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The boys are so loved by everyone whenever we go on the tube. Such well behaved boys 😍 #proudparents
μ§€ν•˜μ²  νƒˆλ•Œλ§ˆλ‹€ λ„ˆλ¬΄ μ–Œμ „νžˆ μž˜μžˆμ–΄μ„œ μ§€ν•˜μ² μ— μžˆλŠ” λͺ¨λ“  μ‚¬λžŒλ“€ν•œν…Œ μ£Όλͺ©λ°›λŠ” λ‚΄μƒˆκΎΈλ“€ πŸ’“ λ ˆλ‹ˆλŠ” 빈자리 있으면 무슨 지 μžλ¦¬μΈκ²ƒ 마λƒ₯ λ°”λ‘œ μ ν”„ν•΄μ„œ μ˜¬λΌκ°€μ„œ μ•‰μ•„μ„œ 문제 πŸ˜‚ μ„œμžˆμ„λ•Œ κ°€μž₯ μ™„λ²½ν•œ ν¬μ§€μ…˜μ€ 2μΈ΅λ§ˆμΌλ‘œμ— 1μΈ΅λ ˆμ΄λ‹ˆ πŸ˜‚
#milothewhippet #rainthespitz

//Y: do you know Alfred the whippet from @dogsnug? here is Alfred's white brother (οΎŸΟ‰οΎŸ) he's new and he needs a name___ maybe you guys have an idea, what we could call him?
for a chance to win one and have your name chosen:
βœ–οΈ follow @_wand_wand and @dogsnug
βœ–οΈ comment on either account with the name you would give Alfred's new brother
βœ–οΈ post a photo with your favourite toy or repost this photo and tag #WheresthefruitAlfredsbrother in your caption so we can find your entry

one entry per account, please (^.^) / winners will be chosen at random and announced on sunday, 30-04-2017 / the contest is open to participants worldwide

Episode 30 is up on YouTube, click the bio link! πŸ‘† I receive the best parcel ever!!! A box of rigging from fans in Florida 😳😳 Yosh is away so I show you what I have been up to with boat work!! β˜ΊοΈβœŒοΈβ›΅οΈβš“οΈπŸ”§πŸŒž #sailingnandji

Our little Kevin posing on a rock πŸ˜πŸ˜› practicing his modelling: wearing our favourite lead from @bocoaustralia

I was tagged by @opal_the_whippet for the #20FactsAboutMe challenge! I tagged some of my furiends to do the challenge too!

1. I can moo like a cow
2. My bro from my litter is @enzothewhippet
3. When I see a squirrel I hop like a kangaroo
4. I'm afraid of greyhounds and literally πŸ’© myself when I see them
5. I bark and howl all the time because I don't understand the concept of whippets being quiet dogs
6. I love when people scratch my butt 😏
7. I growl at the wall/the ghost in my apartment
8. I love pissing dogs off at the dog park and then sprinting away because I know they can't catch me
9. I pass gas really loud πŸ™ˆ
10. I'm either going 0 or 100 no in between
11. Fish treats are my favorite
12. I like going on nice long walks on the beach (jk I've never been to the beach)
13. I only sleep in a human bed #royalty
14. My human is only allowed 1/8 of the bed and the rest is for me
15. My colors are fawn brindle and white
16. I chase all the lady corgis at the dog park πŸ˜‰
17. Sometimes I have to zoomie while I'm on a walk and my mom has to stop while I run around crazily for a minute
18. I'm afraid of turkeys
19. I destroyed my mom's new couch after I ripped all the seams out of her old futon
20. My little teefs are always sticking out when I sleep

気を぀けγͺγ„γ¨ε½Όγ‚‰γ«θΆ³ζ‰•γ„γγ‚‰γ£γ¦εΎŒι ­ιƒ¨εΌ·ζ‰“γ™γ‚‹γ¨γ‚†γ†γ“γ¨γŒγ‚γ‚ŠγΎγ™γ€‚



Thought I should join in πŸ‘£#lurcher #greyhound #saluki #whippet

πŸ˜„β€οΈ chrtky trtky #italiangreyhound #whippet #2psy #daddysgirl #biry

Today it was Bon`s turn for a photo shoot.
He is nearly 6 years old and is a blue (grey) whippet.
Bon has regular outings with a friend who has even been known to take him to visit the elderly at a retirement village.
He brings lots of love and joy to those who know him.
#warrnamboolbeach #destinationwarrnambool #whippet #whippetsofinstagram #dog #warrnambool #warrnambooldogs #bluewhippet #live3280 #lovewalkingmydog

Nun habe ich endlich den letzten Teil meiner #whippet von #ankestrick fertiggestellt. Nun wartet sie festgesteckt auf der neuen Unterlage auf das Anziehen.
#stricken #knitstagram #knitting #knittersofinstagram #instaknit #instaknitting #whippetpattern #strickjacke #tricot #malabrigo #malabrigosilkpaca

A couple of safetypins and Dixie's raincoat fits perfectly πŸ˜ƒ
#whippet #whippetpuppy #rainyday #whippetsofinstagram

These two took awhile to settle down last night. David said having a Basenji over, is like Valentina times 1,000. I thought iggies had energy, but Basenjis have way more energy. They look so cute all snuggled up in their own blankets on the couch, and at each end. They couldn't sleep next to each other because they kept wanting to play despite being exhausted. #sleepovers #doggieplaydate

Happy tongue out Tuesday πŸ‘… #tot

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