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Listening to The Unicorns - Who will cut our hair when we're gone.
It's fantastic, and weird, and fun, and poppy, and sad. "We're The Unicorns, and we're people too"

#vinyligclub #vinyl #theunicorns #whowillcutourhairwhenweregone #jellybones

The Unicorns - Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone limited edition pink vinyl (2014 Reissue) #theunicorns #whowillcutourhairwhenweregone #vinyl

Fun fact: My favorite TV show, How I Met Your Mother, references one of my favorite, and most under rated, albums of all time. #whowillcutourhairwhenweregone

and we're people too!

me doing a #dünk in front of my fanms #casualdunk #whowillcutourhairwhenweregone photo cred @gabrielorlet

THE UNICORNS // Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone? on pink colored vinyl

Song - "Child Star"

#theunicorns #whowillcutourhairwhenweregone #vinyl


#nowspinning #theunicorns #whowillcutourhairwhenweregone on gorgeous #colorvinyl one of the best Canadian records of its time in my opinion.

The Unicorns - Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone? (Alien 8 Recordings, 2003)
It's difficult for me to overstate how much I loved this record when it came out, and harder still to overstate how well it's aged. Coming off a several year high of excellent Elephant 6 albums, I was primed for this and it came about at the exact right time for me. This CD lived in my car for months and I would proselytize for it weather you wanted to hear about it or not.
There is something timeless and wonderful about this which likely speaks to why I loved it so much 13 or 14 years ago and why, when we slapped this on the turntable a few days ago, it was just as fun and fresh as ever. It seems as fresh and new today--I'm still hearing things on the record I'd never noticed before--as it did the first time. It's timeless, it could've just as easily been a product of 60s hippie acid freaks or 80s college rock shut-ins or British pop worshippers as it was three twee Québécois.
This vinyl treatment does this album nothing but favors. The size of the release let's the hand hewn aesthetic shine, it's believable at this size that the band or their kid siblings spent hours hand scribbling each sleeve. The bubble gum pink vinyl is literally the only color it could be, nothing else would be both gaudy and precious enough. And the Ready/Not Ready sides wink and nudge at the albums playful musings on and concerns with death, ghosts, and legacies.
I can't recommend this enough. If you've never heard this record stop reading this and go buy a copy. Don't YouTube it, don't Spotify, buy a physical copy of this gorgeous record. If you haven't listened to it in a while, go, listen, love again.
Standout tracks - "I Don't Wanna Die," "Ready to Die," "Tuff Ghost," "I Was Born (a Unicorn)"
RIYL: #ofMontreal, #NeutralMilkHotel, #ApplesinStereo, #Beatles

I found a #remastered #reissue of #TheUnicorns 2003 #album #whowillcutourhairwhenweregone on #vinyl... loved this album #backintheday. This sounds simultaneously, gloriously #messy, #strange, #diy #catchy, #dynamic, #scruffy, #poppy, #experimental and #beautiful.

The Unicorns-Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone? On pink and brown vinyl! #vinyl #coloredvinyl #theunicorns #whowillcutourhairwhenweregone #unicorns #vinylme

so my idea for Lent was to fast from buying records and give money i would have spent to different charities. i've done some of that, but we all fall short, right? this was a good exception. @vinylmeplease had a deal of $25 store credit with a subscription and it was before they raised prices. i swapped the record of the month for #weezer #pinkerton and used my store credit for #theunicorns #whowillcutourhairwhenweregone cause they're both grape. beautiful records. #vinylmeplease #lent #tryagain #coloredvinyl

One of the most underrated albums ever tbh
#theunicorns #whowillcutourhairwhenweregone #rock #classic #vinyl #00s

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