Recopilación de mis mejores arácnidos que he encontrado (1) Argiope sp. (2) Amblypygi sp. (3) Ctenidae sp. (4) Lycosidae sp. #spider #whipspider #amblypygi #arachnida #arachnid #arachnids #arachnology #Colombia #whipscorpion

The new male Damon medius. He hasn’t eaten, refused prekilled, and looks very skinny so I’m a little worried about him. Unlike Damon diadema they cannot be sexed through pedipalps, so he actually has smaller palps than the female. Swipe for ventral sexing.

Apparently today is arachnid day. First I posted about the spider I found in the house last night and now I’m posting about the two Amblypygi (Phrynus barbadensis) I brought home this evening. The story of how I learned about these creatures and soon after managed to connect with a local entomologist who breeds them is too much for tonight and I am tired. I will tell it another time. Needless to say, I was feeling a bit uncertain about this seemingly crazy decision a few days ago. My curiosity can take me down some very strange paths. And these creatures can live for 10 years so they are quite a commitment. But now that I have them and am able to watch them move... they’re amazing. No regrets. 🕷 A few interesting facts: They are commonly referred to as tailless whip spiders or tailless whip scorpions but are neither. However, they are arachnids. You may have seen these creatures in a Harry Potter movie where they were used by Professor Moody to demonstrate the unforgivable curses. Mine are a different genus. They are quite creepy looking things, but are entirely harmless. For the hours after molting they are very vulnerable and are often white and green or blue until they harden and regain their normal coloration. Mine are only 3rd instar and quite tiny. They should molt within the next few weeks. I really hope to see this process, but these are nocturnal animals so that can get tricky. The styrofoam is in there for them to hold onto, especially for molting. I purchased some cork bark for this purpose, but the entomologist who breeds them just uses styrofoam, probably because you can see them very clearly on it. When they’re down in the substrate they blend in so much that I wondered at times if they’d gotten out! They each have their own home since some species do not get on well together. They look like aliens!! #whipspider #amblypygi #phrynusbarbadensis

Cute little whip spider 🙈 #Ecuador #Amazon #whipspider

Paraphrynus aztecus. Has to be the slowest growing invert I've ever kept 😅
#amblypygi #amblypygid #whipspider #taillesswhipscorpion #paraphrynus #paraphrynusaztecus #invert #invertebrate

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These weird and wonderful creatures were a common sight on night time walks near caves and old tree stumps in the jungle. This is a whip spider/tailess whip scorpion, but this is a bad common name because they are not spiders or scorpions. They are in a separate order of Arachnids known as the Amblypygi, which contains over 150 species and probably many more. They are strictly nocturnal and use their elongated antenniform legs to feel around in the darkness for prey. Although they look pretty formidable, they are harmless to humans and lack venom. Despite their sinister appearance, they are great parents and carry the offspring on their back until the babies are large enough to fend for themselves. Their bizarre looks has led to them being featured in Harry Potter, when Mad-eye Moody conjures up a huge ones in one of the classes at Hogwarts!
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Amblypyg, scorpion, and also a bonus selfie of me in one of my wonderful Amazigh scarves from #Morocco just because. #whipspider #taillesswhipscorpion #uroctonusmordax #damondiadema #scorpion #taillesswhipscorpion #Amazigh #arachnid #arachnidlover

Whip Spider, Tailless Whip Scorpion & Amblypygi.. Call it what you want but this incredibly unique species has been made even more popular by the Harry Potter movies.
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I have a fascination with whip spiders. An interpretation of which can be found in a story of mine. Top left image was my reference, the bottom was my own personal interpretation of the creature.
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En tus ojos cabe el universo. Tejes todas tus posibilidades en una red tendida en la que sacias tus anhelos de grandeza

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Feeding time!!! Can you spot my pet? Clue: it's a tailless whip scorpion 🕷🦂 in reality he's not scorpion at all! .
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#chelicerate #whipspider
#exoticpets #livefeeding

After so long waiting, it finally happened! This beautiful Damon medius female molted and grew her missing whip back. Absolutely overjoyed to see her recover so well.

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