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Ən sevdiyim filmlərdən biri😍#whoami

Around September I start having anxiety about the STATE that the salon gets in on Halloween and dread the thought of my lovely brushes turning every shade of green red and black 😩 however for the first time I am actually looking forward to covering the place in glitter. Here's a little practice me and @patrickbastonmakeup did today. Huge thanks to @samanthahelenmua for being such an inspiration 💀💀 #mess #whoami

I'm really excited to share that my photo of #Racoons in #CentralPark is in this month's issue of @natgeo. It's an honor to be in this issue with so many important stories including trophy hunting, the flight of the Rohingya, Jane Goodall and more. I'm grateful to @nytimes and @crista.chapman for putting me on the assignment in the first place and @sarahmaslinnir for writing the article and letting everyone know that they shouldn't try to pet or feed raccoons. #NationalGeographic #NeverWouldaThoughtThisWouldHappen #WhoAmI #WhatIsThis

The gym is empty AF cause everyone and their moms are in Vegas still. 😂 #stillworkin #unbreakable #qwwwwwaadz #youshouldbeworkingevenwhennooneswatching #ineverwearshorts #whoami #imsmallerinreallife

Officiating my sisters wedding this weekend so i guess I can't wear a hat for that.. documenting my first ever combover. #weddinghair #whoami

To my first whip: you weren't the car I originally wanted, but you will be dearly missed. You were my home on wheels. It's been a weird 12 years, but it's time for you to weird out some new people in Whittier. #drake #creamiscle #sad #whoami


“... a teammate of mine was shot and killed at a bar…” *
---------------------------------------------"I grew up loving and knowing God, because that's all I knew to do. As I got older, I started to form a curiosity of certain things the world had to offer. I really thought I was missing out on all of the fun, and I had very few friends who enjoyed going to church like me. *
By the time I got to college I had a football scholarship playing at Marshall University. I was still actively going to church, but I was also actively seeking pleasures of this world. It took me going out to bars, drinking, and hanging out with the wrong people to realize that I didn't fit in at all. You see, God has called me to be a mighty warrior for the kingdom since birth and I was reminded of that very quickly. One evening, a teammate of mine was shot and killed at a bar and I haven't been back to one since. *
That was my wake up call. God told me that I might be in this world, but I am definitely not of it! He also told me that He put me on that football team to spread the message of His love and forgiveness. * So, I stand before you today with 8 1/2 years of military service, 3 college degrees, a family, and now 5 Christian rap albums. This is why my favorite scripture is: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Phil

Mywhy Takeaway: When God gets your attention, your life will never be the same!

Teaching others to B R E A T H E by simplifying and focusing on stuff that matters light me on 🔥

This challenge is for the time starved. You say you don't have time to reflect and complete worksheets? Then let's DO!!!! Every single day I will offer few action items and you pick ONE to execute. Any ONE thing you pick WILL radically change your state of being and I mean business when I say that.

You don't have to do any of this but then you don't get to complain about stuff. If you want different, you have to do different. I have done this process with hundreds of people and it works like magic.

Who's with me??????? Raise your hand and let's tag the heck out of one another and do this together. When we uplift each other, we all rise.

"Besessen von dem Ziel der Selbstverwirklichung reißen sie sich selbst aus der Erde heraus, um nachzusehen, ob ihre Wurzeln auch wirklich gesund sind." 👥

#ulrichbeck #risikogesellschaft #whoami

Being a relatively new Teacher Insta account, I thought I might introduce myself. 🔹I'm a graduate teacher (Graduated July 2017) and am about to teach a Year 2 class for term 4. Last term I taught Year 4 for 5 weeks, then covered teachers in my school across the primary years as well as SEP teachers when they were ill, away, or pulled off class for enrichment programs. 🔹Before becoming a Teacher I worked in retail, hospitality, as a Psychology Research Assistant, Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, Travel Agent, and Teacher Aide. But I wanted to be a teacher since I was in primary school myself.
🔹I live in Townsville with my partner and two dogs - Luna and Roxie 👦🏻🐶🐶
🔹I try to fill my classroom with kindness, creativity, and colour 🌈
🔹I am amazed and overwhelmed at the dedication, resourcefulness, passion and willingness to share of the Teachers here on Instagram! You guys are seriously amazing! I am inspired more than once a day by at least one super duper educator on here 💗

Day 2 Oktoberfest. #jokes. This is still day one photos but day 2 photos are never to be released 😳 #Oktoberfest #whoami #yesthatiswater

22/9 het eerste thema van JC: Who am I? Ontdek het aanstaande vrijdag bij JC! Aanvang om 18:00 als je mee eet, anders om 19:00. Aanmelden kan via de facebook site. #StartOfSomethingNew #WhoAmI #JC

나는 누구냐

Get angry. Go to the gym. Feel better. Put on a tiny shirt. Woooo #whoami

I'm not sure that I even know who I am anymore. These were all taken this year.
#girl #portrait #color #selfie #identity #image #life #whoami #purpose

Fuck!😐 #whoami

Today was completely different from yesterday. I felt like a whole new person. All the self-doubts, everything that had been weighing me down for no special reason yesterday, is gone. I can't even understand how I was able to feel uncomfortable in my body, as today I was feeling full of energy, fully at ease and beautiful. I even talked on my stories for the first time - without any makeup on! This radical shift reminds me of how nothing ever stays the same. Feelings come and go. Thoughts come and go. They don't define us. Everything is always changing, just like the seasons. I want to welcome all of it: the bright days and the dark ones, summer and winter, night and day. There is just one thing that will always be unchangeable, it lies beyond all we see, it's our true self, untouched by the ego and by the waves of doubts and emotions, steady as a tree, with roots that reach deep down into the essence of unconditional love. And that's who we are. .
#youarelove #tree #treetrunk #rooted #pantarei #everythingchanges #unconditionallove #mindshift #acim #trueself #beyondtheego #mamanature #healing #emotions #feelings #whoami

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