Travel around the World with LLS app📱Link in bio @livelifesystems_rs 🗝️✨

You know you’ve become one of ‘those’ people when you get a running bag and show everyone in the office all of its key features 🧐

Can't wait to get this framed, always wanted one of these done and I'm actually so happy I got to do it with not only my better half but my best friend too 😘💖

Best thing after work 🛁 #sloth

This is my normal face, I ain't moody. Just got a serious case of RBF 💁🏼

16/06 - Firstly, this wedding ceremony was wonderful. I can't begin to express how happy I am for my cousin & her little family. I am proud of her for fighting hard against something as horrible as cancer. It will not win 💖 @bradleylallen, I want to thank you for sharing such a special day with the family, you're one of family 😘 we love you.

Blessed 💖

Leavers meal! 👭
food appreciation at the end of course🍕 #whitagram#memories#sixthform#bestmates

A few years ago our Friday nights were different. Now we just have photo shoots at Meijer while eating snacks in the car. Both are still equally lit though 🔥 #FridayLastNight

World’s cutest and smallest hotel. Showbak Castle, Jordan; 2016. Its a @volkswagen beetle. Preserved and decorated beautifully by a Jordanian named Abu Ali. He serves you excellent Turkish Coffee and is a storehouse of treasure.


Relaxing with a glass of Prosecco having spent the day packing my suitcase and getting everything ready for America. 🥂🇺🇸 #prosecco #saturday #theweekend #weekend #holiday #whitagram #drinks #evening

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