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47min20 ~ 9km || Décrassage en endurance, ou j'ai passé la moitié de la sortie à traîner des jambes de plomb...comment vous dire que j'ai pas trop kiffé ce début de séance et que je l'ai senti passer celle-là. Bon au moins l'avantage c'est que les jambes sont fin prête pour affronter la suite du programme #😭😱🔥💀🤢

“I didn’t get there by wishing for it or hoping for it, but by working for it.” - Estée Lauder #whorunstheworldGirls #womenwhohustle #producerlife #womeninfilm #friday

6 years ago this sweet child learnt to roll on hideous, brightly coloured, foam mats. 4 years ago her brother pulled apart (then chewed up & spat out) every foam letter in the alphabet! 🙈 3 years ago I started working on a better, safer, healthier and more beautiful alternative. And here we are. We have just come back from meetings OS to learn 6 companies had gone to our supplier with our pictures, wanting to copy our play mats. 😩 But no matter what, we are here to stay and can't wait to share gorgeous new products and designs with you all - and I'll always feel SO proud of this range. ( 📷by @smilephotographics )

Happy Worldwomensday 💗🙋🏼 be whatever you want to be 🙂💪🏽 #worldwomensday #whorunstheworldgirls #frisesitztonpoint

"Chorlager ist wie Klassenfahrt, nur cooler!"😎 #whorunstheworldgirls❤


I love these girls ❤️ Years can go by but when we get back together it's like time stood still. #Lovehardplayharder #girlpower #whorunstheworldgirls

The Sapphire Strategy Team At Jenn's Bridal Shower! Yay!

Gifts from soon to be sister in law and niece.

Big BSY love to all the ladies who came out to the Breathe Deep Women's Empowerment Conference. We loved sharing our yoga practice with you! #bsygoodvibetribe #powertotheshe #ompowerment #whorunstheworldgirls

🙃 @happyendingfridays Ain't No Boiz Klub #whorunstheworldgirls 🤳 Photo @alisonboulier 🙃

Got this little one a piggy bank & pocket money to teach her about saving money. She told me she's saving to take her Mummy on holiday because she works hard & bought her a house ❤️ I don't need to teach this girl anything 😍 #SheKnows #ThisGirlCan #WhoRunsTheWorldGirls #theworkisworthit #Blenheim #BlenheimPalace #Easter #EasterBunny

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