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Em cũng đã đi được 2/5 chặng đường rồi đó
Cuộc sống bộn bề nhiều lúc em quên mất mọi thứ, tình cờ lại có newfeed về họ, vẫn chưa bao giờ quên, những kỉ niệm đó em vẫn còn giữ, có lẽ còn lưu luyến tuổi thanh xuân 🙂. Em sẽ vẫn là cô gái năm ấy, vẫn nhiệt huyết tắm mưa trong concert đó, có thể bị cấm, có thể phản bác, người ta có nói hay cười gì cũng k quan trọng, con đường đi do chính tôi tự chọn.
Trốn nhà theo họ cả một quãng đường dài, dành số tiền tự tay mình kiếm mua một vé concert. Không hối hận, em tới gặp anh, nhưng lại hối hận khi em k ở vị trí hàng đầu tiên, khi anh tiến đến, em bật khóc em biết rằng khoảng cách chúng ta quá xa nhau.
Vì một người nói tôi đợi, nên tôi đang mong chờ ngày họ tái hợp, ngày họ quay về, tôi lại bật sáng lightick hòa cùng biển Vàng để đón chào và nói "chào mừng anh quay trở lại, em nhớ anh rất nhiều"
#171015 #WhiteNightInKL
...Đang minh chứng một sự cứng đầu,... biết mình thương một người mà k thể gặp 😅

Cr: face: An Bình

.......Just found this picture @hannahsiaueikxin ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 🤣 #whitenightinkl #whitenightworldtour #throwback2017

🇲🇾🇲🇾 マレーシアVIPの子達とご飯食べたり、日本人5人で閉店まで飲んだくれて楽しかった😂🧡
#クアラルンプール #KualaLumpur #帰国日なのに朝まで飲む #WHITENIGHTinKL #べべペン #BIGBANG #ヨンベ

Alhamdulillah & Thank you VIPs!! It's already 88 followers!! We really happy with this!! It's might be a small no for you but it's meaning us a lots 😍😍😍😍😍!! We started our Team event #motteinklgdbirthday with 88 VIPs.. Dedicated to uri Big Bang Leader #kwonjiyong on the same day concert #motteinkl ..
It's such a beautiful moments to us..some memories are UNFORGETTABLE..remaining EVER VIVID & HEARTWARMING 😘😘😘😘😘!! @xxxibgdrgn speedy recover!!we'll always waiting for you & Big Bang!!! @choi_seung_hyun_tttop
@__youngbae__ @seungriseyo #kangdaesung time flies but all of you still remain with us!!! LOVE YOU!!! 💖💖💖💖💖
Tqqqqq VIPs for your support!! Can't wait to meet again for next event💞💞💞💞💞💞 #TeamMotteMy

518 Happy birthday my bae!! 0️⃣🍐✨🎂🎉❤️ #imysomuch #whitenightinkl

BIG BANG - 2017 Concert Last Dance in Seoul
Price : RM 190 to WM & RM 210 to EM
Release Date : 30/4/2018
Deadline : 30/4/2018
Content :
📌 DVD (2pcs)
📌 Photobook (120p)
📌 Random Card (2p)
📌 Postcard Set (20p)
📌 Poster Calendar
📌 Fabric Slogan
📌 Pin Button Set (5p)
Subtitles : Korean , English , Chinese
Notice :
• How to order ? Whatsapp me : +60105545846 (click link on bio 🤗)
• Preorder : 2-4 weeks (Please wait patiently 🙏🏻)
• All price include postage
• I need 2nd payment if the parcel get detain by kastam
• Sales reflected on Hanteo & Gaon chart
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Gonna miss you bae. Just one last dance. @__youngbae__ #whitenightinkl

Feeling Nostalgic.. #whitenightinkl #whitenight #taeyang

Happy wedding 💒 👏💞🎎🎉🎉#weddingdress #taeyang #minhyorin 💏#祝你幸福 #180203 💑#3FEB2018 #malaysia 👰👱 #whitenightinkl

171015 태양 월드투어 <말레이시아>
빰빰빰빠암~바디에서 슈퍼스타 넘어가는
이 부분이 정말정말 짱 좋아요🍐💕
눈빛 표정으로 다 죽일 작정이었다면..대성공!!!😇
덕후 여기서 잠들다.....
Full video - https://youtu.be/n3RKGaWh-aA
@__youngbae__ 말레샤 그레잇💕
스스로 빛나는별, 태양☀️
#태양 #태양월드투어 #태양콘서트
#太陽 #영배 #오일팔 #YB518
@__youngbae__ ©︎urthesun

2017. Where Lady Luck was still on my side most of the time...with a lil' bit of twist. The personal favourites that happened were definitely when @xxxibgdrgn was right in front of me during #MOTTEinKL encore and of course, MEETING @__youngbae__ AND LITERALLY TALKED TO HIM AND BE ABLE TO HAND HIM THE GIFT THAT I KEEP FOR FIVE FREAKIN YEARS during #WHITENIGHTinKL ~! 😭😍😎 Although it almost turned out to be a year full of "Nak pergi mana lepas ni?" kinda questions because of those 4 trips in 2016 😅, it was still a year full of surprises and pretty much adventures. And I'm sure that calls for a start of #TabungJalanBihah in full force. Plus, I'm holding on to Ayah&Ma's green light for 2020! cc : OT5 😏😁 Congratulations to all newlyweds and new parents! I pray for your happiness in those new life chapters! 💖🎉💕 *aiseh! Instagram cropped out Constance there*
To #TheBowanas and #GengSeparaKPop , friends and families... ❤💛💙💚💜💖 To @choi_seung_hyun_tttop , you will forever have a special place in my heart. 😘💖 So, hi 2018! My second last year to use #2NE_age_ and hope I could meet Daesungie (somehow, before his enlistment) and @seungriseyo if he comes to KL in the near future! 😉

Pictures are in chronological order. .
January 2017 - February 2017
Events: Year 2 Final exams
Chinese New Year
@yuensan_ ‘s 21st birthday .
Picture 1: CNY Day 1 with Chook family. .
The forever irreplaceable element in my life. .
February 2017 - April 2017
Event: Internship
Picture 2: First day of intern with @carmankwann; along with her birthday during 310317.
Learnt a lot at MVTV, although there are a lot of dissatisfactions, but we made it 👋🏻. .
May 2017
Event: Usherette at Asia’s Got Talent Auditions at Sunway Lagoon; Bangkok Trip
Tiring. But it was surely a huge event that provides lifetime opportunities. .
June 2017 - September 2017
Event: Final Year Semester 1. .
Being a producer for the biggest scale of production that I have ever had, and getting to work with people in the industry was the fun part. .
September 2017.
Events: #motteinKL; Hong Kong Trip
Picture 3: It was the third time meeting @xxxibgdrgn, but much nearer this time. Oppa, please don’t ever stop making good music. I’ll always be there to wait for you. .
Picture 4: building landscapes in Hong Kong. .
Hong Kong, the city that never sleeps. Will definitely be back to visit for the good food!
October 2017
Event: #whitenightinKL
Picture 5: It was the fourth time meeting @__youngbae__ in Malaysia, but again, a nearer distance. Oppa, thank you so much for reassuring that BIGBANG is always complete with us, please be happy and safe in the military. .
October 2017 - November 2017
Events: Final Year Semester 2.
Hectic for sure, had much more mental breakdowns for sure, but it’s for me to ensure a stronger me. Thank you all for these obstacles. .
December 2017
Events: 21st birthday; @angeline1222’s 21st birthday
Picture 6 & 7: Early celebration for 21st birthday with the another irreplaceable part of my life.
Picture 8: Lunch at @ygrepublique_my with the dearies.
December is a month full of joy, although there are still stacks of assignments yet to be settled, it will be done soon. .
We’ve done something wonderful. .
2017 was crazy, let’s make 2018 even crazier.
Peace out!
Vivian; 20171231. .
#life #appreciation

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