~ Bone Deep ~
"Staying active and exercising helps to stengthen muscles and improve overall bonehealth. There are two types ofosteoporosis exercises that are important for building and maintaining bone density: weight-bearing and muscle-strengthening exercises." Says @nationalosteoporosisfoundation
🙏🏼 In honor of my dear friend @nancycastiglioni and in support of @rebekahrotstein and @gotbuffbones for #nationalosteoporosismonth now coming to an end... Here's my edition of wrist strengthening and weight bearing exercises for strong and healthy wrists as well as shoulders and elbows.
👉🏼 Lift up onto the fingers and firmly press palms back to floor. I don't have a big range in my #handstandpushups but it's strengthening just the same and super challenging for the core and the #posteriorchain from back to legs 😅
Not shown, but before practicing #handstands I highly recommend moving the body over the wrists for wrist circles in all hand positions in quadruped (fingers forward, to knees, palms up, etc) 🙌🏼
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(F U N)ctional Movement 🙌🧡
I’ve been slacking on my handstands lately and my legs are DONE☠️ from spin class the past couple days so today was the perfect opportunity to work on some upper body strength. This is a really fun way to build up some endurance on your hands , use lots of dynamic core strength, and practice coordinating movements to manoeuvre around the obstacles in your room, adding in some twists and turns just for the fun of it 😉

~ Part ✌🏼 ~
Of last week's #fitballfriday post highlighting #shoulderCARS and #thoracicmobility 💙
👉🏼 This little flow has all the earmarkings of a perfect Pilates day: #Balancechallenge, breath, mobility, stability, alignment, dynamic stretching, eccentric control, spatial awareness and core work.
👉🏼 Here's today's order and details so you can put it together with last week's and join me:
🗝️ Starting from where we left off last week stretching the thoracic spine and shoulders in a sort of bent leg down dog. Curl the spine up to standing. *Stack the pelvis only to neutral - tendency is to push the hips forward past the ankle, rounding the lumbar*
🗝️ Lift one leg and place heel on top of ball. Extend knee and drop that sitbone to floor to level hips.
🗝️ Stand tall through the spine and reverse your #shoulderCARS *Remember to move through all rotations in the joint at your very most end range, staying on the same vertical plane as much as possible.
🗝️ Cont the circle to reach across the forward leg being very careful to keep the sitbone dropped and the spine long. Reach the opposite arm back further rotating spine and feeling the #backarmline fire up. Keep core engaged to stay balanced and inhale into ribcage.
🗝️ Return upright and swing the forward leg back, extending hip and bending knee 90°. Bottom leg also bends and spine lowers parallel to floor activating the #posteriorchain
🗝️ Place elbows in ball and roll out to plank keeping hips and core lifted up (More advanced: keep back foot elevated and extend leg).
Return back and repeat last two positions☝🏼
👉🏼 Repeat to other side. 3-5 sets.
🎥 Sped up x2
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The slides speak for themselves. Time to 🛑 thinking in our silos... everything improves when education improves! @imconsortium #icimh18

After all, it's still #fitballfriday and if you're having #pilatesfitballfun17 withdrawals like me, feel free to join and tag me every Friday with some #stabilityballworkout fun!
👉🏼 This week I'm continuing with #shoulderCARS and #thoracicmobility in a✌🏼Part series, so be sure to check in next week for Part II.
🙈 Almost forgot to tag my #healingwithpilates ladies for this week's theme of balls balls balls!!! @zaynagold and @functionfabulous
Here's the order and details so you can join me:
🗝️ Starting with some #spinemobility feel the tailbone reaching back as the chest lifts and push ball away. Exhale curl the spine up one vertebrae at a time to stack hips, shoulders and head directly above the knees.
🗝️ Reach one arm through a Controlled Articular Rotation (reverse shown, see also Wed's post) then place hand on ball
🗝️ Reach opposite arm under while pressing ball away, reaching both spine and arms away in all directions
🗝️ Work #scapularstability and the core, roll ball out into a plank on the knees. Use the glutes and hamstrings by engaging sitbones down and forward with spine to prevent excessive lumbar arch. Keep a neutral spine, hips stay in line with knees and shoulders both forward and back (NO bending at the hips).
👉🏼 Repeat to other side. 5 sets.
🎥 Sped up x2
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🌈 Ending the week with some extra stretches with my friend the #yogawheel 🌈
💖 Originally inspired by @monenename to try this more intense #superficialfrontline back in May 2017. And then ultimately used these in the 4th #stretchandstand flow with Katharine @ksjbodycontrol back in Sept 2017.
💛 I enjoy reflecting back in my timelines to note any forgotten exercises or flows I really enjoyed or would now improve on, as well as see if there have been any personal improvements in my body and practice since those original posts.
💚 While minor, I gratefully noted improved flexibility coming more from the hips and less from the lumbar on these stretches (less extension in the quad stretches and less flexion in the forward #splits ). And while balancing on my hands is sometimes easier yet always still very challenging, I am able to create more length and a straighter shoulder to pelvis plumbline.
💙 Often people attributive these qualities in #handstand to greater core strength. For me, I believe more came from improving flexibility and length from #fasciatraining in the upper thoracic, shoulders and hips actually, as well as developing strength in the "back/posterior" portion of my core.
💜 Which goes back to the idea that a balanced fitness diet combines from improving strength equal to it's stretch, #functionaltraining which may seem rehab in nature, and going upside, sideways and in all directions for perspective changes.
🙏🏼 Thank you all for always inspiring change
🎥 Video sped up x ✌🏼except handstand

I want to surround myself with people, spaces, and activities that make me come alive. I’m still figuring out what that means and how to do it, but I get a little closer everyday.

Letting go this #fitballfriday dear #fitnesscommunity !
Definitely had to take advantage of this week's feel good #pilatesfitballfun17
💙 This had #fasciatraining yumminess written all into it especially when you reverse the movement, reaching sitbones and chest away as you roll forward, and curling hips and spine to return back. Of course I had to add the same moves standing to pump up the blood flow for those momentary #planks on the ball.
👍🏼 Be sure to check out our #pilatespals hosts' pages for their variations and to the joy of your spine:
🙏🏼 Thanks again for this wonderful series exploring the use of the ball ladies!
🎥 Sped up x2

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