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To every marvellous mum across all of time and space… We salute you! Happy Mother’s Day!
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If you like Doctor Who tees you may want to click through the link in my bio - there are loads featured.

come along, pond

Hey guys. If you like Doctor Who (and other fandom) t-shirts you may want to check out the link in my bio. Have a great day!

Hey guys. If you like Doctor Who (and other fandom) t-shirts you may want to check out the link in my bio. Have a great day!

"I am, I was, I will be Professor Chronotis. Oh dear, we Gallifreyans have never managed to come up with a satisfactory form of grammar to cover these situations."

I just watched that episode where Amy gets swallowed by the earth. What's the last episode you watched? #doctorwho #whovian


art portfolio work, torye sivan and my cat

12 years ago today Doctor Who came back after being off tv for a while.
It was instantly popular with old fans and new.
Heres to 12 years of new who :) I shall be rewatching Rose later. Will you?
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#OTD in 2005…
‘Nice to meet you, Rose… Run for your life!’
What are your memories of watching Rose for the first time?
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Comment an emoji if you knew this😏👌 Tbh I haven't watched the 50th in ages😱😱 I'm in love with this pic of Jen😍😍 Gonna try and post the rest of the row today if I can🙌🙌 Morning guys😄
I hope ya'll are okay💕
Thank you for 2.7K😭
Don't forget that the clocks changed so that they have to be one hour forward now✌
Congrats to Benedict Cumberbatch and his wife Sophie on their second baby boy Hal Auden Cumberbatch😭😍🎉 I really hope I've spelt that correctly😂😂 They are gonna make such a beautiful family❤

Again its a nice sunny day so hopefully gonna be able to go out with my camera📷🌅 My laptop keeps on overheating and I'm like ????? Its really weird bc its not as if I'm leaving it on charge for ages😱😱 2 weeks left of school until half term🎉🎉 So excited for it to end😂👏 Then I start my new job😊
I might do a goal helper later on🙌🙌 I'm kinda hoping to reach 3K before my birthday on April 24th but I do it'll happen😂😂 Tell me something you're doing today down in the comments💓

On Thursday The Good Fight starts on more 4 in the UK at 9pm which is amazing bc a) it's The Good Wife spinoff and b) it's got Rose Leslie aka Ygritte from Game Of Thrones in it😍😍 Do any of you guys have twitter?🙌🙌 If you do my user is clara_badwolf I'll follow you back if your a fandom acc😉
Also happy mothers day to all the amazing mums out there💖 My mum is so beautiful and deserves the whole world🌏 She's not just my mum but one of my best friends😭 Today may also be hard for some people as they have lost their mum or didn't have one to begin with so to anyone out there who doesn't have a mum; stay strong you are amazing❤ I'll be your mum from now on k?💞 Ily all😘
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I am almost up to this episode and I don't want it to end 😭

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