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Spray tans make everything magical: makeup looks better, hair looks blonder, muscles more defined..then 3 days later your tan starts to fade off and you start to look like you have weird birthmarks and skin discoloration. #itwasgoodwhileitlasted #whitegirlprobs #foreverpale #contouronfleektho

That's right. My shirt says it all; Coffee all day, Cocktails all night. #morelikecocktailsallday #whitegirlprobs #basic #idontdrinkcoffeesoillskiptococktails #itsfriiiiday 🍟🍹

Reminiscing about the one time in my life I had a nice tan 😭 #spraytan #whitegirlprobs #pasty 👻

Searching for a caption

I'm embarrassed to say I live in California. #whitegirlprobs #noramyexplorer

When your Starbucks drink belongs in Seuss! #sobasic #seuss #pinkdrink #starbucks #whitegirlprobs


So... Can I be honest for a minute? I've started a bad habit that I'm going to fix NOW. I've reversed this habit before, but then fell back into my old ways (sound familiar?). --
I am notorious for mindless eating. I legit could eat a whole cow and then some, and STILL find food to eat... Just because I can. Example A, today I ate lunch, and then ate an entire bag of grain free granola.🙈 Whoops... It's a hard habit to break because I'm mindlessly doing it. HOWEVER, the beautiful thing about understating your body is I am AWARE now that I do it. (I'm currently teaching this to my bootcampers, and it's a game changer for sure!) --
The reason I started doing it again is because I stopped logging what I was eating. I don't log food to count calories, or macros, or any of that stuff. I log food to make sure my mindless eating is in CHECK. So today, I'm going back to what was working, and I'm fixing this pesky problem! --
First food of the day tomorrow will be an epic bar and a couple carrots! #winning

Introduction to Intercultural Studies 101: This, my son, is what makes the white girls go crazy every fall 🍂 😂 Sammys's face is like "Uuhm ok what's so special about this" 🙄😄 #pumpkin #squash #pumpkinspice #pumpkinspiceeverything #whitegirlprobs #fall #autumn #mixedkids #curlyhair #curlykids #mixedracebaby #babyboy #cutie #mamarazzi

When your Starbucks drink belongs in Seuss! #sobasic #seuss #pinkdrink #starbucks #whitegirlprobs

Who's excited as I am!!!!! Placing a order who wants pumpkin spice!!!!! #mealreplacement #pumkinspice #herbalife #limitededition #whitegirlprobs #purrfectnutrition

When you're so obsessed with fall, you have a fall village 🤷🏼‍♀️ #whitegirlprobs #pumpkineverything #fall

BIG win for me today. I NEVER used to be able to do these... I can do 4 with pretty good form, 4 YOU GUYS! That's a HUGE win!
If you've been following me for a while, you know push ups are hard for me. I really have to take them slow, otherwise my form is jacked. Being able to do 4 (of these terrible things😝), tells me I've gotten stronger. And that is a HUGE win for me. --
Always try to focus on your non scale victories, they are WAY more important than a number on a scale. Today I'm going to be walking with a little extra swagger in my step because seriously I'm a BOSS. (Is this humble?😏😉) --
PS - sorry my leg is cut off and the lighting per usual SUCKS. I had to take what I could get because being able to do 4 more wouldn't have happened (yet).😜

Bahahaha #whitegirlprobs

😭#MiPapi y #MiMami no me quieren dejar salir de casa por culpa del #HuracánMaría! Son unos exagerados porque yo solo veo una ligera llovizna 😭 Se que #Odiar no es cosa de una #SeñoritaDeSociedad 👩🏼🎀 de #AltaAlcurnia como yo, pero siento que te odio María 😭😭😭 #QueVidaTanInjusta #ProblemasDeUnaSeñoritaDeSociedad #MaríaVete #QuieroSalirDeCasa #WhiteGirlProbs

Gone are the days where we actually have to WORK for the good in life...
Workout/eating healthy is hard, we QUIT.
Our marriage gets a little rocky, we QUIT.
Someone at our job pissed us off, we don't show up, and QUIT. --
Guys, life is HARD. Living a healthy lifestyle is HARD (at first, it gets easier I promise). Being married can be HARD. Any job is HARD. That's LIFE. Life isn't easy, but life is what you make it. Think about it this way... If you're tired of feeling like shit, but eating healthy and working out for you is a struggle, CHOOSE YOUR HARD.
If your marriage sucks, and you're going through a hard time, have you done everything to fix it? (Counseling, church classes, etc.) If so, then LEAVE. But guess what? Being divorced is also hard, CHOOSE YOUR HARD.
Sick and tired of being unappreciated at work. Or tired of your job in general. change your attitude or change jobs (join my team and be your own boss 😉 jk but really). Otherwise, find a new job FIRST, turn in your 2 weeks like a good employee, and be DONE. Again, CHOOSE YOUR HARD. --
Life is all about choice and decisions. You are ONE choice away from a completely different life... Always remember that. And always remember you have to WORK for the GREAT things in life.

Not my day! First I get fired, then the jeep just wants to start acting up and sucking down fuel like it's going out of style. #notmyday #whenitrainsitpours #jeepprobs #whitegirlprobs #canitgetanyworse

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