If you've ever wanted an inside look at our home, here it is! Some people go on vacations for their anniversary, we tear down walls. I feel like there's got to be some sort of symbolism in there but I'm too hot and sweaty to go that deep right now. Happy weekend, friends!
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#ontheblog : sharing what this room looks like now that we've torn the sheetrock out "In life and art, in creating and renovating and restoring, things must often get worse before they get better. Chaos must ensue before order, confusion before clarity. But when we push through the pain, when we allow the demolition and the deconstruction, when we work through the confusion and the chaos, that’s when the magic starts to happen."
Link πŸ‘†

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Throwing it back to our first house today. The dining room was probably one of my favorite things we did in the house with it's black lower wall. We had to play it safe in most of the house for resale, but I couldn't resist having a little fun in here, and it ended up paying off. I know choosing paint colors can be daunting and we're working on something to help you do it, but if you'd like some personal help for a room or your entire home let me know!
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Last weekend I ripped up the incredibly nasty carpet in this room. We'll be moving into it so we can work on ours and although I love the paint in this room, Kendall's not a fan. The carpet did make it feel kind of oppressive, so we're laying a floor in here and painting it to lighten and clean things up. It's what I'd planned all along, but didn't really expect to do it this soon. If there's anything I've learned from restoring, designing, and decorating it's flexibility. You can plan and scheme all you want to, but each project eventually takes a path of it's own, and that's part of the beauty and excitement of creating. And next on the list is that fan cuz I just can't deal.
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Let's just say there are easier things to accomplish than a self portrait with your pets. πŸ˜… This is the only halfway decent one we managed before I called it quits. Swipe πŸ‘‰ to see some of the outtakes and you can catch the rest on the blog along with a new years update for @whitkenandco . Link πŸ‘†
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Merry Christmas, friends ✨

Merry Christmas from our little family to yours πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„
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Berry & Bright ✨

The simple garlands and lights I scored @joann_stores for 70% off have been making my heart happy on our bedroom mantel. I might just leave the berries up through January. 3 more sleeps, friends!
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What is your favorite Christmas tradition? I'd love to know! We started one this year of gifting each other an ornament and had to get one for our past Christmases together to catch us up to now. Maybe tomorrow I'll share them in our stories, but I love that it makes our tree a little more meaningful and special πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

Today's Five on Friday is up! I'm sharing a couple of recipes for that desert you need to make for a Christmas party, a couple of posts from one of my favorite bloggers @houseofbrinson about creating a personal story and style statement when designing your home, a funny video clip that is a pretty accurate depiction of life, and the simple thing I'm practicing to turn that Christmas anxiety into Christmas gratitude. Hope you guys are having an awesome Friday! πŸ’• Link πŸ‘†
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That lady on the mantel, I thought she was a man when I first saw her and brought her home. I also left her in the antique store the first time and had to make a special trip back to get her. She's now one of my favorite things, and she's always watching the living room but never stopping the dogs from chewing things they shouldn't. #paybackisab

There was another lady a few weeks ago I walked away from and when I went back for her she was gone and I've been sad about it ever since. The moral of the story is if you really really love something and you can get, get it, even if you have to eat peanut butter the rest of the week. Slowly filling your home with things you genuinely love makes it fun and special and creates little happy moments as you go about your day.
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Choosing paint colors is often often one of the most daunting and stressful tasks homeowners face when designing/decorating their home. You may have not had a hard time saying yes to that man when he asked you to marry him, but saying yes to some color on your walls? I mean it's almost as hard as figuring out what you're hungry for and where you want to go out to eat. We're lining up several posts to address choosing colors and color palettes for your home and the first one is on the blog today. I'm sharing the 4 questions that I ask myself and clients before we even choose colors. Color plays such a huge psychological and even physiological role in our lives, it's important to lay a good foundation before you even settle on a color. Link πŸ‘†
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This week's mood board is inspired by my friend, Amy. I asked readers to comment with words that defined their style and she described her style as rustic, French, country, and industrial. I tried to incorporate some of all of it here. Seriously guys, you gotta swipe left though to get a better look at the bedding and sconces. I discovered @houseofbalticlinen while creating this board and her textiles are amazing. I can't get over them. They are stunning. And that light, just so unusual and all kinds of beautiful and awesome. Direct links and a short breakdown of the design are on the blog. Link πŸ‘†
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Thankful for a kind and patient husband who supports and encourages my dreams and conducts business meetings to help make them come true. One of these days we're going to look back at this picture in our dream studio with our dream team and share how most of our early meetings turned into fights, how Kendall had poster boards where he jotted down all the ideas and notes with colored sharpies, how I refused to let him color code me pink but orange was okay, and how I sat in the corner hugging and nursing a cup of hot tea trying to keep the anxiety from either stopping my heart or causing me to explode all together. As much as I would love to see Whitken & Co. take off, I'm learning to appreciate the slow growth that's allowing us to figure things out and build it into something special for us and others. Tonight we talked about how we want the blog part of Whitken & Co. to be something that encourages, educates, and inspires others in their pursuit of creating home. If we can do that in some small way, I'll be extremely happy. #whitkenandco

Hey guyssss! While you're scrolling your phones waiting for your weekend to get started, we'd love it if you go check out our new post! We're sharing the duvet that got us kicked off the bed for goods this week, the 7 reasons we're not giving up sleeping on the bed if we can helps it, and a new food we're going to be twying to see if it helps with our allergies. We also shared the source for the new rug Mama's been going on and on about this week. Go check it outs and we hopes you guys have a gweat weekend! - Tripp & Chloe
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Swipe to the left to see the rug I thought I ordered, the one I actually ordered, and a close up of the one pictured here and than come back to get The Tale of Two Rugs.

I've spent a good part of my afternoon staring into this room trying to reimagine it. I had a short term plan for this room that would transition into my long term plan, but than I ordered the wrong color rug. The short of it is that we ordered the rug from a discount site on Black Friday at an even bigger discount and it turns out they don't do exchanges so it's not worth it to pay for return shipping and than pay almost full price to reorder it. Aaaaand it's also out of stock on more than one website.

You know that kind of disappointment where there's a pit in your stomach. It may seem crazy and irrational, but that's what I felt. And also maybe a little anger 😁

The funny thing is I found it on Amazon when pricing replacements and started reading the reviews (because after you've bought something that's when you read the reviews 🀦) and someone mentioned it was reversible. Even though that's the side I was staring at before we unrolled it, it didn't occur to me to use it that way because I was so mad about ordering wrong. We decided to go ahead and roll it out, and after my disappointment faded I realized i actually really liked it and the new possibilities that it holds until we can do what we really want with this space. #silverlining

So I think I've decided to keep it. Plus #tripperdoodleshortt and #chloecuddlesshortt are really digging it. They're actually choosing to lay on it rather than jumping up on the bed πŸ™Œwhich is making it super hard to send back. The more I look at it the more excited I get. I mean, now I get to do two designs in this room instead of one. Sorry honey πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
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Hope you all had a good Wednesday πŸ’• Mine was eventful to say the least. In addition to Whitken & Co. I nanny part-time and at one point today my hands were filled with poo in the very literal sense of the word. I just shut down emotionally for a little while so I could deal with it, but the two year old who was just observing the whole diaper situation next to me was not so successful at shutting his emotions down and did the freaking out for me. We made a great team. I also burnt some oranges, found out I ordered the wrong color on a rug that can't be exchanged, and ate my feelings. Even with all that, (which let's be real, isn't all that terrible) the day was still pretty good.
That same two year old had the door flung open and a huge smile on his face before I even got to the steps this morning (it's been almost a week since I was there), my house smelled like an orange grove this afternoon right up until I burnt them, the rug just might work out thanks to an Amazon review I randomly read, and I have nothing good to say about eating my feelings except I tried to do it in a somewhat healthy way πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ Glad the weekend is in sight though, and thankful that we get this time of year to bring a tree into the house and put lights and ornaments on it. It really does make things more merry and bright. πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

I shared five words that I continually gravitate towards in my interior design style in today's mood board post on the blog. What are some words that define your style? Leave them in the comments below with a room choice, and I'll create a mood board around it to share on the blog! Link πŸ‘†
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Baking season is here 🍰 Time to bring out those stretchy pants πŸ‘–Trying out a bourbon berry crumble tonight. Raise your hand if you'd like the recipe! πŸ–οΈ
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Our first Christmas, we didn't have money for Christmas decorations so I slipped on my boots, grabbed some scissors, and headed out to the ditch across our apartment complex. I filled our apartment with pine branches I wired together (see last post) and apples and oranges. Honestly those simple and natural decorations are still my favorite way to decorate. You don't have to spend a lot of money or cram your house with stuff to add that Christmas spirit and cheer. A few simple touches here and there, some Christmas lights, and a well chosen candle will do the trick. Okay, I'm off to decorate our tree now! πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„
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