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Well i rounded out the weekday work lunches with this meal, washed down with @lovesuja’s new adaptogenic kombucha 🤪 And would you guess what — i just posted the recipe for this BBQ salmon burger (not a snickerdoodle cookie!) on my blog‼️You can find the direct link to it in my bio. They make for a great cost-effective protein & only have 5 *basic* ingredients!!.

BBQ salmon burger, 2-ingredient cranberry sauce (shared recipe a few posts back), snow pea sprouts, & roasted brussels sprout + sweet potatoes + pecans.

🌹🌷🌺🌸+ LaCroix = a sparkly afternoon! @foundermade ☺️✨

Working on some recipes today so throwing it back to this meal I had some time ago...as today’s lunch was not photo worthy 😂
Organic chicken thigh (seasoned with curry powder, salt & pepper), roasted onion, Brussels, broccoli & cauliflower and a pretty little avocado rose 💚🥑
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This looks great and all, but I ate the avocado and gave the rest to my dogs. I'm SO sick & idk why I even tried making breakfast. 🤷🏻‍♀️
This was the last @aidellssausage I had left in the package so tomorrow I'll be digging into the new Paleo / Whole30 compliant @applegate bacon! When I posted about it in my stories the other day so many of you were curious as to how it compared to other no sugar bacons so I'll be sure to letcha know! Anyone tried it?!
It's deff a cheaper option and one that will be more easily available, which I'm SUPER happy about - as you guys know the grocery gap & access to healthy food is something that I'm passionate about. So it just makes me so so happy that more mainstream stores are carrying products that HELP our health and I can go to one place and find affordable options. Not saying that fixes all the issues, but it certainly is a step in the right direction!
Unrelated to bacon (kind of): some of you know I started school again for my RD bachelors in August. I just wrote a huge paper last month on this very issue and found out so many heartbreaking facts, like in DC, in a low-income district there's only 9 places to get groceries and only 3 carry fresh produce. In a middle-upper class district, there's 22 grocery stores... all carrying fresh produce.
So this wasn't suppose to turn rant-y, but thinking about Target and even Walmart starting and continuing to carry healthy products just really matters to me. It's about meeting people where they are in their health journey, and I'm glad we're on the right path ☺️
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Hey guys!! Charlotte here @confessionsofacleanfoodie back with another recipe! A lot of you have been asking me for an eggless breakfast recipe. And these BUTTERY RANCH POTATOES AND PEPPERS are my breakfast and brunch go to. I just sauté some spinach with garlic and lemon and I’ll have that along side these and it is yummy!
2 tbsp ghee (or any fat of your choice)
2 large sweet potatoes- peeled and diced
1 tsp onion powder
¼ dried dill weed
¼ garlic powder
½ tsp salt
¼ tsp dried parsley
6 mini bell peppers or one large one- sliced
Salt and pepper
2 tbsp freshly chopped cilantro leaves
Preheat your oven to 400 degrees F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside.
In a large skillet heat 1 tbsp of ghee over medium high heat. Sear potatoes for ~ 5 minutes until slightly brown. Then, transfer potatoes to the parchment lined baking sheet and toss with onions powder, dried dill, garlic powder, salt, and parsley. Spread potatoes in an even layer and bake for 10-12 minutes or until potatoes are cooked through.
While the potatoes cook, in the same skillet add the remaining tablespoon of ghee and sauté peppers for 3-5 minutes until tender. Season with salt and pepper. Toss in potatoes and finish with fresh cilantro leaves.
Serve immediately.
Here is the link to the full recipe on my blog if you would like to print or share it: https://confessionsofacleanfoodie.com/buttery-ranch-potatoes-peppers/
(link in #Whole30recipes profile)
That recipe is not #Whole30compliant because I used a ranch seasoning that isn’t #Whole30approved. So follow the changes I made to the recipe above.
#foodie #confessionsofacleanfoodie #Whole30 #breakfast #brunch

🎉DAY 5 of GIVEAWAYS!🎉 in celebration of turning 4🎂we’re giving you guys our favorite things each day this week! It’s Friday guys💃🏻💃🏻🎉 we made it (barely, 100% running on coffee ☕️ today🙈.) buuuut this should perk ya up a little bit- the newest @rxbar flavor...GINGERBREAD🙌🏼🍪🎄🎅🏼 RXBars are basically the only bar I eat. They’ve got the cleaneast ingredients, taste so yummy, and are great for snacking on the go. Plus their new flavor is 😍 3 of you are going to win a box! Enter here 👇🏼
1️⃣ Like this photo!
2️⃣ follow us & @rxbar
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4️⃣ extra 5 entries: make one of our recipes and use #thecleaneatingcouple in the caption!
Multiple entries welcome. Every comment = an entry!!
USA Only. Winner will be randomly selected and announced on this post. Contest ends November 22nd at 2:00PM EST. This giveaway is not affiliated with Instagram in any way.

Oh hey pretty 👋🏼 My fridge is looking mighty fine after stocking up yesterday on all of the goods. So of course I wanted to share with you all! All the brands are tagged, some new and some oldies but goodies. Fruits are strawberries, persimmons, lemons and avocados. Veggies are broccoli raab, cucumber, zucchini, sweet potato and brussel sprouts.
I’m currently snacking on some amazing pumpkin bread I️ made last night and just sent out my Weekly Favorites newsletter where I share all of my favorite things from this week. If you want in on that action, click the link in my bio to sign up for my newsletter and to receive my smoothie recipes 👍🏼

@kettleandfire is offering 20% off and FREE shipping on their #Whole30Approved bone broth. This offer ends on Sunday; click the link in our profile or visit w30.co/KettleFire to snag this deal today!

"Not all bone broth is create equal, which is why I like Kettle & Fire Bone Broth for my community." - Melissa Hartwig

My photo shooting session was cut short because my husband and I couldn’t help but devour the skillet of noodles after I’d taken like three photos 💚 If you haven't tried cooking beef chow fun in your own kitchen, you should! It's so simple to make and the result is so rewarding.
Click the link on my profile page and search “beef chow fun” to learn how to make them.


My master omelette skills. This one is Whole30 safe stuffed with whatever leftovers I had around. In this case turkey, red pepper, onion, and spinach! With #cholula on top. #whole30approved #omelette #breakfast

Your creations often leave us SPEECHLESS—like this one from @eatyoveggiessss 🙌🏼! Welcome to the world, Pecan Peanut Butter Bars! These are made with Georgia Grinders peanut butter AND pecan butter! Head over to her page to snag this fab recipe! Have a great weekend, you guys!!!

Breakfast of champs! Technically this coffee creamer concoction is considered #swypo but still #whole30approved .
Blend together:
1 Nutpod or 1 can of Coconut Milk
1/2 Cup Dates
Cinnamon to taste
Use a mesh strainer to collect any unblended Dates. Stays good in the fridge for 5-7 days!

Got spoiled this morning. @alec_gettingfit made me an omelette before he’s going to help me hang up an IKEA rack in the kitchen and maybe finally some curtains in the living room? I think I’m definitely spoiled! The omlet has spinach, red bell pepper, onions, and @applegate oven roasted compliant deli meat turkey that we just chopped up and threw in the pan. It’s delicious and just what I needed!
#novemberwhole30 #Whole30Day18 #omelette #eggs #whole30breakfast

These are my favorite Grocery Outlet buys! I love treasure hunting there. I always buy plantains (2/$1!!) as well as @aidellssausage and avocado oil because they are so much less than anywhere else. I also found these roasted chestnuts that i can't wait to use in a sausage stuffing. I'm getting ready to post some finds not shown here from last night's trip on my story! If you have one near you and haven't gone recently, I hope this encourages you to do so! There are so many yummy Whole30 compliant treasures waiting for you! Just keep an eye on the expiration dates and ensure you are getting the freshest goods possible 😌

My “I woke up at 6 am to drive 12 hours, give me life” necessities. LOVING this seasonal @rxbar flavor. Easily fits into my top three.

Big day today! I have my ATI test for my nursing school application. Studied hard and hope it shows today. Having my fuel and headed over soon. #whole30 #whole30breakfast @whole30approved #whole30approved #italiansausage #healthy #quickandeasy #organic

This @thenewbarn almond milk is #yummm

Almocinho verde!!!! 💚🌿 Sucão verde, nham, nham. DUPLO. @fermarquesfa decidiu me acompanhar. 🌱💚 Quebrando jejum intermitente de 17h. 🤐🤗 Fome, fome! 🤤😍 Usei: 1 punhado médio de hortelã miúdo/menta, rúcula, espinafre, salsa, 4 folhas de alface pequeninas, 1 cenoura pequena🥕, 1/2 penino grande🥒, 2 folhas de couve pequenas, 1 punhado de coentro com talos e raízes 💚💚💚🌱🌿, 1/2 maracujá🍊, 1 pedaço médio de gengibre. 😍💚💛 #whole30 #whole30challenge #whole30approved #lowcarb #paleo #vegan #greenjuice #lunch #desintoxicação #jejum #jejumintermitente #autocura #autocuidado #healthyjuice #healthy #naturalfood #plants #vegetables #comidadeverdade #vegetarian

Trying to start the weekend right with a lot of greens, garlic & onions cooked in coconut oil. I promise there is an egg underneath there somewhere! 🍳 Sometimes I grab a granola bar and call it breakfast but that leaves me starving and #hangry before lunch time. My breakfast might not be #foodblogger worthy but it serves it’s purpose. 😉It’s filling, nutritious, immune boosting and keeps me energized for a few hours until lunch. 👊🏼 .
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This is my go-to for pre workout 🍌it's a mix of carbs, good fats and keeps me full until I'm finished! I recently tried this #almondbutter from @traderjoes but I love the fresh ground one from @wholefoods 😋.
#homemade #healthybreakfast #preworkout #whole30 #whole30approved #paleo #paleoapproved #cleaneats #cleaneating #healthyliving #cleanplate #healthyfood #glutenfree #healthyalternative #boston #bostoneats #bostonfood #bostonfoodies #bostonfoodblog #bananaandalmondbutter

Perfection. 👌🏻 Also happens to be #whole30approved

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