K Post: So... we decided to try #CrossFit - 😆 My hubs and I are looking for a change from our same old routine. Let me tell you - this was some change! I felt a real sense of accomplishment, though, getting through our first “lesson.” We may be on to something here.
#ReflectiveMoment: change change change - bodies need it for growth and strength - and durability! I was also scared I would be laughed out of the building - but nope! Everyone was so nice and encouraging! I love that!

Nbd, just some facial acupuncture 😜 So many people have told us that they were nervous about acupuncture, then they tried it, and now they can’t get enough of it. The number one condition I treat is pain, but many people notice a change in their OVERALL health after getting treated regularly. (This includes improvement in their skin and wrinkles🧖🏻‍♀️👌🏽) Acupuncture is a WHOLE-BODY approach to healing, and it’s only a couple thousand years old! ☯️ Who is ready to try it?

Considering coach certification. I know something that will blow your mind and guaranty you success as a coach. I would love to talk with you. Use bio link to book a call.
I combined holistic trainings as a health coach, life coach, yoga teacher plus my 20 years in wellness biz and experience as massage therapist into an integrative practice of whole body wellness.
I train coaches leaders and teachers to grow their wellness biz into viable and shameless success. It includes program design and delivery, narrowing niche, charging your value, practical coach training, personal transformation and is guaranteed to make your money back. I teach everything I know then we break it down and practice until it’s mastered.
I help you get clear and confident so you walk out with clients already earning your investment back. I offer practice clients, show you how to host retreats and workshops and you are introduced to my followers as potential clients. I guaranty you will be equipped for success.
You will receive all this value, actual coach practice and mastery of the tools. I’ve done tons of trainings to figure out the secrets to success and sharing all of it to build a platform of amazing coaches.
This plus my 30 years of personal growth / self help / biz owner / spiritual seeker / determined human / die hard fortitude / 20 year Retreat experience
PM me to chat or ask here. There’s so much more to tell. I know all the personal and biz struggles. I’ve been there and figured out the system.
I’m as real as it gets. You can check me out on FB, IG, Author, retreat leader. I’m on a mission to train coaches this system as I continue move forward learning, growing, sharing. I would love to chat!

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It has been 6 months since I’ve started working with a nutrition coach, and having @mattchenard program for me. My goal after the last Open was to get better at gymnastics, and get a handle on some poor nutrition habits that I’d formed since recovering from a severe eating disorder. .
Surprise, surprise, as my nutrition got better, so did my gymnastics.
Before starting, I could do ZERO butterfly pull-ups. Now slowly they are coming. 🙌🏼
I know lots of you have a variety of goals - both nutrition and fitness related. If you’re serious about it, now is a great time to get started. Contact me at cfcnutritionservices@gmail.com for info on what we offer in our nutrition program, or for individual programming, talk to Matt (@mattchenard) or email crossfitcamrose@gmail.com. - ❤️ coach J @jilisachenard #cultureofwellness #holistichealth #nutrition #gymnastics #habitchanges #wholebodywellness #ittakesavillage #precisionnutrition #goals #community #crossfitcamrose

Just let that sink in for a minute…. If you have big dreams for your life, don’t just let them be big dreams!!!

What daily habits do you need to change to help you get closer to your goals!! •

We are all guilty 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️ of looking at the glass half empty and looking at how far we have to go, which can be depressing and so discouraging. 😪 •

Tip: Ask yourself, what changes can I make today that will bring me closer to my dreams becoming a reality?! Maybe for you that means: ⏰ Waking up earlier 🤢 Eliminating toxic people in your life
🏋🏼‍♂️ Establishing Power Hours
📋 Sticking to your to do list
😇 Investing more in changing your mindset and practicing the power of positivity.

In order to achieve greatness in your life, you have to first BELIEVE you are worthy of the success J And then work your ass off to turn it into your reality. •
Start today with setting positive intentions that bring you one step closer towards that vision!!

AND… Don’t forget to CELEBRATE,,,,, all the small wins along the way. Believe it or not, they are meaningful in your success.

Let’s live life to the fullest!! Who is with me!!! •

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Fit4Life Movement Members let’s welcome Shakira our latest Bridal Bootcamp cadet. She’s motivated and focused on her upcoming nuptials in the fall. I’ll share her progress as she takes her physic to the next level. Her customized wellness program is all about tightening & toning. She’s already beautiful inside & out the only place she can go is up. #shegotgoals #weddingbellsintheair #fallbride #bostonbridalbootcamp #wholebodywellness #focusonthefive #bridetobe #msjadefit4life #evolve4life #bridalbootcamp #holisticwellnessinfluencer @drshakira

Please tell me I'm not the only one who forgets to do laundry and then thinks, "Where have all my clothes disappeared to?"...👋🏻
On this {much needed😬} laundry day, I'm trying out the Thieves Essential Oil infused Laundry Soap that came in my ER package. I've always loved the Thieves products and thought why not try out the laundry soap as well! 😍I have to say I am beyond impressed!
I love knowing the detergent I am cleaning my clothes with is plant-based, and made up of natural enzymes and powerful essential oils, to leave my clothes fresh and clean with an out of this world scent! {Seriously guys, it smells like Christmas and citrus😍} It gently and naturally washes clothes, cleaning them without leaving behind any chemical or synthetic residues.
I'm also trying out wool balls in the dryer, with a few drops of Lavender essential oil as my "dryer sheets". I chose lavender because it is a very relaxing aroma and one of my favorites! Comment below some of your favorite oils to use for your laundry!
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Today’s BOGO! Buy one terrashield and get melaleuca free!
Terrashield was a lifesaver when my family and I went to New England a few weeks ago. After spraying, those mosquitos did not make us their dinner. Ha!
Summer solution number two: inner thigh chafe. Dilute melaleuca with your fave carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil. Done. Melaleuca does all the things for the skin. I often reach for Mel/aka tea tree to use for irritations and/or with lavender. While lavender feels very soothing, melaleuca is pure purifying and cleansing. Kinda like one two kapow💥.
Check out my stories to learn more about these oils. Remember this offer expires tonight, at midnight Mountain time. If you’d like to get started with the membership you can get these oils today plus a few other freebies if you start with a kit. Message me if you have questions!

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Last nights dinner, sooo good!
Again a new recipe by me!

I am so excited to launch a progran with my girl @laurenchapman_ all about whole body wellness

Food is just a small part of taking care of yourself, feeding your mind and soul is also key 🔑

Our program included wellness in all aspects, body, mind and soul 💜

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Anchor and Align Therapies is delighted to announce that they are merging with Joanne McGrath.
Together, Brittany and Joanne will be bringing you a whole host of fresh, collaborative training and workshops. Their work builds on both ladies' wealth of skills and vast experience helping clients connect in their mind and body.

Joanne McGrath's career began in the corporate world of legal accounting and started evolving upon the arrival of her first child. Navigating motherhood with a demanding career often left Joanne exhausted, overwhelmed, and wondering if there wasn't a better way! There was- and over the past 16 years Joanne has learned and honed the skills, mindset, and tools to achieve an (almost) stress free, balanced, and above all, happy life. Joanne now shares this information with her clients, helping every individual find their own balance and happiness.

#anchorandalign #wholebodywellness #mindbody #collaborate

Ever want to try acupuncture? We are offering an affordable way to try one of the oldest treatments in the world to ease your aches, pains, and ailments. 20 minute acupuncture available this Wednesday 3-6pm at the River Arts District Farmer’s Market and this Friday 3-6pm at the East Asheville Tailgate Market. Only $15!
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Lipstick💄 and halter dress 👗 on fleek. Ready to #slay the day! 💪🏽 Do something good for yourself and others today (and every day!).

🌟Consistency breeds Discipline🌟

What are some of your personal Negotiable’s vs Non-Negotiable’s in your day or week?
I’m working on adjusting mine right now and will share later today with ya’ll in my story.🎉 I do know kid free mom time is a biggie for me😊🍷

All is well.
Nothing has gone wrong here.
Life happens for you not to you.
When it’s meant to be it will.
It’s already happening.
This is the process.
When you are aligned with purpose life is aligned with you.
Your happiness is your responsibility.
The love you seek is inside.
There are only 2 reasons you suffer.. No one can make you feel anything.
Life is both sucky and fabulous.
You can’t have pleasure without the contrast.
You will always find what you are looking for.
Your thoughts decide your feelings.
Your feelings trigger your action.
Your actions determine your results.
This is all good news for you!! Take your power back from BS... thoughts, limited beliefs, doubts, fear, negativity and others people’s crap.
Live the live you are drawn to so you can feel ease, flow, joy, fulfillment, satisfaction, love, self acceptance, belonging, peace, self worth, calm, kindness, goodness, patience, freedom.
Fruits of the spirit comes from living a soul driven passionate life not from worrying about what others think, doing what the crazy world is telling you, following someone else’s vision and plan.
Uncover the bs stories so you can discover the natural essence within you.
That is where the magic lies. This is what your soul desires. This is what you are seeking. You are waiting for your return.

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Protect and cleanse your skin with these; what a great outdoorsy duo! Buy a TerraShield, get a Melaleuca FREE!
TerraShield is safe, effective, and non-disrupting alternative to commonly found outdoors sprays. And Melaleuca is a powerful one to have for supporting healthy skin. .
If you are interested in this week’s giveaway, make sure you...
✨Follow me
✨Like this photo
✨Comment how you use these or why you are excited about to try them
DM for access to our exclusive educational group, where perks, tips, and tricks are revealed.
With healthful blessings!
• • • •
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Stretching is just as important as any other part of your workout.
Our goal is for you to have whole wellness, not just a a great body!
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Pssst!!! You. Yes, YOU!!! Did you know you can snag all this and more for one amazing deal! Yes!!! Get 2 diffusers, 13 oils, your own YL membership, a bonus gift, and more. You can never have too many diffusers!
I love diffusing tangerine for a mood boost.

Lavender is 👌 at night to help me unwind.

Peppermint helps to keep me focused on those crazy days.

Stress Away is my jam during chaotic overwhelming moments.
Are you ready to start diffusing today? Just give me a shout and I’ll send you all the deets!

Laid back...
With my mind OK n my mantra,
And my mantra on my mind.

My current mantra:
Live from the heart of yourself.
Seek to be whole, not perfect. @oprah

What's your mantra? 💖 📸 @mal_wingostarrjewelry
• • • • •
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Collaborating with, Learning from, Growing with and Just straight up freaking Celebrating!
@sammibarkz and I met briefly at The Wright Institute in Chicago during an intense and life changing personal growth weekend. She had that good vibe flowing she’s the real deal going on. We connected on Instagram and began learning that we both have a strong passion for empowerment, authenticity and following the flow.🌟 If you do one thing tonight you MUST check out her incredible blog! 👉 www.toyourunfolding.com

So excited to spend time w/you in Nashville @sammibarkz 🔥 Keep doing YOU & grateful to see where our path takes us!

#befierce#hotpink#healthandwellness#wholebodywellness#bodypositivity#nobodyshame I may sell products but I am NOT a product pusher. I never want someone to feel pressured into buying from me or to join my team! Rather, I want you to feel INSPIRED and COMPELLED to! I believe in a FIERCE female force! By joining my team you have the opportunity to make extra cash from home (or absolutely anywhere actually!) and create your own work schedule! You can do as little or as much as you like! But more importantly, you have the opportunity to gain confidence, meet like minded women, develop leadership skills, make lasting connections, encourage and inspire others while also being encouraged and inspired, and best of all- be paid to get healthy & help others do the same! I’d like to invite all my female friends to join me on this journey! Comment if you’re interested in learning a little more ☺️👌🏻🌈💕💪🏻

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