This @bunnings cake was a hoot to make! I went to my place of patience hand cutting out that Bunnings logo 😂 does anyone have one of those too? There is even a mini logo on his shirt, can you spot it?

It's been almost a month since the wedding so I think it's about time I shared some more photos of the cake! This was actually the first thing I had picked after my husband proposed. I knew I wanted to have a galaxy cake from Whipped Cake Co and she did not disappoint! Half snickers mud cake, half vanilla berry with butter cream frosting, everyone raved about it on the night! The cake topper is from Wedding Rustic Deco on Etsy, it has our names and the wedding date on the moon and the quote is something we always say 💕🌙

I got to work with some beautiful blooms from my favourite @habitatflowers this weekend! Makes my job so much fun when you have these beauties on your table 💕

6 layers of snickers mud cake filled with Nutella and Vanilla bean buttercream. Decorated with caramel buttercream, caramel popcorn, toasted meringue, chocolate pretzels, malteasers and a whole lot more 🍫🍿🍯

Wait for it....

What is one cake technique you’ve always wanted to learn how to do but no one has done a tutorial on?

Contrasting caramel drips against a soft pink and white buttercream background with gorgeous blooms 🌸 (a few sneaky rafaellos and dehydrated blood orange slices in there too)

Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat! Wouldn’t you think my collections complete? Maybe a few more of these cupcakes and then I’ll have everything I need 😏

I love it when I get asked to recreate an @alcakemy cake, one of my favourite cakers! Simplicity in its finest form 💛

Golden Gaytime cake inside layers of white chocolate and butterscotch mud cake with vanilla bean buttercream. #brisbanecakes #whippedcakeco

Mohawk cake 🍊
It’s all about the angles!

I LOVED this cake...colour galore! There were so many great angles it was hard to pick just one 🍊

Blood orange coloured ganache with dehydrated blood oranges, rafaellos, malteasers, fruits and of course stunning blooms from @habitatflowers.

• Behind The Scenes •

A little tutorial showing how to get a textured buttercream look. There are so many techniques to do this but hopefully this will be a simple one to try. Happy baking!

• Behind The Scenes •
I have seen this creative design around the Instagram world and have been wanting to try it for some time. I was so happy when my wonderful client suggested it!

Layers of buttercream colours and textures built up carefully. Don’t forget to refrigerate in between layers it will make your life a lot easier 👌🏻

It is SO hard to get photos of three tiered cakes before I deliver them as I stack them onsite. So my sneaky trick is to keep the spatula (that I use to lift the cakes in place) underneath the top tier while I take photos and try to avoid getting it in the shot. That way I can lift the cake back off easily and put it back into the fridge👌🏻 Spot the spatula in the back of this cake 😂😂 not so sneaky this time!

Would you check out the colours on this one 😍 a Mexican fiesta inspired beauty! It’s so nice to have some colour in the kitchen after doing lots of weddings 💃🏼

Golden days! Gold leaf, orchids and white roses for this beauty. Filled with layers of chocolate mars and cookies and cream mudcakes. YUM!

Is anyone an avid Fortnite player? This one goes out to you! And for those of you that aren’t, here is a fancy llama 😉

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