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Playing with tile patterns today! Can't wait to see these beauties installed!

Like I can't even.
Our client asked for a beam fo her fireplace. We're trying to bust this job out before she has a knee replacement in September.
I contacted someone I found on Craigslist on Sunday. Told him what we're doing and bam. He preps and delivers this hand hewn beam this evening at my client's house.
Like oh my goodness I can't even. Just look how beautiful it is. I mean I can't get over it!
And seriously one of the nicest guys ever. I feel like God is just putting all the right people in our path for this job and to work with in the future. It's extraordinary. It really is.
#whitkenandco #handhewn #woodbeams #rusticdecor #mantle

It's been waaaayyy too long since I've blogged, but I'm back at it starting with this mood board sourced entirely from @potterybarn ! Theyre having a great sale on their #pbteenlne right now. Follow the link in the profile for source links and subscribe to our email list to see the guys version of this bedroom!

Last night on the blog, I shared some of the back story on how we came to start Whitken & Co.. Our mission is to create beautiful, functional, and healing spaces for families to live, work, and play in. We'll be sharing a few more installments over the next few weeks about our story and what all we mean by that so stay tuned! Link ☝️

Tomorrow we're kicking off 30 tips in 30 days to creating a healing home! We'll be sharing them to our Facebook page so be sure to follow us over there! I'll put the link in the profile. πŸ‘†
#whitkenandco #healinghome

We literally spent close to four hours hanging artwork and pictures in our client's home tonight. it went from being "ah, this is so pretty" to "ah this feels like home!" There are a few things we're waiting to get before we tie up this project, but we could not have asked for a better first client for Whitken and Co. and it makes me so excited for the clients yet to come! Also, shoot out to my husband, @kswiss50 . There's no way I could do this without him, and he's getting pretty dang good at hanging pictures and curtains!
#clientrossnotrachel #whitkenandco

Happy Monday, friends! This is our dining room/recording studio/yoga room (if I can find the motivation). We pulled almost every throw pillow we own, the swing mattress and a rug in here to cut down on the echo for the "30 Tips in 30 Days to Create a Healing Home" videos. It's not pretty or perfect, but it's worked surprisingly well!
#whitkenandco #therobertleerobinsonhouse

Hope you all are enjoying the extra long weekend! We've been knocking out some much needed cleaning and organizing and it feels so good! Looking forward to relaxing together this evening before jumping back into the work week. Let us know what you guys are up to today!
#labordayweekend #whitkenandco #laborday

Even though they chewed the trim off my pillows yesterday and pulled enough jute out if this rug to stuff a small pillow I wouldn't want to live without these two goobers. They make us laugh and I'm 99% sure they think every day is #nationaldogday around here!


Spent the day cleaning and also picked up 6 design books from the local library which I'm about to dive into. Cooking can wait until tomorrow, right? How is your Thanksgiving Eve shaping up?
#theshorttpickenshouse #whitkenandco

Happy Monday, friends! It may be too late to redesign your living room for Thanksgiving, but you can still add touches that can help set the mood and foster a warm inviting environment. Turn on the Christmas music, light some candles on your table and or fragrance, set out some flowers, and make sure there's warm drinks, snacks, and some games or crafts to help keep people busy and engaged. Oh and having pillows and blankets handy after the meal isn't a bad idea either for those who need to give into the food coma that's sure to follow πŸ—πŸ¦ƒπŸ°β˜•

Had fun working on the world's easiest DIY this afternoon. We wanted to give you guys an idea you can do easily if you're not into the Thanksgiving football game, or you need something to keep the kiddos busy, or something to make the awkward family gathering a little less awkward. It's coming at you tomorrow! Enjoy the last little bit if your weekend!
#whitkenandco #whitkenandcomakesomething

The #fiveonfriday is up on the blog! We're sharing the healthy side dish and the not so healthy pecan pie with a twist we're taking to dinner, the candles that are filling our house with Christmas cheer, and the video that @bluebellicecream should be using for their Christmas cookie advertisement. I'm seriously going to buy some ice cream because of it. I mean, who doesn't want to be assaulted by angels and elves if it's as good as she says it is? Link πŸ‘†

This week's mood board is up on the blog! I wanted to create something cozy for winter, but that wasn't holidayish so that would could carry you all the way up into spring. Direct links are in the blog post if you see something you like. Link πŸ‘†
#whitkenandco #edesign

Winter can be hard with it's shorter days, lack of green outside, and cold temperatures that make you want to curl up in a ball and hibernate untill spring. Even though I'm not a fan of the cold, I've learned to look for the little joys that come with it like lighting more candles, snuggling up under a quilt, Christmas music, extra time with family and friends, hot chocolate and soup. Small joys can make a big difference in the every day when we look for them or create them. Later today, I'm going to share one of my families favorite cold weather and camping soups with you guys. It's one of the things that makes me look forward to cooler days. Stay tuned and I hope you guys have a great Monday πŸ’•
#whitkenandco #mondaymotivation

Favorite fall colors right here. Remembering how I used to style fruits and veggies around our apartment to add pops of color and keep things on the cheap. I still like doing that!
#whitkenandco #theshorttapartment

I've had several of you ask where I got these candle sticks but they were one of those lucky thrift store finds. But I just saw that @westelm had some that are almost exact replicas! I put the link (affiliate) in my profile for you guys and it's on the blog as well. Go grab 'em while you can!

This week's mood board is up and this is probably one of my faves so far! Head to the blog to grab the sources! Link πŸ‘† Hope you guys are having a great week! πŸ’•

Happy Saturday, guys! @worldmarket is having a huge sale and we stayed up way too late rounding up some of our favorites for you. 65 things to be exact! I may have gone a little crazy. Would love it if you head over to the blog to check them out. Hope you all have a great weekend! I think a nap is going to be somewhere on our agenda. Link πŸ‘†

This week's #fiveonfriday is up! I'm sharing a soup recipe we'll be trying, the beautiful and super affordable dishes that have me considering selling and replacing mine, a huge furniture sale that's going on, and the Friends clip I can't stop laughing at. What is your go to when you need a good laugh? I pretty much have Friends playing on repeat all the time around here!
Link πŸ‘† #theshorttpickenshouse #whitkenandco

What Pandora station or music artist to you turn on most in your home? We finished up our healing home series with a couple more quick tips and playing music in your home is one of them! Kenny G's Christmas station on Pandora is making pretty much a daily appearance in our house. Yup, I'm one of those and proud of it πŸ™‹
#whitkenandco #healinghome #healingspaces

Four things about this week's mood board:

1. I used pink, and I rarely ever do
2. I went all modern, palm springy, glam which is totally not me, but I like trying new things
3. I'm loving those side chairs and think they would be awesome in a dining room. (They also had really good reviews!)
4. Everything on here was sourced from @amazonhome (I've been wondering big you could design a room completely from there and basically you can!) Head to the blog if you want direct links to any of the items used here! Link πŸ‘†

These two things guide so much of my design decisions. Head over to Facebook and see the the two takes we have on authenticity in design!
#whitkenandco #healinghome #healingspaces

Similar but different. We talked about why it's important to infuse your home with both and ways you can do that in yesterday's videos. Can't believe tomorrow we wrap this series up!

So close to wrapping this series up! We talked styling and vignettes today. Why it's important and a few tips so it doesn't look like you just threw a bunch of stuff on your mantel or shelves. Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend!
#whitkenandco #healinghome #healingspaces

So if you are removing pattern and color from your home in order to create a more calming and quiet environment, it's really important that you add texture. We're sharing why in today's videos with a couple of tips!
#whitkenandco #healinghome #healingspaces

Yesterday's episode was probably one of my favorite in our healing home series so far. We talked about why adding or taking away pattern from your space is a good idea and some tips for combining patterns. It was lots of fun!
#whitkenandco #healinghome #healingspaces

Finally getting around to washing these tea towels we made a couple of weeks ago so we can use them before fall is over. Can you guys believe October is almost over! 😟 Link for the DIY is in the profile πŸ‘†

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