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First time meal prepping you guys!!! #loveit #cleaneating #whole30 #whatthehealth #vegan

What does eating HEALTHY really mean?
I asked my sister what it meant to her and she answered "I picture someone eating carrot sticks"🥕
👉🏼 How did we get to this point ??
There are so many misconceptions concerning healthy eating.
Is it only eating salads?
Is it being vegan?
Is it being paleo?
🤚🏼 Truth is, there is no RIGHT or WRONG way✅
⭐️Healthy is not A SINGLE AND ONLY WAY⭐️
What it is not, however, is restriction. Restricting yourself is not, and never will be, healthy.
Eat real foods, according to your preferences and beliefs, and you'll be as close to "healthy" as one can be.
This post is just everything by @mybetter_self #healthy
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Dinner tonight: pan seared @butcher_box chicken breasts + Brussels Sprout Caesar Salad with Bacon 😛
You gotta make this salad ASAP! It was one of those that just randomly happened tonight and it WILL be happening again soon! Yum. I diced up some @pedersonsfarms Whole30 bacon and fried it in a skillet. When bacon was cooked through , I added 1 lb. Brussels that I sliced thinly to the skillet (with all the yummy bacon grease) and sautéed only for a minute or so just to coat it in the fat and get it warm. I then transferred to a bowl, tossed with a desired amount of my homemade #Whole30 caesar dressing (on blog) and seasoned with S+P, to taste. Serve with a little lemon and enjoy!
This recipe is not yet on the blog, but I'll create a blog post for it soonish 😘

jammy soft boiled eggs are my favorite because there's less clean up & oil spills all over the counter & ceiling 🍾🙌🏻👉🏼6 1/2 mins eggs (stories for how i did it), salty roasted beet chips (blog), cinnamon roasted parsnip chips, spinach, microgreens, hemp Brazil nut pesto that I made, cashew cheese. super YUM👋🏼 .
parsnips. 400 degrees for about 40 min or until crispy. Cinnamon + sea salt + little olive oil. Pesto is a combo of 1/4 cup hemp seeds, 1/4 cup ground flaxseeds, 2 cups Brazil nuts, 2 cups basil leaves, 1/2 cup olive oil, 1/4 cup nutritional yeast, sea salt + pepper to taste, 1 tbsp @philosophielove green dream, lemon if u need it. do you!

I know it's Fall cause @starbucks tells me so, and there are pumpkin spice scented candles being sold in every home store. Before you go and fill your home with a toxic burning candle (think about your littles and their respiratory system), turn to your diffuser with this amazing recipe. ****Pumpkin Spice Diffuser Blend*****
2 drops Cinnamon Bark
2 drops Nutmeg
2 drops Clove
3 drops Orange
Not only will your home smell like a delicious bakery, but these oils are wonderful for the immune system. Double whammy! ++Remember that YL oils will not expire as long as you store them properly. You will have this blend to diffuse for years. #imakemyown #pumkinspicelatte #pumpkinspicediffuserblend #smellslikeheaven

Tabbouleh is supremely underrated. Takes only a few minutes to make and is great as a side or overtop of grilled meats 💪... I make it Whole30 by swapping traditional bulgur for finely chopped cauliflower. Trust me, it's guuuuuud and no one's the wiser 😉 ... Recipe on the blog (link in bio)... Wishing a very sweet and healthy New Year to everyone celebrating 🙌🍎🍯#shanatova

Almost can't believe I'm sharing this 🙈 But, it's reality my friends!! And it's just really hard to make a veggie egg scramble look good. 2 things I ask myself when I put together a meal: "is it filling?", and "is it satisfying??" Much more important than is it going to photograph well for Instagram 😂.

This is just leftover roasted cauliflower & sweet potato scrambled together with 2 pasture-raised eggs, plus half a little avocado. Not pretty, but super satisfying + filling + delish!

Here is the #1 recipe on the blog of all-time!! And the best Roast Chicken recipe you will ever find!
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#whole30 breakfast
Eggs - zuchinni - sweet potatoes - arugula - chicken apple sausage - franks - #tessemaes ranch

Scarfing down this skillet, straight out of the skillet. 👌🏻
I have the morning off and it has me all 💃🏼🙌🏻😍. It's been a productive one for sure! Workout done, dishwasher unloaded, dinner prepped, laundry going, about to fold 4627 loads, and the guys are here working on our bathroom remodel. 👏🏻👏🏻
For this frittata, skillet thing, I sautéed small cubes of sweet potato and then added leftover broccoli. One they were done, I cracked one egg into the center of the pan, added 100g of egg whites, covered with a lid, and then cooked on medium-low until the whites were done. All #whole30 approved!
#lifeafterwhole30 #cleaneating #iifym #emilysrealfoodmacros #emilysbreakfastbowls

This is my default @whole30 breakfast. 2 scrambled eggs, sautéed spinach with garlic, fresh tomatoes and avocado salad, salsa.
#whole30mom #whole30breakfast #whole30 #yyc #cochranefood #cochrane #cochraneliving #cochranelife

☕️I hope you're ready for a poop storm from the "sugar is evil" dementors" and insulin makes you fat" death eaters because this post is going to tear some horcruxes up.
🏓That said, you and I see calorie comparisons allllll over Instagram lately and most of them come ripe with the message, "eat this, not that" because one is lower/higher in calories than you might expect.
🌵I think these posts are great. And they do a fantastic job of educating people on the importance of total calorie intake for fat loss/body composition/etc.
🍟The major issue I have with them, though, is the lack of middle ground. The educational component that just because something is "high calorie"'does NOT mean it's bad for you. It just means it's higher calorie. And you're more than welcome to eat it if you want, just do your best to make sure it fits in your calorie allotment for the day.
🥕Because, yes, calories are important. But so is individual preference because that drives consistency over the long term. And while I'll choose Cinnamon Toast Crunch over Kashi GoLean 10 times out of 10...its not because it's lower calorie (though, that does help). It's because I fucking love Cinnamon Toast Crunch and if someone told me I had to stop eating it I think I'd have a conniption.
🦄Long story short, eat what you love and in a way that allows you to be successful long term. No food is inherently good or bad. Healthy or unhealthy. Too much or too little of anything (water included) is bad for you. So be moderate with your diet and do what makes YOU feel best while continuing to make progress. And if that so happens to include Cinnamon Toast Crunch...I salute you.
💥Follow us (@CalorieChat) for the best daily Nutrition, Recipes and Health guides! 📚🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻
📸: @syattfitness
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Let's talk collagen. Typically Vital Proteins is my go-to but my local Fresh Thyme has not been able to keep it on the shelves lately. This made me turn to Internet for my quest of the goods. For the most part, I just bounce on Amazon for all things easy but decided to check Thrive for the VPCP first. I didn't find Vital Proteins on their website BUUUUTTTTT I did find THIS. All of the key nutrients match up line for line against the VP brand and for $2 more than the 10oz tub on Amazon, I can get a TWENTY OUNCE tub of the Thrive brand. I've been testing it for a few days and so far so good. No differences to report. I'll report back at the end of the tub if anything changes but for now, I'm pretty happy that I've found a more budget friendly option for my morning coffee ritual. 👍🏻🙌🏼💪🏻 #collagen #letsthrive @thrivemkt

Found this nifty lunch tote the other day from @flufdesign. We kinda match. 😃
And then the bottom right photo is just the end result of my work at @tastelabdc last night. 😎💥
Get your Gra-POW! for 10% off until Sept. 30th! Coupon code in my bio. 💗
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Yesterday was crazy, Wednesday’s always are. Full of meetings and a long day at work, but no matter how exhausted I am I always look forward to my volunteer shift Wednesday night. —
I pretty much skipped dinner last night and survived off of some veggies, a Lara bar and one hard boiled egg... whoops! Here’s to a better food day! —
#whole30 #whole30life #Vancouver #volunteer #community #healthylife #yoga #blogger #wholeandhappy #butfirstcoffee #whole30day10 #veggies

Amanhã 22/7 as 20h, palestra sobre Whole30 com a @talitareisnutricoach, dona de um currículo extraordinário, colecionadora de bons resultados e praticante de CrossFit. ....
Será um momento destinado para tirar dúvidas, adquirir conhecimento e se preparar pra esse super desafio que está por vim.
#nacaosaudavel #whole30

Lembrando que 20h não haverá aula.

Mais informações: 4141-7752

Are you feeding your gut with prebiotics? Some of the foods that fall into the category of prebiotics (examples:green bananas, Jerusalem artichokes , dandelion greens, chicory, jicama) may not be in your regular diet. I add @hyperbiotics organic prebiotics to my smoothies to make sure I get my daily dose. #probiotics #hyperbiotics #guthealth #prebiotics #paleofriendly #whole30 #glutenfree #vegan #grainfree #smoothie #organic #cleaneating

I'm still going, I've just been on the go this week. Here's a couple meals from yesterday. #whole30 #septemberwhole30

One of my favourite #foodie TV show is The Lonely Gourmet. In one of the eps, protagonist Goro chances upon an #izakaya and he sees an odd #yakimeshi item on the menu on the wall. "Can #shiso, #umeboshi, #bacon and #shirasu taste good in a fried rice?" He muses. He orders it anyway and it tastes fabulous! So I've recreated it for #meatless week (lower left), left out the bacon, used #chirimenjyako instead and fried overnight rice with sesame oil and #shiokoji to punch up the flavours. Unfortunately I forgot the advice of another fictional foodie Koo Dae Yung of Korean drama "Let's Eat!" To fry the eggs separately, then add it to the rice later to preserve the flavour of the eggs. Doh! 😆
Also pictured: French beans with walnut miso sauce, @anohito_simonez 's #sousvide #tofu and charred #broccoli seasoned with #bonito and mirin.
#foodporn #instafood #japanesefood #homecook #wholefood #whole30 #glutenfree #kodokunogurume #friedrice #sourplum #perilla #sardines #tvfoodie

Bill and Hayley, the duo behind @primalpalate, are at it again on @whole30recipes this week. We loved this fresh Ahi Tuna Salad, but you can't go wrong with any of their dishes. Hop over to @whole30recipes to see. #Whole30 #IAmWhole30

First day of Fall! 🍎🍂I a little inspiration from @againstallgrain I channeled my German grandmother and we got busy-got the grinder going and made some sausage & apples. Flip through to see what we ended up with for our sausage blend and as my grandma always told me fry up a little tiny bit to check seasonings, yum. We ended up with perfect crunchy & tender breakfast sausages #firstdayoffall #breakfastsausage #apples #whole30

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