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ESQ women heart's journey... alhamdulillah...so touching...full of tears...salam 165 #ESQ #WHJ

Miss u @chubbyd4r1in9 😘 #tb #esqwomenheartjourney #whj "yang berlalu, biarkan berlalu.. masa hadapan,rahsia Ilahi.. masa kini untuk kita nikmati" WHJ coming soon 😍 Saya sangat sarankan untuk semua wanita join program ni.. nak tahu mengapa? You'll be suprise apa yang bakal berubah setelah itu.. wish list saya telah dikabulkan Allah setelah habis program. Tq Allah, tq Coach Zie ❤️

Rindu la nk naik moto ni
#WHJ 249

Tadi siang... 😅
#hammock #nature #whj

Thanks for the mems boys #danjit #whj

One of those nights! #whj


Pinch and zoom to see this hard working bee harvest its Lavender! This is from the second farm we went to and the smell (and droning bee sounds) were incredible! This place was also super dog friendly and let Denali anywhere in the field.

#WHJ# Loves#Люблю посидеть позополнять странички WHJ, это моя любовь.

Can drywall be beautiful? Can it be art? We think so, so does J.E. Drywall in #SunValley Check the SV book for more on this skilled craft. #drywall #westernhomejournal #whj

Fairy Falls from Wahkeena falls trail loop

Upstream from Multnomah, smaller falls and peaceful sounds.

Check us out in the current issue of Western Home Journal!!!! .
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With a busy area like Multnomah Falls, we love when you can hike a few miles, leave the crowd behind and enjoy the silence of nature.

A vibrant backsplash brings so much energy to a space. This one comes from Inside Out Architectural in Utah, and inspires us to rethink the possibilites of these spaces. #whj #westernhomejournal #insideout

Sometimes it's not just the waterfalls you're hiking for. Look all around and for that light that catches your eye. A step or two forward or backwards on a trail can make all the difference in what you experience and capture.

Hikes are really cool here in Oregon! 👍

Taking a moment to appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds our mountain homes. This image comes to us from #JacksonHole. Enjoy your evening. #westernhomejournal #whj

One last shot from the lavender farm...none of the others turned out 😉

Wildflowers were also on display throughout the fields of Hood River Lavender Farm

It was a photographers delight to shoot in the fields of Hood River Lavender Farm 😁

On our day trip around Mt. Hood we stopped at the beautiful Hood River Lavender Farm. With clear views of Hood and Adams from the fields and smells of lavender, it was a perfect start to our little road trip around the mountain!

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