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#wholeagain I can't thank you enough @steve_visualicandy and @djevanclark I don't know how you've put up with me this long. Shout out to @callmedjdigital for talking me into hooking you up so this one could make it into the studio. SUPER DUPER SNEAKY SHOUTS TO @agiprodj Ty and Kevin and the entire team. Shouts to @pioneerdjusa and the entire team and @dvjlars for recognizing dope when he see it. I am beyond words after that and am now pretty well speechless. @steve_visualicandy you have always been my brother since Impulse and 30 years later giving us the opportunity to make history. Blessed without anymore words.

I met my husband 12 years ago today. My heart was whole and hopeful. A year and four days later my heart was full to bursting as I knelt across the altar with him. 4 1/2 years later he told me about his pornography "problem" and my heart was shattered. 3 years ago tomorrow I found out that he hadn't taken care of his "problem" like he had led me to believe, and that it was more than a problem, but an addiction, and my heart shriveled up. Three excruciating years, of relapses and set-backs, fighting and drama, hopelessness and despair, as well as boundaries and recovery work, humility and honesty, openness and connection... and now my heart is finally feeling like this. Whole but with marks that show where it's been -marks that are still beautiful in their own right. Although I can never go back to who I was, I'm okay with what I am, and excited for what I'm becoming. The same can be said for our relationship. It is better in certain ways than it ever was, and that gives me HOPE.
#kintsugi #betrayaltrauma #broken #wholeagain

SOO good to have him back in my arms again! I love you, Bud!! #permasmile #wholeagain #daddyshome @thechadhedrick

MY BABY'S BACK!!!! 😍 β™₯ Benny showed up in our back garden tonight weak and anorexic.. I've never seen him so traumatised 😒. Clearly he was stuck somewhere without food and water FOR ONE WHOLE MONTH... I'm so grateful he's back!! Genuinely the happiest day of my life πŸ’žπŸ’“By this point I was starting to accept that I would never see him again... Thank you to everyone for your overwhelming support over the last month!! I never thought I'd receive such love and support from my friends and my local community.. Thank you all so much!!! #reunited #miracle #wholeagain #happiestday

Ah well there goes being their favorite😩 Daddy's Home!!!! #mommywho? #lol #imgoodwithitthoughlol #wholeagain #love

Laundry girls, when Kurtis gets super nervous when these group of guys saw us dancing like fools 😭

In one month from today I get to kiss this dimple and never ever let her go!!!! ❀ #sister #wholeagain #cantwaittosmushyou


Love of my life, have we only been married 6 years? Sometimes I swear I've known you my whole life. You are such an incredible person, John. I'm so blessed because of you. Felice anniversario innamorato β™‘ #6years #mylove #happyanniversary #feliceanniversario #miinnamorato #wholeagain #ciccio

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