Bryce was at his buddy Nick’s house, also his friends Jason and Tyler were there. They were going to go out bar hopping that night, so Bryce asked if he could take a shower. Nick didn’t care, so while Bryce was in the shower Nick and Tyler snuck in took all his clothes out and put a pair of cartoon briefs in there. Bryce got out of the shower dried off. That’s when he noticed all his clothes were gone. He played along with there little joke put them on and walked out. All the guys started busting out laughing. Then he said jokes over give me back my clothes. So Nick threw him his clothes back. Bryce yelled,” hey were are my boxerbriefs?” Nick said oh you’re not getting those back you have to wear those out tonight. So advance a couple hours in the night, there out at a bar and Bryce is talking to this smoking hot girl. Then all the sudden this body builder sized guy comes walking up and starts yelling at Bryce wanting to know y he’s hitting on his girl. Then out of nowhere Tyler comes up behind Bryce and pants him. The body builder laughed and the girl. The guy said to the girl I’ll take care of him real quick. He grabbed Bryce took him outside to the deck bar. He literally ripped off his T-shirt and shorts so he was just in the briefs and hung the back of the briefs on a fence post so for everyone to see. #wedgie #briefs #hangingwedgie #hazing #calzónchino #whiteytighties #tightywhities #humiliation #pantsed

MoMMmm!!! NOt iN mY whIteY tiGhteYs!! GEEz!! CaN’t a frOg haVE anY pRivaCy?!? #thatsnotfunny #froggieandgator #whiteytighties #plushies #plushiesofinstagram

This was on #dare thanks to my NY friend haha #truthordare #whiteytighties #letitout #spontaneousphoto #sillybitch

I got 99 problems but a bitch aint one. Pretty stoked to be back in action for @ajaxfooty tomorrow. Throwback to my Ben Cousins days. #ajaxfooty #bencousins #whiteytighties #afl

Waiting our turn at swim! #whiteytighties #isrswim

Have you ever taken a picture and then been immediately ashamed of it? And yet posted it on the internet for anyone to find? But if not on April 1st then when, am I right?

#osomatsusan #osomatsusancosplay #matsunoosomatsu #matsunoosomatsucosplay #dakimakura #whiteytighties #notsexy #iamashamed

U Just Keep Doing U!

Got my game face on #whiteytighties #grundensusa

Sometimes you just gotta say; “What the hump”... Happy Hump Day Y’all! Need undies- WhiteyTighties.com

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