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I bought Lucas a new book.
Tonight's bedtime story. "My dad is just a Barber"

I took this picture after I read it to him. He LOVED the story. As did I. It is about a little boy in 3rd grade who had to do an essay on one of their parents, and what their job is. Other students in his class made fun of this boy because his dad was "just a barber" and theirs were astronauts, firemen, bridge builders, and pilots. Risking their lives everyday and helping others. The story goes on to say the boy spends the day at his fathers barbershop where he worked on weekends sweeping up hair. As the day went, the little boy started to write his essay starting it with "My dad is just a Barber", he started to hear all of his fathers clients come in and say how happy they were with his services, how hard it is to find a good barber, how it made them feel, the compliments they receive, and also pour their hearts out about their families and how their jobs take time away from them and how they would love to switch places with the boys father. The little boy sits at the desk and starts to write some more....crossing out JUST. Having it read "My dad is a Barber...." Don't get me wrong, I am NOT saying my job as a Barber is more important than those other job titles. I'm just saying that reading this story really made me feel good, because I see all of those other people day in and day out and how their job takes such a toll on them. Making them miss their families, never getting to spend time with their children as often as they would like. I do not consider myself as "Just a Barber". I am a Barber yes, but it is much more than that. I am proud of what I do, and I hope my son grows to be proud as well.
And to all of my barber friends out there with children, or planning to have children, I extremely recommend this book for them. We loved it.
#whosyourbarberandrewg #fatherandsontime #bedtimestory #myminime #mydadisjustabarber

happpy birthday to the barber brotha 🎈😤🙅💈 #nikkislayz #whosyourbarberandrewg

BOOKED FOR THE DAY! Thank you everyone, I will be back in the shop on Tuesday at 10am! Have a great weekend! #whosyourbarberandrewg

On my way to work selfie (at a stop light). At the shop until 6pm today.


I've been doing this profession of Barbering for a long time now. Loving what I do, and couldn't picture myself doing anything else. Because of my father, hounding me and telling me I NEED to do this as my career, always having my back no matter how many times I said I wasn't going to be able to do it. I went to school to do this the professional way, going through all the stages and doing it the right way. Working full time, trying to be home for my son and my family, and going to school full time. I graduated from school in 2015, it took me 5 times to pass my written exam to move on to the next step. Saturday I went to take my practical (hands on) exam for my actual license. I am proud to say that I PASSED my exam, and I am now an official Licensed Barber. I just wanted to thank everyone that played a part in this journey of mine. Thanking my family, my friends, my clients, my bosses, and co-workers, anyone and everyone that played a part. Thank you very much, you have no idea how appreciative I am for this. Thank you. #whosyourbarberandrewg

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