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Happy weekend my dears 😘🤗
I'm so love with my new sneakers 😊 and even as a vase they look fantastic 😜 what are you doing today? Any plans?
Whatever you do, have fun 💕🌸❤
#sneakerlove #sneakerfreaker #shoesoftheday

Went to Paris for a shooting. 💣 Taken with the Sigma 18-35 f1.8.

"It is not a miracle when you have a million friends. A miracle is to make a friend who will always stand on your side when millions are againts you"

If something is meant to be then it will happen✨ #whitetheme #whitefeed

I'm feeling so broke right now, I bought exo melody fairy box for me and my sister (because her bday is coming) and now I want to buy some winter clothes but I have no money hahah

And don't let it slide
You're not always right 💬
Calça maravilhosa do @studiodesignerjeans 💙
#hotpants #jeans #calçajeans #love #lookdodia #studiodesignerjeans #leonina #girl #chica #lfl

trouves plus* instagrammables que ces vans
qotd: as tu vu ma wishlist?
vans @zalando
socks @asos_fr
promis j arrete de les prendre en photo olo😝
LUVVV FROM CARO 💙 #zalandostyle

Hi sweeties, I really drink a lot of tea.. And this tea I can really drink All day, it gives you an energy boost or you can just detox! 🙌🏼 Thank you @tastea.eu I really like the taste of it. 💜 #love #tastea #detox


One woman, one man.. #whitetheme #whitefeed #magic

А за кадром @boragg, который очень боится высоты 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ Я тоже боюсь, но в тот момент было смешно на него смотреть! И на секундочку забыла о своём страхе 🌚😅
Кстати ветрюга была сильная..ну по моим волосам это видно 💁🏻

Modern and classic men's watches with automatic or quartz movements in a timeless design.
All watches from @elyseewatches in Düsseldorf meet the quality standard.
Made with love in Germany.

#flatlay #whitefeed #whiteaddict #whitefloors #coffee #elysee #elyseewatches #minimal

making progress with magnus chase! i already read 300 pages but riverdale is stopping me 🙈 send help 😚😂
QOTD: Who is your fav riverdale character?

Insomnia, 6 am wanderings & other fun stories ✨☕️ Я уже спал на этой неделе 🌃

Aos poucos vai ficando do jeitinho que a gente quer 💕 #sweetiehome #bomdia

Dessert at Aagrah

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