KCN vật lý vs hoá học
1️⃣Vật lý
- An toàn cho da nhạy cảm, bầu bí
- Lành tính cho da đang kích ứng, sau #laser #peel #retinol...
- Thường bền vững hơn KCN HH - Cơ chế phản chiếu tia UV

2️⃣Hoá học - Finish đẹp, không #whitecast - Dễ tán kem - Cơ chế hấp thụ tia UV và biến thành nhiệt lượng

Take a risk, break a bone, pose for the camera, get up and try again until you make it 😬😂🤣 P. S. Make sure z cast goes well with ur outfit🤦🏾‍♀️

Chasing waves with Bella. It was a beautiful. Some clouds. A lot of wind. Sunny spells. I was mesmerized. A week after moving here from London, it seemed destined. 14-July-18

💥EltaMD UV Pure SPF47 Review💥
My mind went backwards and forwards with this whilst I was waiting for it to arrive from @strawberrynet.
I kept seeing mixed reviews. One person said it sank in really well and there was no white cast, but another said that it was quite thick and had a really strong white cast.
Then I watched a @drdrayzday video where she actually put some on her face and it looked lovely with NO white cast!
I didn’t know what to believe.
Now I have tried it a few times I have formed my own opinion.
❇️Consistency is a bit thicker than LRP Toleriane Riche.
❇️Very obvious citrus smell that lasts for most of the day. It isn’t unpleasant but is unnecessary(it does contain citric acid).
❇️It does go on very white, but not as bad as the Avene Mineral.
❇️The more you rub, the more it settles in and the white starts to disappear.
❇️It is very mattifying and dries within around 5 minutes.
❇️I am left with a mild ghostly look but makeup covers it.
I actually really like this! Even more so that it is an all physical #spf47!👍🏻. It is also non-tinted and water resistant for 80 minutes(not that I ever find myself in water!).
I would suggest leaving it for 5-10 minutes to really sink in and allow the majority of the white to disappear.
I was worried about applying makeup over it because I dis wonder if base would struggle because there is minimal tackiness to it and it is completely matte. But foundation has no problems and sits over it well.(I tried the new Clinique Happy over it and some Nars concealer).
I am pleasantly surprised and very impressed. I think that this will become my non-tinted SPF from now on. 5⭐️.

#apply -> #reapply. This #spf50 #suncream from #rituals feels like a fantastic #moisturizer! #Easy to apply & reapply, the #whitecast is gone within mere minutes, but dear @ritualscosmetics Why the fuck do you have to put #perfume in it??? It smells fantastic, but WHY??? 🌱💚

#safesun #sunsafe #protection #uvprotection #waterresistant #sundamages #sunburn #skincancer #antiaging #crueltyfree #parabenfree #gay #gayvegan #vegan #veganskincare #VeganSuncream #noanimalsharmed #norway

Sebenarnya disaat saya beli #earthsrecipewaterfulsungel ini saya masih punya #skinaquaspf50 dan #skinaquasarafit 🙈
Trus kenapa beli? Bosen aja dg #sunscreen yang ada saat itu, lama banget abisnya 🙊
Eh tapi saya ga salah pilih lho. Produk ini enak baget. Wanginya enak. Gampang nyerapnya. Setelahnya kulit jadi lembut gitu. Kesannya oily, tapi penampakannya ga ada minyak2nya
Kalo menurut saya, pakai produk ini sedikit aja cukup. Kalo kebanyakan kok jadi terkesan putih seperti #whitecast tapi ga yang garis2 gitu ya, muka jd putih gitu deh kalo kebanyakan 😁
Karna dah merasa enak pakai ini, saya jadi melupakan @skinaquaid yang dah duluan ada 😔

🧕🏽 Primeira vez na vida que minha face experimenta um Bioré! Comecei com o Face Milk porque é o mais recomendado para peles oleosas (pelo menos o mais seco). ㅤ
🧕🏽 Vamos entender o motivo do Bioré ter tomado essa proporção toda? Os coreanos são referência em proteção solar. As mulheres realmente cuidam muito da pele e falam sobre o benefício da água.

🧕🏽 Ao usar um produto desses, você deve cobrir com o filtro de sua preferência e COR depois (já ouviu dizer que o que protege contra os raios uva/uvb é a cor? então). A textura do Bioré é esbranquiçada, deixando assim o famoso “whitecast”, o que vai te fazer precisar corrigir com uma cor depois (na minha rotina diária uso o protetor, mas no FDS por exemplo, uso base). Tudo depende da sua proposta.

🧕🏽 Vou ser bem sincera: só usarei Bioré final de semana, o produto precisa secar antes pra gente conseguir dar prosseguimento à rotina depois (protetor/base, corretivo, pó, etc.), e durante a semana eu não tenho esse tempo 😕

🧕🏽 Mas adorei o cheiro, a proposta e com certeza já entrou na lista dos que serão muitas vezes recomprados (atééé pq já viram o tamanho? só arrastar a foto pro lado). Esse eu comprei com a @cosmegyn, entrega rápida e atendimento diferenciado! Uma linda 😘

#bioré #bioréfacemilk #biorébrasil #protetorsolar #proteçãosolar #protetorhibrído #sol #solar #proteção #rotinadepele #whitecast #dermato #dermatolovers #dermatologia #dermatologista #sun #sunday #compras #comprinhas #dermocosmeticos

When even your #suncream SCREAMS #whitelifesmatter at you ... This is the YOUR thing if you’re not completely #anal about the #whitecast .... and guess what? I only used the recommended amount to achieve SPF50 ... #FML! I LOOK LIKE A F’IN #CLOWN!!! Not sure how to even get this off. I already washed my hands 9 times, and still I leave white marks... today’s lesson is: use #dermalogica #protection50sport & #altruistsunscreen #spf50 They are ❤️🌱💚

#sunscreen #safesun #sunsafe #protection #uvprotection #waterresistant #sundamages #sunburn #skincancer #antiaging #crueltyfree #parabenfree #gay #gayvegan #vegan #veganskincare #VeganSuncream #noanimalsharmed #norway

They told me I’d never get that Far. They were right, I got even Further. #motivation #whitecast #youtube #certified #me #keynote #happy #life

Decorative cast. Broom finish with concrete jointers and edgers. Our client has chosen to leave the concrete unstained for a super modern look. .. . What's your preference? Stain or no stain? #engravedconcrete #abuja #nigeria #exposedconcrete #whitecast #stainedconcretefloors #epoxyflooring #ashlarslate #broomfinishconcrete

Time for a #productreview :
@drunkelephant #umbratinte ✌🏼
🌞First things first: Umbra is 20% zinc and is not meant to be absorbed by the skin. The larger molecule actually sits on top of the skin and provides a physical protective defense from UV rays and environmental stressors.

A little of this product goes a very long way, and just a bit too much will have a tendency to ball up. When using Umbra Tinte I would suggest the following steps: shake the tube well. Put about a pea-sized amount in your palm and rub hands together to warm the sunscreen. Pat onto face and neck. It lays on top of skin, do not try to rub in; it's a physical block. You can also add a couple drops of Marula Oil to it before applying for a smoother application.

Another thing to understand is that Drunk Elephant doesn't use silicones or chemical screens. Most sunscreens on the market that use zinc, also use chemical screens and silicones to make the application smoother while still maintaining the higher SPF. So, adding a little Marula Oil is the perfect, and healthier, way to aid in the ease pf application and it helps to avoid the natural pilling that you get from a zinc product.

At the beginning I had tried @drunkelephant Umbra WITHOUT TINT. I was happy with the sun protection but not the #whitecast it left so I picked this beauty up. Overall I was very happy with the glow it gave me and the sun protection however pulling was an issue until I reached out to @drunkelephant for some help and info. ✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼 OVERALL✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼
I am happy with the look (dewy and glowy), application (pats easily on to skin and when mixed with a facial oil does not pill as bad) , ingredients, and performance of this product.
I will #repurchase

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