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Tekstur Biore UV mengandung royal jelly sehingga terasa seperti gel dan sangat ringan seperti air.

Formulanya mudah diusapkan ke suluruh wajah. Berbeda dengan sunscreen lainnya yang menimbulkan efek whitecast, Biore UV sangat mudah meresap sehingga tidak menimbulkan bekas apapun di kulit.

Biore UV tidak membuat foundation atau make up lainnya menjadi lengket. Selain itu, Biore UV juga mudah dibersihkan dengan facial foam sehingga tidak tertinggal di pori-pori yang bisa menyebabkan komedo.

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Simply in love ❤ with how Mary Kay® Translucent Loose Powder, priced at ONLY $16!, doesn't give #flashback or leave a #whitecast and #photgraphs beautifully (pic was taken with flash btw). Translucent powder was used to set highlighted areas and clean up #eyebrows. Get yours today by visiting the link in my profile!
P.S. full look created with Mary Kay products 😍
Wig @bae_hairs
Install @juicy_lathressa

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Ever since I learnt that visible light from Sun (watch videos from @drdrayzday) also adds to pigmentation (specially ones with melasma) and that zinc oxide (at least 5%- see post from @drsambunting ) should be added to your 🌞 routine to avoid that, I was on the hunt for a sunscreen that contains Zinc Oxide and is available in 🇨🇦 with not a hefty price 💰! I also saw a whole ton of video reviews by YouTubers on sunscreens and finally decided to try "Avene Light Mineral Lotion SPF 50+ for Face & Body" from shoppers drug mart which retails for $35 (CAD)
I had tested this on my hand at the store and it did not leave any white cast on my hand. I bought and tried it on my face at home. Sadly, it leaves a white cast on my brown skin, no matter what. 😔
I tested it:
1️⃣ Without any skin care product, directly on my face- No go🤨
2️⃣ With water based, fully absorbed serums - No go😐
3️⃣ With a slightly oil based serum, absorbed into the skin -No go 😑

This just does not want to work on my face and blend in. 🙄😫 I am by no means saying this will not work on fair skin tones, had a friend who is very pale try it for me and it works wonderfully. 👍

Also both doctors recommend sunscreens but those aren't readily available in Canada and if they are, either they are super expensive or based on reviews, they won't work for my skin type/tone. 😒

After all the research I have been doing for weeks, I think for my skin it is best to continue with my trusty @aveenous SPF 30 (see my posts for a review on it) and use a tinted powder Sunscreen with high zinc oxide in it. Stay tuned for what I end up buying #brownskinproblems
Know that, I compared the ingredient list between this and AVENE MINERAL ULTRA-LIGHT HYDRATING SUNSCREEN LOTION SPF 50+ (FACE) and there are only three ingredients that are different which are on the bottom of the list. When tried, this one is just a bit lighter in consistency, performs very similar to the one reviewed.
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👀 White and opaque 👃🏼 Smells of #SPF but not that noticeable 🖐🏼 Has a dry powdery slippery skinfeel. I think it is probably silicone. Does not feel comfortable if I apply a thick layer, leaves a layer of film that makes me want to wash my hands 🐝 Works fine as a #sunscreen but it leaves a very obvious #whitecast and it lightened my foundation which means I need to use a bronzer 😩 💔Got no time for so many steps on work days. My Pixi highlighter and this do not get along, my makeup end up looking patchy 💔💔 It is fine for no makeup days or maybe at the beach 🛍 I’ve got another 3 bottles to go but it is the SPF30 range. Fingers crossed they are easier to use #Shiseido #Anessa

#MySkinKuEMPTIES: #Nivea Anti Age White (Soy) v.s. Instant White (Vit. C) Firming Body Serum
Repurchase? Yes, untuk varian Anti Age White (Ungu)

Sunscreen badan sehari-hari dengan PA+++ yang gampang banget didapatkan di minimart/drugstore lokal. Jarang loh sunscreen lokal yang PA nya sampai triple-plus, bahkan Nivea untuk muka yang lebih mahal aja kadang cuman sampai dua.
Yang varian Anti-Age warna Ungu lebih cepet meresap dibanding yang Instant White warna Orange. Kayaknya dibilang (((instant white))) ini karena titanium dioxide nya lebih banyak jadi sebenarnya lebih ke #whitecast sih, dan jadi lebih streaky juga pas diratainnya. Dua-duanya agak bikin "keringetan" sih, kalau habis dipakai langsung dibawa jalan ke luar rumah yang panas. Harus ditunggu menyerap dulu sebaiknya. .
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