotten up out of bed, and had glitched into the doorway. He lets out a low chuckle, watching you. You let out a loud squeak as you heard him and you turned around. "ɨ ֆɛɛ ʏօʊ'ʋɛ ʄօʊռɖ ʍʏ ʟɨttʟɛ ċօʟʟɛċtɨօռ" he chuckled softly. You nod hesitantly and blush more. "ɦօա ǟɮօʊt աɛ tɛֆt tɦɛʍ օʊt ʟǟtɛʀ~?" he whispers in your ear. •

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Can’t kill a Tom
Hmm must be a faulty call 💁😅

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