“Ugh! Friday couldn’t get here sooner!” - Jenna

Jenna was feeling needy and wanted to be touching her mother Niqa. She loves Niqa so much. So happy we added Niqa to our household! ❤️❤️

“Post-walk rest! Momma Amy and Nanny Mary took us for a walk around the block. Momma’s ankle has been feeling decent enough and she wanted the three of us to get back to walking.” - Jenna

“Thanks to Jenna and Niqa’s moms for inviting mom and I over tonight! I really enjoyed their pool! I hope we can come back later this week!” - Aaro

“Aaro came for a play date at our house again tonight. Apparently he liked our pool! I think moms need to get us a bigger pool! What do you think???”- Jenna

“Well, so much for rain today! At least Jenna and I got to chill out in the backyard today. “ - Niqa

“Happy Father’s Day to my Daddy Denali! Happy Father’s Day to all of my fur friend’s pawrents (human & animal)!”- Jenna

“Tried to supervise momma while she was mowing. But I fell asleep!” - Jenna

“I’m one pooped puppy! I had so much fun @yardbar today! Moms need to take us there more often during the week!..Hint, hint!” - Jenna

“Momma, must you?? I’m trying to be all serious here!” - Jenna

“Moms took us to the vet’s office. Don’t worry, we were just getting weighed. Jenna and I gained weight. Moms are not happy for me, but happy for Jenna. Go figure!” - Niqa

“Moms took us to Yard Bar today. We had so much fun. Even ran into a co-worker of Momma Amy’s and her dog, Fanny. Lots of fun!” - Jenna & Niqa(Sammy the Basset is up for adoption through @hound_rescue)

“Being silly this morning and stopped when momma got her phone out. I can’t have video proof if me being silly.” - Niqa

“Slo-mo drinking with mom!” - Jenna

“Pouting with this toy because my mother destroyed my favorite Nylabone rubber bone I had as a puppy. Momma Amy found it under the sofa and I was ecstatic! Then mom stole it and chewed it up into smaller pieces! She is such a *****!” - Jenna 😩😩😩

“Finally went in the pool!” - Jenna

“You got us a kiddie pool today?? And this outdoor rug that’s under it as well?? Thanks, we’ll just chill out on the rug instead!” Right, Mom??!!” - Jenna

“Momma Amy got this for us before their trip and gave it to us yesterday when they got back. Love the new toy! Then again, I love toys!!” - Jenna

“Moms are leaving us this weekend. Ugh!! But Nanny Mary will be checking in on us. Hooray!” - Jenna

“Have you not heard of personal space, Niqa??” - Marvin 🙄🙄

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