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Come say Hi at the Laurel Street Fair in Oakland !! #wholeplantextract #wholehealth #cbd #hemp #lauralstreetfair

HUUUGE THANKS to my brother @TheDraftDodger_ & our Dispensary @Desert_Rose_Phoenix & @ImBueBotanicals_CBD for everything they have done for my dog GUNTHER!! I stopped doing Chemo-Therapy a couple weeks back since the results were showing that his body was building antibodies against the treatment & his lymph-nodes had grown to be the size of softballs where he could barely even get any air down to breathe. Gunther was given 2-3 weeks of life left & we were all devastated. I decided to double up his CBD treatments as well as add 5mg of THC to each treatment (3x a day) and he is honestly doing AMAZING right now. I couldn't be happier or amazed with the results & even Gunther's Oncologist is blown away! He has gained 8+lbs back & his energy/happiness is almost back to normal. There have been days where Gunther can't even stand up from being so weak, I've had to feed him through a tube & carry him to the yard to go potty, so to see FIRST HAND how the Cannabinoids have worked with his system day-by-day to not only improve his symptoms during the Chemo-Therapy but to reallllly improve the quality of life he has left. I know this type of Lymphoma Cancer is unbeatable, so I'm not saying this has cured everything, but I want the last memories of my boy to be happy & pain free, not suffering in his crate shitting out blood so to watch his swelling go back to normal & his personality shine through has been a blessing. Thank You to EVERYONE for your prayers & support ~ πŸ’―βœŒπŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸΆ
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"Because of our company principlesβ€” Science, Nature, Family β€” we will never spend millions of dollars to insert foreign genes into our proprietary hemp lines. Our plants are grown for natural, healthy living, and to us, that means growing them in sustainable and environmentally friendly ways. We think our pure, natural hemp varieties are special enough just as they are."-CWHemp
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Today's the day #LA go out and vote for the future of the #cannabis industry. It seems the popular #vote will be a YES on #propM and a NO on #ordinanceN regardless of your vote, just make sure your voice is heard! #cannabiscommunity #hollywood #SoCal #PreICO #weedstagram #importante #cbd #thc #wholeplantextract


Introducing Kannabis Oil by Klaritie Farms. This activated CO2 whole plant extract is the perfect balance of activated and unactivated THC, CBD and other cannabinoids. The cannabinoids are assisted with Terpenes, fats, and waxes. Giving the benefits of the whole cannabis plant in concentrated form. #klaritiefarms #co2extract #wholeplantextract #gethighdotcom #cannabisoil #washingtoni502

Grab a green juice. You can juice cannabis and while it won't contain CBD or THC (because the cannabis has not been activated by heat) researchers are beginning ot think that you can get wellness benefits from THCa and CBDa πŸ“Έby @terianncarty

Friday's are meant for #Releaf Soak

-1 ripe avocado
-1/4 cup cannabis oil
-2 tsp spirulina powder
-several drops patchouli oil (optional)
-a large makeup brush that you don't mind getting gross (optional)

Cut open the avocado, remove the pit, and put the green stuff into the blender.
Add the canna oil, spirulina powder and essential oil.
Blend until the mixture is creamy and smooth.
Remove from the blender and put into a small dish. Set aside.
To prepare your skin for maximum nutrient and moisture absorption, open up your pores with a steam treatment. Heat a pot of water on the stove until near boiling, pour it into a heatproof bowl, and set the bowl in front of you. Put your face over the bowl, and the towel over both your head and the bowl. Sit for about 10 minutes.
Apply the mask liberally all over your face, taking care to avoid getting too close to the eye area.
Let the mask sit for at least 15-20 minutes while you chill out.
Wash it off, pat your skin to dry. #thursdayisthenewfriday

Get your homeostasis on! 15ml & 4ml Premium, All Natural CBD Oil. 4 times more concentrated than competitors, for a fraction of the cost. Pet Friendly! Purchase at http://www.bouldercreekbotanicals.com #CBD #CBDOil #PurityMatters #WholePlantExtract #SafeCBD #LegalCBD #GrowninUSA #GoogletheBenefitsΒ Β #PetFriendlyCBD

Guess who got nominated! We're so excited to be on the Dope Magazine Industry Awards list of nominees! - To vote for us, head to the link in our profile -

@StonedBaked and I will be providing samples of muscle balm and mini edibles this Friday 2-6p @EmeraldPharms_ig. #Regrann from @stonedbaked - @emeraldpharms_ig A little goes a long way. Infusions done with lots of intention. Herbs infused & extracted along with the moon phase. All natural wax, butter & oils. Essential Oils known for ultra pain relief. #Apothecary #handmade #essentialoil #herbs #botanical #plantbase #solarinfusion #plantmedicine #naturalhealing #naturalmedicine #nomad #nomorechemicals #aromatic #aromatherapy #itsonlyaplant #cannabistopical #paintherapy #wholeplantextract

Rise & Shine ✨ #Releaf

"Highly recommend" @summerserenade7 ✨

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