Summer in the City

So, how was work today? Anything interesting happen? Never mind. Maybe tomorrow. As for us, well, since you ask – look at what we made. Lovely, isn’t it? Did it take us long? About five years. We took some fine Irish grain whiskey and some equally fine Irish malt whiskey, let them wait in bourbon barrels, brought together in virgin American oak barrels and there you have it.

All in a day’s work. It just takes five years at a time, that’s all. Link in bio to find your bottle.

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Batch 007: The name’s Rye Malt... Tennessee Rye Malt
Nice shot!

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There’s been a death in the house and surprisingly it wasn’t me who did the killing! 😮
My husband is guilty as charged! 😂😂😂
. Great pic 😮

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Boo thang (he’s happier than he looks) 😂❤️💜 #whiskeyisland #summertime

Went on a tour of the @lostspiritsdistillery tonight & had a blast! If you’re a bit of a booze nerd & you’re in LA or going to be — make your reservations now. Hurry before the secrets of #WhiskeyIsland get out, lol. 🥃

Prime example of dog days of summer ☀️ 🌴🌊

BrewBoat was so much fun! 🎉⛵️🍺 #brewboatcle #roseallday #whiskeyisland

Happy Father's day! We're at the lake if you need us. #fathersday #whiskeyisland #thisiscle @jazziefeet @mrs_spatula @rmspatny

A Girl’s Best Friend Bakery is getting ready for the Island Pawty up at Whiskey Island THIS SUNDAY! Hosted by @socialpawscle. Tickets are still on sale on the social paws page and all proceeds go to a local rescue. It’s gonna be a toasty one Sunday so I have Pupsicles, frozen treats for the humans, and of biscuits on deck! Hope to see you all there! #whiskeyIsland #SundayFunday #pupsicles #tastyTreats #AllNatural #HomeMade

“Never give up, for that is just the place and time the tide will turn.”
Quote from Harriet Beecher Stowe

Photography by ~ Brygida

Friday night at Whiskey Island Still & Eatery Marina. The picture doesn’t do this perfect evening justice.

Had a blast last night out on Lake Erie with my cousin Tim and his boat! So much needed time to get out and unwind a little after a long day of working. #cleveland #whiskeyisland #edgewaterpark #edgewaterlive #downtown #rippingwaves #coldbeers

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