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My name is Amy Elsegood. I was born with a port wine stain birthmark covering the left side of my face, I was always really shy and insecure about showing my face with no makeup. One day I just thought, you were born like this, there is no reason to be ashamed, so I posted a no makeup selfie and my photo went viral. I now feel comfortable in my own skin and like to use my birthmark to inspire others and teach them that it is okay to be different.
I feel like I've lost myself a bit recently, constantly comparing myself to others on social media, thinking why am I not at that stage yet? Feeling like I'm so behind all my friends, they are all moving forward and I'm at a standstill, why am I not in a successful job with a nice house? But I've come to realize that I'm not the only one who feels like this, we all put so much pressure on ourselves to have the perfect lives because of what we see on social media. You are not falling behind just because you don't have what they have, do what they do or look like they do. They were equipped with the tools they need for their path just as I am equipped with mine! So I'm back with a positive mind and remembering my time will come and so will yours!
Sometimes its hard to be positive when some people can be so negative but I just keep doing what I'm doing and read all the positive comments I get. I just believe that if you do good things for people then good things will happen to you. Just be yourself and the world will love you for you.

This woman ❤️ Min största inspiration!
Hon får en verkligen att inse sitt värde som kvinna i denna värld. Hon får mig att glömma alla problem jag någonsin haft med pojkar, som jag någonsin haft med mitt självförtroende.
Hon når till mig med sin musik och sitt budskap!
Denna kvinna är feminist på ett så äkta sätt! Det handlar inte om att trycka ner män för att de är män, de handlar om att höja sig själv som kvinna och vara stolt, och att ingen man eller person generellt ska ändra på den stoltheten! Respektera sig själv, sin kropp, sitt liv! Inse att det är okej att känna sig snygg och sexig. We teach girls to shrink themselves, to make themselves smaller.
Lägg energin på de som förtjänar det, framför allt, fokusera på vad du vill ha av livet! ❤️
Tjejer, döm inte varandra, stötta varandra. Man är inte horig, attentionwhore, bitch eller hybris för att man är nöjd och stolt över sig själv!
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cred för bild: @beyonce_swe

Floor & Femke zijn goe bezig 💪🏻 Femme Fatale is ready to rumbleeeeee 👮🏼‍♀️👮🏻‍♀️ @dorien_reynaert #femmefatale #readytorumble #floorenfemke #debuurtpolitie #whoruntheworld @hennyseroeyen -> trots op ons? 🙈

"I am learning every day to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be, to inspire me and not terrify me." 🙏 #InspireMe #SpaceAndTime #Loving #Missing #Feeling #TheFurboss

For those mamas that do it all at home 🙌🏽 #sahm #whoruntheworld www.sweetees.us 📸: @krista.horton

Producing the Teen Choice Awards live 180 pre-show was one of the coolest things I've been able to do at work.
If you haven't seen it in VR then you are missing out! It's on fox's YouTube channel and the hosts @joslyndavis and @lily_marston absolutely CRUSHED IT.
#whoruntheworld #teenchoice

4️⃣blondes, 3️⃣best friends of mine, 2️⃣ blue/two pink, 1️⃣badass #Bossbabe crew! 👯👯#wcw to all my business owning babes 👑🙌🏼 #Bossladies #whoruntheworld

Я влюбилась. Влюбилась надолго. И, надеюсь, взаимно. И, хоть говорят, что рассказывать о чём-то своём нельзя. Я нарушу это😉
Моя любовь❤️- украинский #fashionbrand @at.the.novel
На мне топ от этого бренда. И я могу сказать точно, что это - мастхэв в любом шкафу настоящей девочки.
Вот, представь. Ты надеваешь нежный шёлковый топ. Завязываешь бретели. И становишься ещё прекраснее.
Он такой приятный к телу😍
@at.the.novel , жду вашей осенней коллекции 💜спасибо за такую вещь в моем гардеробе😘
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❤ sweethearts #superwomen #whoruntheworld

What's the most important thing you do, everyday?

ATTN: smashers of the patriarchy ✖️👊🏼✖️
My amazing and talented friend @carrramia launched her sustainable + feminist empowerment brand, @staynastee! It's about women lifting each other up and using our voices to keep the momentum going—all while looking fab in killer apparel.
Each t-shirt is ethically made and a portion of the proceeds benefit an organization that supports women. Does it get better than that? NOPE.
We can't back down. We can't stay quiet. Now come and get your nastee goods so you can fight the good fight in style: staynastee.com 👑 #staynastee #thefutureisfemale #thefutureisnow #bringingnastyback
*also patting myself on the back bc this is the most sophisticated selfie I've ever taken*

I am so grateful for the strong women I have in my life. Every one of you inspire and motivate me on a daily. To strong women... may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them! #findingmytribe #surroundyourselfwithpositivity #strongwomen #friends #whoruntheworld #girls #empowerment #yeswecan #grateful #nausicaatwila

Москва для меня -это город ,в котором всегда сведены мосты между мечтой и реальностью! Всего два дня назад с любимым @nagiev.universal обсуждали в кадре успех @vitaliyselyutin_official и мои ноги)) ха #becauseimhappy #mashamati #happygirl #whoruntheworld #voice #победитель #первыйканал #тв #шоколадка🍫 #шоунапервом #шоубиз #мосфильм #москвасити #москвамоимиглазами #этоголос #голос6 #мечтысбываются #дмитрийнагиев #

While the boys are away, the girls will play!! Coach Jenn and Coach Carlie have taken over control of the studio while Boss Matt and RMT Tim are away!

First order of business, unicorn shakes for everyone!

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Columbia frands! @hoechellacola is only 7 days away. Hoechella is a FREE, three day music festival that celebrates and showcases women, POC, LGBTGIA+, and nonbinary performers. It's like getting a massive, community-wide hug. Come dance with us! 💕✨🌈 Link in bio for event. #Hoechella #HoechellaGonBeLit

Happy Friday from my beautiful bridesmaids and I! 💐💐 Each one is experiencing different adventures and challenges in life, from traveling to studying hard to raising little ones, but being together on this day was really special.
📷: @beth_photographys

Acredite em si próprio e chegará um dia em que os outros não terão outra escolha senão acreditar em você! 🙏🤞💃❤🎭 #euacredito #realizada #love #muchlove #sorria #acredite #busque #agradeça #girlpower #girls #whoruntheworld #fightlikeagirl #beauty #makeup

Yesterday I got to be in the presence of three of my #rolemodels all at once.

What a privilege it was to hear from the beautiful soul that is @ruthielindsey ❤ Thank you for sharing the inspirational story of your incredible journey with us and for your words of courage and wisdom - words I really needed to hear 🙏 (thank you also for the heartfelt hug 🙈 - I really needed that too 🙈) I couldn't believe that I also got to meet the #superwoman who has been inspiring me since I was about 15 years old - @sophiabush - who is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside ❤

As you can imagine, it was an emotional evening for me, but I got to share it with my amazing cousin @danniic13 who has been guiding me and advising me through life since I can remember ❤ What a great evening it was!! 🙏


Even when it feels like i'm not! #whoruntheworld #girls #whoruntheworldgirls 👯

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